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too bad it didn't last

Author: brendonm from Los Angeles, CA
15 January 2007

Along with "Brothers & Sisters", "Six Degrees" was one of my favorite new dramas of fall 2006.

Great cast all around, but really enjoyed the work of Campbell Scott (the come-back photog) and Hope Davis (recent widow of journalist killed in Iraq).

Aside from the acting, the writing was fresh and the acting superb. The show was also shot in NYC, the real city, not the Warner Bros. or some other studio's backlot, adding a secondary layer or realism.

I guess people are more interested in the latest "Survivor" and other reality garbage. Too bad it didn't last.

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Tired of Good Shows Getting to Boot Too Early

Author: skooshie from Atlanta, Ga
22 April 2007

This show was Fabulous. It was intricate and well written and all the characters where likable with out being horribly sweet. Even Jonathan Cake the philandering boyfriend was likable. Since our airwaves are filled with crap like American Idol and Dancing with the Stars, it was nice to see a drama that was not too soap opera like. It was always intriguing to see how each character would be connected to the next circumstance. It really is annoying that we finally get a show that makes you think a little bit and have it thrown out because of some mysterious number that most of us don't even pay attention to. Some of us are not sheep. This show will be missed maybe not by a lot of people but by some pretty loyal fans.

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Six Degrees is too good to be canceled!

Author: Sabrina Khan (cinehon) from United States
6 April 2007

I loved this show so much and I'm so incredibly sad its canceled i thought it came back too, but just two stupid weeks. Thats terrible. i hate how we never find out how everyone ends up. it sucks. Bring it back! ABC has stupid shows like Supernanny and whatnot but doesn't give time to good ones like Six Degrees. If they're complaining about ratings it was probably because they had a bad slot because this was truly a good show, something I could relate to and anticipated. JJ Abrams delivered, he's awesome, I wish ABC could just trust him enough to complete the story. I loved the entire cast too. I couldn't wait to see how everyone would someday meet each other at once. Everyone's story is now left incomplete, now I'll never know if Steven and Whitney would get together or Carlos and Mae. I wanted to see what would happen to Laura or Damien and everyone else. This is really such a downer.

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bring it back

Author: artcook_ from Toronto, Ontario, Canada
29 January 2007

Six degrees had me hooked. I looked forward to it coming on and was totally disappointed when Men in Trees replaced it's time spot. I thought it was just on hiatus and would be back early in 2007. What happened? All my friends were really surprised it ended. We could relate to the characters who had real problems. We talked about each episode and had our favorite characters. There wasn't anybody on the show I didn't like and felt the acting was superb. I alway like seeing programs being taped in cities where you can identify the local areas. I for one would like to protest the canceling of this show and ask you to bring it back and give it another chance. Give it a good time slot, don't keep moving it from this day to that day and advertise it so people will know it is on.

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Best Show in Years

Author: luomarya from United States
27 April 2007

So, what's the reason? Is there some sort of vendetta against this AWESOME show or somebody involved therein? Why would the best show I've seen in years be canceled? I'm addicted. I saw this show on randomly last fall, and immediately loved it, and watched it every week. Then it went away, and I tried to Tivo it, but it wasn't being aired. So I forgot about it for awhile, until I found the episodes on ABC's website. Now I want MORE. I agree with everybody else - with the rest of the junk on TV today, it was refreshing to see something as well-rounded and developed as this. I watch Boston Legal for my eccentric-comedic fix, and House for my intellectual-mystery-jackass fix. My wife loves Grey's Anatomy for its "realism", and I do love/hate the show, but it could not be farther from real for me. WAY too much drama. Everything that can go wrong, does. But for once, there's a drama that's REALLY real. Real people, real problems. Sure, there are some extremes like a former gangster turned good, girl running from the mob, etc., but these people (especially in NYC) are really out there, and I relate to each and every one of them. I can't seem to get enough. I just hope that ABC will get their heads out of their bean-counting butts and continue this show. Get some respect for having a QUALITY drama out there. This could be one of the best shows of all time. If somebody will just let it.

