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Fainaru fantajî XIII
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Reviews & Ratings for
Final Fantasy XIII (VG) More at IMDbPro »Fainaru fantajî XIII (original title)

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3 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

FF13 A game of it's own.

Author: Steven Bailey from United States
2 February 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Final Fantasy makes another remarkable game but...the story is so complex that after beating it 3 times I still haven't a clue what's happening. But the game stands on it's own and into Final Fantasy history even without the complex story. It's the characters and how they develop that makes the game worthwhile.

You start off with Claire (or lightning most would say) who acts exactly like Cloud Strife (Attitude, both some kind of soldier, goal to save someone) Then there's Snow who is exactly like Tidus off of FFX the opposite of Claire (Light). You put the 2 together and of course there's some kind of drama. Then you put in Vanille, the happy go girl which I find very funny and Fang, the brute, plus the 2 others and instantly you have a story without having a story.

The game doesn't feel like a game at all. It feels like your playing in a movie with all the emotions of the amazingly well developed characters along with it. This game truly is a game of it's own.

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1 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

Well, I liked it a bit better than twelve, but not by much.

Author: Aaron1375 from Alabama
13 February 2014

This game came out a while after part twelve and I was eagerly anticipating it. Twelve, quite frankly, is my least favorite Final Fantasy game and I was hoping this one would make up for it. Well, it is better, but in the end still a disappointment. It amazes me that Final Fantasy VII, VIII, IX and X all came out in a five year span. Since then we have gotten four original stories, but wait, two of those are online and quite frankly should not be apart of the sequential FF games. They should have been called FF Online or something, so that makes the list of original games down to two...TWO! The two we get are also two of my least favorite of the series. What happened? Before Enix and Square united, both were so much better and produced lots of RPG games. During that five year stretch, the one year we did not get a FF game we got Xenogears which is better than this game and its predecessor! Lot's of things wrong here and the only thing this one has going for it is phenomenal graphics, but it is missing many elements that make an RPG an RPG. The previous game, twelve, would be better had they just tightened the game up and made better characters. One just had to level for too long to finish the game. This one, as I said, is just missing so many components that make a RPG game fun.

The story is pretty good. It establishes a lot and it does get to be a bit much in this game's sequel when they add even more stuff to what is introduced here. The game opens up on multiple fronts as a warrior named Lightening is raising a ruckus on a train that is taking people to something called a 'Purge'. Basically, the people live on this strange manufactured type world while there is a planet that is a bit rough in nature below them called Gran Pulse. A boy named Hope sees his mother die, a rebel leader, literally causes her death and a man fights to save his son. All of these people will soon join together and try to figure out how to not only save themselves, but also that of the world!

The game play is unfortunately a bit too simplistic for a game of this nature. During most of the game, you guide your character from point A to point B while fighting enemies. There are no towns to visit, characters to speak too or any of the things that make an RPG an RPG. I tend to think they are trying to make up for the fact that the towns in twelve were a bit overwhelming, but now it goes from one extreme to another! The combat is very fast paced, and not very complicated; however, it is not a very involved combat either. You spend most of the time simply changing your characters class and occasionally making them throw an item into the mix. Like I said, it makes the game very fast paced, but a lot of the battles are not of the epic variety. The last fight took me less than eight minutes and I apparently took too long to defeat it!

The game has its good points and overall I did enjoy it. I just wish they would make them more like they did in that five year stretch or even during the cartridge days. If they could make a great story and fun game in such short spans of times, why do they seem to be having so much trouble making games when they take forever to make them!?! We get a nice game that has super cutting edge graphics, but is missing a lot of the elements a RPG is supposed to have in it. The game before we had a wonderfully expansive world, but one where you just spent so much time trying to power up your character that you forgot the story. Perhaps, they should simply just try to focus on other aspects rather than graphics? In the end, a nice game, that I probably would not be so hard on had it been titled something else. I just miss the old days which were most certainly the good old days in this case.

