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Reviews & Ratings for
Thor More at IMDbPro »

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The Same Boring Thing with a new cape.

Author: ChaosStar from Australia
2 January 2014

I could write this post on nearly any popular super hero page but I chose Thor because this was the film that made me want to throw in the towel with these films when I had finally lost all interest in the Marvel and DC films. I will say that I am a fan of Hell Boy, The first 'The Punisher' and 'Batman' (Christopher Nolan's) as I'm a big fan of Memento and The Dark Knight was faultless.

I see these films as just huge eye candy that's only skin deep and will never submerge deeper, leaving this disappointing, rotten skin that something truly heroic could have been produced. I think some fans will say Marvel and DC comic films are 'amazing' and 'awesome' because of the brand itself, not really questioning if it really was unique or outstanding. The films I enjoy (mainly Indie and Foreign of late) may be hyped up because of the cult following. I'm a fan of a strong scipt and driven acting and can't be really pleased with a film for it's grapthics if whats really important doesn't follow through. I digress. Here are some reasons that support my claim.

Wolverine, Iron Man, Spiderman, Thor, Superman and The Hulk; all are characters that have superpowers or unlimited amount of power at hand and are nearly unchallengeable to begin with. Some, they have a lot of fans, others don't, but soon when stripped of their powers, usually at the behest of a girl/love interest, exploited by a nemeses, are cast out and stripped of their powers. When this happens, we the audience can sympathize with them and not be awed by their powers that we don't posses. Now the love interest turns around and gives them strength and purpose and they gain their powers back and kick arse and save the day and are finally accepted by whoever they wanted to be accepted by. Does this sound familiar? It's just recycled story and I don't know what's more disturbing, that this is still continuing for profit or people are still enjoying such wacthing the same thing their spoon feeding themselves with. I do like a good hero tale but I prefer vigilantes, V for Vendetta- Kick Ass- Batman(sort of) and The Punisher or people with personnel grudges.

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Over-hyped, not a very good movie

Author: netmbng
13 November 2013

Everyone loves Marvel, who doesn't?! They make great, interesting, action-packed comics and the movies are just as good; Iron Man, Spiderman, etc. But then there's Thor...

I have never been more disappointed with any other Marvel movie then this one. When I first watched it, I was hoping to watch an interesting story and overall an appealing movie, but wow was I wrong.

The acting was very mediocre, but the actors are good, i.e Natalie Portman, but I think the script was just not there. For example, the romantic side-story with Thor and Jane is just very cheesy and corny. The moment the two characters are introduced, you automatically know what's going to happen and doesn't keep you eagerly wanting see more of this relationship between the 2.

Speaking of cheesiness and corniness, some of the lines and scenes just made me want to shake my head in disappointment. I honestly think this movie was over-hyped, especially with how society sees it. Everyone seems to adore Thor and especially Loki. The way this movie was advertised and talked about is very misleading and isn't as good as it may seem.

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A CGI Fest

Author: chrisborg1999
10 November 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Thor is eye candy at the most. Having very good CGI that you can tell the CGI animators took a lot of time to work on. But other than that there isn't much to offer and its just a mediocre movie. I mean it's not bad but it's not good either and i'll tell you why. First off the camera-work. The camera angle for a majority of shots in the movie are tilted. Why? you ask I dunno it looks weird and just not normal when I wanna see Jane Foster talking I would rather see it horizontally not vertically! Second off Darcy. Darcy is Jane and Erik's assistant and has no relevance to the story-line and just shouts annoyingly bad jokes throughout the movie and none of them are funny. And, to top it all off, she has no chemistry with Jane and Erik. And third, the premise. Odin kinda seems like a jerk if he stole Loki from the Ice Giants to keep peace form them. Why would that work? Why? how would stealing a baby keep peace? But, as much as I rip on defiantly has good action scenes, great acting, and yet again, the CGI was amazing.



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Roughly Good, But Has Many Flaws

Author: jeffrey-utley
17 August 2013

I just watched 'Thor', to get ready for 'Thor: The Dark World'. I had heard many good things about it, so I decided to give it to shot at being good. I have to say, it very much surprised me...

How was the acting?

The acting in 'Thor' was good. By that I mean everyone portrayed their character and played their part above average. The best of the acting was Natalie Portman. She definitely did the best. She played Jane Foster and just killed it. Chris Hemsworth as Thor was a good choice. He portrayed Thor very well. Tom Hiddleston did just about as well as Natalie Portman playing the main antagonist: Loki. Anthony Hopkins did fine as Odin. There wasn't necessarily anything bad or good about his acting.

How was the writing?