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It's a shame to see it go.

Author: philndeb from Dallas, Tx
15 April 2007

It really is a shame that thought provoking programming for adults doesn't get a chance. This series was in a class with Grey's anatomy and E.R. The network really should have given it a chance to build an audience. The cast (w/Hope Davis, Campbell Scott, Erika Christensen, Zoe Saldana, Jay Hernandez and Bridget Moynahan) is one of the best I've seen in recent years. Recently, the networks have brought us a few good programs that are worthy of setting aside time to watch. This was certainly one of them. I couldn't wait to see how the writers would tie the next character into the mix. If anyone at the networks is listening, please reconsider. We grown-ups are starving for this kind of adult drama.

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Six Degrees is the Best I give it a 10!

Author: sixdegrees10 from United States, Atlanta
12 May 2007

This is the best and most original show seen in years. The more I watch it the more I fall in love with it. The cast is excellent, the writing is great. I personally like every character. However, there is a favorite character for everyone as there is a good mix of personalities and backgrounds just like in real life. I believe ABC has done a disservice to the writers, actors and to the potential audience of this show, to cancel so quickly and not advertise it enough nor give it a real chance to gain a following. There are so few shows I watch anymore as most TV is awful . This show in my opinion was right up there with my favorites Greys Anatomy and Brothers and Sisters. In fact I think the same audience for Brothers and Sisters would love this show if they even knew about it. Why is it always the loser shows that get so much extra time and the winning shows with great potential always get dumped right away. I am so sick of reality shows I do not watch any of them. It was so refreshing to have a new idea for a show and then to hire excellent actors, this show had so much promise. The recent episode was the best one yet as everyone has started to really get into their parts and make the show so real. Please watch this show on ABC's video and let ABC know you wish to have this show back. PLEASE SIGN THE ONLINE PETITION TO ABC:

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Why didn't the producers give that show a chance. I liked the show.

Author: erima-1 from United States
5 April 2007

Why didn't the producers give that show a chance Of all the junk on TV, why didn't the producers give Six Degrees a chance? Will the series go on video? I would love to see how it ends. Put season one on video and sell it. I was a loyal fan of Six Degrees and waited for it's return. I set my recorder to tape all of the shows. Thank God for that. I just found out that the show was canceled and I'm heart broken. I wish I knew it was going to be canceled, why didn't they tell us? I thought the show was just developing some depth in the characters. The writing was pretty good also. Steven (Campbell Scott) is my all time favorite. I am SO sorry to see it go!

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Give it a chance!

Author: musikluvr410 from North Carolina
7 April 2007

I was so excited to find that Six Degrees had returned last month. I really enjoyed this show a lot. I liked how each of the characters were somehow linked to each other but yet had their own separate storyline. I found them interesting and they kept me waiting for more in the next episode. Last night I was extremely disappointed to find that after only two more episodes it has been canceled. Why not give it a chance and finish all the episodes that have been filmed. Why leave us hanging in the middle of a good storyline. I wanted to see what happens between Carlos and Mae. Why not leave it on Thursday nights following Grey's Anatomy instead of on a Friday night when so many more people are not in front of their TV sets. I saw Men in Trees the first episode and it did not interest me at all. I thought Six Degrees was a much better show. Please give it one more chance on another night and finish the rest of the season!

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additional episodes

Author: the_arch_duke from United States
28 May 2007

You probably all already know this by now, but 5 additional episodes never aired can be viewed on I've watched a lot of television over the years and this is possibly my favorite show, ever. It's a crime that this beautifully written and acted show was canceled. The actors that played Laura, Whit, Carlos, Mae, Damian, Anya and omg, Steven Caseman - are all incredible and so natural in those roles. Even the kids are great. Wonderful show. So sad that it's gone. Of course I wonder about the reasons it was canceled. There is no way I'll let myself believe that Ms. Moynahan's pregnancy had anything to do with it. It was in the perfect time slot in this market. I've watched all the episodes again on - I hope they all come out on DVD some day. Thanks for reading.

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