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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Amazing role paying game in 7th generation's console

Author: MiladAbolghasemi from Iran
22 February 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

In role playing genre I love Final Fantasy franchise. While still playing this game, I can assure you that Square-enix took one step in the right direction. In Final Fantasy XIII you will find everything a RPG game should have, For instance Great story, Well-developed and compelling characters, Stunning environments, One of the best musical scores of the series, Entertaining battle system, and difficulty. Every role is vital, and strategies are key for some battles. For those who like to compare FFXIII to other FFS just remember how great were FFVIII & FFVII and also FFX, But how easy they were as well. I found that FFXIII is the oppossite of FFXII. Whereas FFXII gave you the freedom you need, tons of quests, it offered, IMO, the weakest story and character development of the series. In contrast, FFXIII is brilliantly developed, as characters and story is concerned. I gave this game 9 out of 10.

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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Time not waisted.

Author: Heimski Hannes™ from Iceland
7 January 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I can't really say that I had high expectations for this game after playing XII. I thought after that the Final Fantasy series would just get worse and worse, I was wrong. To be completely honest, this game is the reason I bought a PS3, yes I bought a whole console for one Final Fantasy game, actually I also bought a DS just to play Final Fantasy III, maybe I'm just that much of a Final Fantasy geek.

I'm going to start by praising the game with its story, it was simple and easy to follow once you got the hang of it. It centers around six very different people who get drawn together by fate (Final Fantasy VIII anyone?). It all starts when a fal'cie (which is the thing that controls everything in the world) from Pulse (A netherworld of some sorts) is located in a city on Cocoon (The non-netherworld). The main heroes sister gets turned into a l'cie (a fal'cie slave) and has to find out what her focus is (l'cie always get focus'). So to find out she seeks out the fal'cie but that causes a purge and all citizens must gather around to be killed or something. Here the game starts with Lightning, Snow, Sazh, Hope, Vanille and Fang as they have to face the entire world and then another world down below.

The combat system is easy and it doesn't take very long to get the hang of it and this game also features a new way of leveling up characters called "The Crystarium system" this is a lot simpler that X's sphere grid and you'll know what I mean when you play the game or if you have played the game.

The music was another thing that I didn't have very high expectations of because Nobuo Uematsu didn't compose a single track. But I was wrong here as well. The music composed by Masashi Hamauzu, which had previously worked on "Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon and "Dirge of Cerberus" as well as having been involved with Final Fantasy X along with Uematsu and Junya Nakano, did an excellent job with composing the music.

To sum up, it was a pretty good game, but if you're more into old-school RPG's than I wouldn't really recommend this one.

Overall rating: 7/10

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4 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

This May Have Topped VII

Author: dgkresge from United States
7 July 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Alright, for starters this game is one of the greatest RPG's I've played. Unlike XII, this one actually is worthy of having the name "Final Fantasy" in the title. The story may be confusing at first, but you begin to understand it later on in the game or if you decide to spend the countless hours reading the Datalog, it will be clear from the start, but the story is a great story nonetheless.

The characters are greatly dynamic throughout the game. They all have their problems but they never give up "hope".

Claire "Lightning" Farron, is like a female version of Cloud Strife from FFVII. She's tough and relentless,but still has a heart in the end.

Snow is like the average "cool-guy".The self-proclaimed "Hero" always finds a way to give everyone the will they need to go on.

Oerba Dia Vanille is that "Happy Go Lucky" kind of girl that's cheerful most of the time.

Sazh pretty much is there for the ride. His story is sad and simple.

Hope... Hope just plain sucks. He is by far the worst character ever. He's annoying, weak, and all around crap.

Oerba Yun Fang is strong hearted and only wants whats best for her and her friend Vanille and is willing to do anything to protect each other.

The battle system keeps you busy. It takes some getting used to, but once you do it's great. Though you only control the leader during the battle, you still can shift the "Paradigims" to whatever battle situation may occur, granting you control of the battle from both sides of the field.

Graphics are orgasmic. The most beautiful graphics I've ever seen. Works best on a 1080p HDTV, but still looks great on 720p or SD. All in all the best graphics ever made in a video game.

Plot - 10/10

Gameplay - 10/10

Replay Ability - 8/10

Graphics -10/10

Characters - 9/10

Sound - 10/10

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1 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

Finish it once,then put it away forever...