It's hard to critique the screenplay for this type of film. I did like how the story went, though. It did have many predictable elements, but some things surprised me. This film did have a bit too many slow parts and the romance between Thor and Jane Fisher just decides to happen, but the things that bugged me the worst weren't those things. It was how there were many illogical, unrealistic, or unexplained things in this film. All of which took me right out of it. Also, the frost giants were way too easy to kill. Those things are twice the size of what the people of Asgard are, and are still killed with one small cut of a sword across their chest. It turns out, the writing was not very good.

Did it have an interesting premise?

I did like the premise and get the humor of what Thor is going through on Earth. Yes, the premise overall was interesting, despite my few flaws with it that I described in the writing section of the review.

Was it entertaining or boring?

Like I said earlier in my review, the film did have a few too many slow parts, making the film kind of boring. Although, the situations at hand during 'Thor' did bring some light into the shadows. The film was entertaining overall, but nothing special happens, and there are only about two scenes that I found exciting. Most of the film was enjoyable, but not entertaining as it should have been, in my opinion.

What things in particular did I like (that I haven't already covered)?

I really liked all of the beautiful scenery, CGI, and effects in 'Thor'. I also liked the direction the film went in story-wise. There were also some pretty entertaining action sequences, too.

What things in particular did I dislike (that I haven't already covered)?

I have already covered most of the things that I disliked about the film, but I have one more. I thought that some of the action sequences were not exciting, a very small number that even that entertaining. There was also one in particular of which I predicted almost everything that happened, and I really did not enjoy it.

How was the film overall?

Despite all of my many flaws with 'Thor', it was mostly entertaining, and had a couple of exiting parts. I say 'Thor' would be good if you don't watch it seriously. That means don't sit down and try to enjoy it. Watch it with a few friends. Text during it. Doing these things could make the film enjoyable. I would give 'Thor' a C- on the grading rating scale.

Do I recommend this film?

As I just explained, I only recommend this film if you didn't try to sit down and enjoy it. If you tried to do that, it wouldn't be very good. If you try to have some fun with it, and watch it with some friends, talk during it, or text during it, 'Thor' could be good.

Will I buy this film?

No, I will not buy this film. If I can't just sit down and watch this film seriously for it to be good, it's definitely not worthy of me buying it.

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Save your popcorn

Author: JaynaB from Canada
4 August 2013

This movie is less a saga than a facile riddle scrawled by a child's crayon across the dignity of ancient cultures. Its most redeeming feature is that it raises the credibility and watch-worthiness of such gods-and-humans flicks a "Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief." The humans, including Natalie Portman, who is capable of SO much better work, were meek and unconvincing even when shrieking, or proclaiming their commitment to saving each other (or the planet). There was more real emotion in Anthony Hopkins' single tear than in the remaining 99.8% of the movie.

That said, this film is eye candy of the most obvious sort and it gets its points for prettiness. The Rainbow Bridge mechanism verges on Steampunk, a plus in my book. Good gods live in golden halls (and have blond hair), while bad monsters live in bleak, dark worlds and have gray/black skin (or dark hair). It's symbolism with a sledgehammer here, folks, and surprisingly lacking in subtlety for a director like Kenneth Branagh.

Branagh's credit helps explain the mishmash of Shakespearean and Greek tropes imperfectly overlaid on the Norse mythology, like melted milk chocolate drizzled on a grilled trout.

Yeah - not worth watching unless you really, truly, have nothing better to do.

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¿liked Cars and it's generic but well done plot? How about we make it worse

Author: TGblight ( from Mexico
7 July 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The title says it all, this movie was not meant to be like this, i believe that this was the point where Marvel copied pixar in a plot, i mean ¿why? couldn't they come up with something different, i mean he is THE GOD OF THUNDER, i am sure there is a story somewhere written better in the comics, if not, make a good one, don't copy it from Disney. Lets begin.

Thor, aka Lightning McQueen (I wonder if being the god of thunder is somehow related) is your typical Disney character of a guy that is bad- tempered and arrogant, has a brother with sense of what he does and far more responsible person, i mean Loki, and even when his father (Odin) knows this, he chooses Thor, gives him a unique weapon of massive destruction and pretends to make him a king, you know, ¿what could go wrong?. Anyway, the crowning is interrupted by enemies but they get themselves killed, and when they go see what happened, Thor makes comment about making war, and in this moment Odin is like "i maybe not make you king yet", so Odin tells him that war is bad and blah blah, moving through, Thor, goes to kill people in this other planet where the enemies came from, just because he didn't got the exact same answer he wanted, and in a blink oh oh, he and his friends have officially declared war between the two civilizations, so Odin banishes Thor and sends him to earth without his powers, and he gets to Radiator Springs, sorry i meant New Mexico, and here he meets Sally, sorry i mean Jane Foster, however, he acts like an A-Hole with the people around him, you know like the kind of people that think the world owes them everything and so he can claim it from them as he likes, we move through the story and if you have enough brain cells you will know how the story follows, he becomes kind to people literally form one scene to another and proves himself to his father. While all this happens, Loki discovers he is adopted and his father pretends to use him as a disposable tool, and even when he proves better than Thor, he is considered less than him, no wonder why he became crazy, anyway , he is crazy now (or at least that is what his acting TRIES to make us think and you just have to guess it), Thor comes back, they fight, Thor wins, and they lived happily ever after (or not)

