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24 Apr. 2000
Paco Taibo's Mexico City
Edward James Olmos lends his interpretation of detective Hector Belascoaran Shayne, the hero in several novels by Mexican mystery writer Paco Taibo. Taibo's Mexico City is part nostalgia, part "cornucopia of surreal delights held together with humor, cigarettes, and lots of Coca-Cola. Years of economic hardship, devastating natural disasters, and police corruption have dramatically changed Mexico City, but it is the city Taibo refuses to abandon.
15 Jun. 2000
Iain Sinclair's London
Novelist Iain Sinclair takes us on a surreal exploration of secret sites of London; the pattern made by the victims of Jack the Ripper, the ley lines that mysteriously connect the Thames, Greenwich,and the Isle of Dogs, ancient lairs of the Knights of the Templar, and Victorian haunts in the East End. We follow him as he undertakes his latest ambitious project, the circumnavigation of the M25 Motorway.
15 Jun. 2001
Carl Hiaasen: From Miami to Key West
Novelist Carl Hiaasen takes us on a tour of his South Florida, where everyday reality is more bizarre than even his own outrageous fiction.
15 Sep. 2001
New York Underground
New York like you've never seen it before. Join authors Luc Sante, Samuel R Delany as they plumb the often comedic depths of Gotham's underground. Go backstage with th Blue Man Group, follow Michael Musto on the trail of the city's glitterati, accompany David Rieff on an inspired tour of ethnic neighborhoods. We explore the city's crumbling infrastructure, infiltrate its abandoned subway tunnels, and end up at the Glammys, the award night for drag queens.

 Unknown Season 

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