Author: anthonyaugustus3333 from Moon
18 April 2012

Stunning graphics,good plots and strong characters.All of that is still not enough to make this game superior to FF 7;FF 8;FF 9;FF 10 and mainly to FF 12. The lack of optional things to do in this game is its greatest flaw.While in other FFs we have several optional bosses,stories and stuff,this one only has hunts!Why one would waste its time hunting monsters,many of them that can only be defeated after the end of the game,to earn items to make your characters stronger to fight no-one else but these hunted monsters??

We can have good times playing this one.All magic lies on the first time you play it.It is a Final Fantasy,thus it deserves to be played,only once, not twice.We can't spend too much time playing this one.

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1 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

Addicting Combat Mechanic and Party building

Author: FilmNut Reviewer from United States
27 July 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Final Fantasy XIII - 2010 The true example of how the real game starts when you give the game a chance and how the story is not the centerpiece but the gameplay excels. The combat system is the one that truly shines in this game with the active combat system and its paradigm shift system. The combinations that are available are very customizable depending on the player, you could put 2 people ready to stagger or stun your opponent while 1 heals your 2 people or just go nuts for a while and have all of them attack the opponent with Commando if your opponent is staggered! Choose your leader with 2 companions out of 6 characters with specific armor and upgraded weapons that you can transform when you level it up to the max or just keep your current weapon on the max if you prefer that weapon. The characters themselves are Anime stereotypes, always overacting, and a cheesy love story between one of the main characters is annoyingly corny and bad. Lighting, the main character, is a complete bad-ass, the only likable character, Sahz has an interesting backstory with his son, but is completely wasted since the game makes him a clown, Hope has potential of being an interesting character with a revenge scheme against Snow, one of the characters in his own party but then completely wimps and chickens out. The most annoying characters are Vanille and Snow, the very definition of annoying and a self appointed hero-douche stating lines like "Heroes don't need plans" and calling himself hero every 5 minutes, in case you forgot. Fang is the poor, she comes from the underworld of Gran Pulse, complaining about the rich people of Cocoon, but all is forgiven with her because she is an excellent Saboteur and Sentinel. Remember that combat mechanic which was praised? That happens 20 hours into the game, until then is almost all cutscenes and really basic combat getting you into the game, and the team building a tad bit longer. The high score is given because the combat mechanic is really worth the time invested and team building along with the game being visually amazing.

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5 out of 10 people found the following review useful:

Deserves More Credit Than It's Given

Author: tomdude0 from United States
14 December 2010

I honestly loved this game. It's beautiful in almost every aspect--the visuals are probably the best visuals in a video game to date, the narrative is amazing, the voice acting is flawless, and the combat system is nothing short of brilliant. The major criticism this game is receiving is its linearity--which I agree, was a bit irking.

The game is very linear, with beautiful landscapes but paths so narrow you almost feel claustrophobic. However, if you think about it this was probably a tactical move by Square Enix in order to draw in new players without overwhelming them. The game is designed to be friendly to the new FF player, and hopefully after the disappointment that was XIV, Versus XIII will keep the new players hooked on the series, along with XV if Square decides to continue the series (and I hope they will).

The combat system is one of the most challenging you will find today. It starts out very simple--choose an attack and wait for the gauge to fill up, then repeat till the enemy is dead. However, soon you are introduced to roles, magic, and Paradigms--combinations of different roles to combine different attacks and moves. After all this, the challenge is choosing the right Paradigms, because that is the difference between victory and defeat in this game. It keeps you hooked and never bores you, and prevents players from just going through the motions.

The visuals are amazing, after the opening scene I was amazed that it was all CGI. The cinematics are beautiful on the PS3, so I urge you to get the PS3 version. Many environments are breathtakingly beautiful, such as a crystal lake, a house of moving stairs, and many more.

The narrative is brilliant and fits with the very likable cast of characters. You meet Lightning, a young woman who is portrayed as very cold, but slowly opens her heart up while keeping her ice cold determination; Sazh, a man who is drawn into Lightning's plans through curiosity and ends up getting more than he bargained for; Snow, a headstrong, confident young man who is engaged to Lightning's younger sister; Hope, a teenager who, despite his name, has no hope, but matures and gains confidence and courage; Fang, a strange woman with a past she can't recall; and, unfortunately, Vanille-- an upbeat redhead with a very annoying voice who will probably drive you crazy, but is hiding something dark within.