In resume, OK action scenes, OK acting, "Meh" music, terrible plot. i mean the plot is not bad, but ¿is this what you really wanted from Thor?, is like those movies where the dad or nanny of a lot of kids doesn't like 'em in the beginning but then become friends, and you could say it was entertaining and all that but, honestly, it was not, it's my opinion so don't get it personal, to me this was a waste, they didn't even try to hide the fact they had no idea about making a story so they went to the oldest crappy story of the book,and it was not even the best pixar movie, they knew it so they ripped of the plot of "The Incredibles" later with Iron Man 3, which was one of pixar's best, but that is not the point. in my opinion this movie deserves a 4.6

and i feel it should be lower, this was made after watching it for second time, so yes i have seen the other "Avenger Asemble" movies and came to the conclusion this was the second worst, and again, this was my opinion , so don't take it personal.

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as far as a comic book could get

Author: dragokin
2 May 2013

Thor was the last in a series of comic books brought to screen i've seen within a relatively short time frame. It turned out to be among the best of them and the reason might be Kenneth Branagh directing it. Not that the movie breaks the mold of the genre, it just has a good atmosphere when dealing with the inhabitants of Asgard and supernatural creatures they're fighting.

However, Kenneth Branagh didn't have a particularly demanding task. When depicting Asgard and the realms of the other side, he heavily relied on his Shakespearean background. The scenes on this Earth are a mixture of thriller and action movies. And as every such movie Thor needs a large fight, similar to the end of a level in any video game, if you know what i mean. Thus, Thor confronts a large monster as seen in numerous Japanese monster movies or even in Beastie Boys' video for Intergalactic.

The cast deliver a solid performance, with Chris Hemsworth being a prefect choice for arrogant and blunt Thor. I'm curious whether he'll be typecast for the rest of his career.

All in all, this movie is fun, but don't expect more than that from it.

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1 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

kind of a good bad movie

Author: mittens-and-matches from Seattle
1 October 2012

This movie feels like another attempt to capitalize on the super-hero movie craze. After the first 10 minutes of watching it I was sure it was destined to be a 4 out of 10 star movie. The acting was mediocre, the plot and dialog rather uninspired, and the movie definitely seemed to be falling down the Hollywood trap of overly relying on special effects to sell itself as entertainment.

However, then something happened. Humor. (not really spoilers ahead but just a little divulging of why the movie is funny 20 minutes in).

Thor lands on earth and he starts walking around acting like a god without the power of one. This part of the movie is comic genius. Of course it ends and the movie goes back to being a little above mediocre super hero flick but for awhile there it broke my expectations in a good way. In fact, its a shame that other parts of this movie were not done better. With a more inspired script, bad guy, acting, etc...this could have been a fun winner like Iron Man. Maybe not something powerful like the Batman trilogy but at least solid entertainment. Instead it just hints at its potential while keeping you entertained enough that you'll finish the movie.

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1 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

Skilfully directed entertainment, but nothing special

Author: Bene Cumb from Estonia
22 July 2012

The first 20 minutes or so were even boring, then some events began to develop... Names like Branagh, Portman, Hopkins, Skarsgård, Russo are usually trademarks of sophistication and high quality, but their performance - at least to me - remained just above average, probably due to mediocre screenplay. All the main issues touched have been scrutinized in so many movies, that Thor became just another "sparrow on the line"...

Of course, as the budget was high, the donors and lenders seemed to want to act for certain: different races, genders and ages were carefully picked. However, technology used is state-of-the-art, fight scenes are carried out in a brilliant way. But the ending is nothing special.

Worth watching, if you are a teen, or you have teenage children and are in need of a family event :)

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Just one awesome god-avenger

Author: Pantelis Andreou from United States
18 May 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

An entertaining if largely forgettable and very familiar story of a should-be king (Chris Hemsworth) cast down into exile after starting a war in the distant realm of Asgard. While Hemsworth turns in an admirable portrayal of the demigod, the movie's Shakespearean tone, while an interesting selection, grows tired by halfway through. The special effects are, as expected, outstanding, and the acting is relatively good, but the film contains a hollow center where we don't truly care about Thor or the rest of the characters as much as we probably should. Overall, it falls into the same category of "Captain America" as okay but not good/great, spectacular in spurts but totally missable. Wait to see Thor in action in the super fun "The Avengers". 8/10

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