All these characters are citizens of Cocoon--a city-world in constant fear of invasion from Pulse, the world below. The government is corrupt and is run by godly beings known as fal'Cie, who carry out the Purge, in which people who live too close to Pulse fal'Cie and/or are or might become its slaves, Pulse l'Cie, are transported from Cocoon to Pulse against their will.

All in all, the game is beautiful and the storyline is touching and better than most Hollywood films. The linearity is bothersome but nothing too bad. I definitely think this game could be made into a movie, and end up as one of the greatest animated films of all time. I would recommend this to anyone.

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1 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

The Worst Game Ever Made. That's saying lots.

Author: michaelhirakida
15 September 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'm a big gamer and I just got Destiny on PS4. Right now I am enjoy myself. But I'm not here to talk about Destiny. I'm here to talk about the scourge of the gaming world. The worst thing that has ever been created. If you never heard of Final Fantasy or have never played it. Here is what it is:

Its an Japanese Role Playing Game where you control a character who battles with others and the battles are all turn based. It is really fun and Final Fantasy 7 is possibly the prime example of a classic game.

Now I was very excited to play the new entry in the Final Fantasy universe. But what I got was a big mess and a colossal disaster only known as Final Fantasy XIII.

Where do I even start with this game? How about walking to one place? In the Games, you had lots to explore. LOTS TO EXPLORE! Lots of side quests and other stuff you can do as you travel to other cities. Here, you walk in a straight line and that's it. You fight enemies. Walk in a straight line. Fight Enemies. Walk in a straight line rinse and repeat.

But the combat is also one of the worst things about this game. Its nothing new. Think of all the other Final Fantasy games you have played. The combat system always changed whether for better or for worse. But this is for the absolute worse as they bring no innovative things to this game.

Once you completed some of the beginning of the game, you have this system to upgrade your entourage. It sucks big time. Whatever happened to Leveling up? Wasn't that simple enough? No. You have to have a bunch of dumb freaking classes that are absolutely a pain to deal with.

But lets talk about the absolute worst element of the game. The characters. All these characters are sickening and putrid trash and I wish they all died from an atomic bomb. Lightning is a Emo idiot. Snow is an idiot also. Sazh is a unfunny stereotype. Vanille is a stupid overly happy idiot. See a pattern? Lightning's sister is nothing. But the worst... the worst of them all is Hope. Who is he? He is a bratty immature whining annoying #@%$hole that needs to be decapitated. All he does is say YOU KILLED MY MOTHER BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH I HATE YOU and I'd rather cut my ears off then to ever hear a single dialog from him again.

I felt betrayed by the companies who published this. This is literally the best thing they could come up with? AND I WAS ON DISC 1 THE WHOLE TIME! This is easily the worst game I have ever played. Battlefield 3 and Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 had more entertainment value in this and Battlefield 3 was a glitched up mess and Black Ops 2 was boring!

DO NOT BUY THIS GAME EVER. It has ruined me. I'm Dying to play Final Fantasy XV just to see if they got their s#$^%t together.

2/100 F

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1 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

One of the most underrated Final Fantasies

Author: khess1015 from United States
7 August 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

As a proud Final Fantasy fan, I must admit that this is easily one of my favorite final fantasies; tied with VIII and IX. I thoroughly enjoyed XIII because of what exactly it brought to the table: stunning graphics, beautiful and compelling storytelling, challenging (but doable) boss battles, an intricate new battle system, great music (in my opinion) and characters with emotional depth (i.e. we see the tough solider, Lightning, transform into a more vulnerable, caring young adult who only wants to protect her sister and those she cares about). Although this game was linear, I must say that there have been MANY other final fantasy games that have been very linear as well. Final Fantasy X, for example, was just moving from place to place until you inevitably got the airship. In Final Fantasy VIII, once you moved onto the 4th disc, you pretty much had no more access to any side quests...and so on. And I'm sure if XIII was open to too much exploration, players would complain that it was too confusing--sadly you cannot please everybody. As someone who has played through every final fantasy game since VI, this is definitely on the top of my list as one of my favorite final fantasies and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone else.

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