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Plot Keywords

thor throne
humility scientist
warrior immortal
arrogance hero
science fantasy first part
product placement 2010s
21st century year 965
960s pop tart
visa mastercard
budweiser dr pepper
lens flare backhand slap
impact crater interstellar travel
oath voice over narration
planet norse mythology
combat hand to hand combat
kiss cult film
escape dark comedy
mythology thunder
storm super villain
tough guy waterfall
reference to facebook frozen alive
dutch angle honor
open ended origin of hero
scene after end credits surprise after end credits
falling from height anti villain
observatory self sacrifice
super powers body landing on a car
exploding building exploding gasoline station
exploding car explosion
robot giant robot
artificial intelligence flashback
rooftop drunkenness
bar pool table
library surveillance
interrogation strong man
gash in the face presumed dead
slow motion scene walkie talkie
falling down stairs deception
human alien binoculars
diner pet shop
small town gas station
bare chested male cell phone
machine gun secret agent
crater pickup truck
injection hospital
electrocution lasersight
family relationships suicide
traitor eye patch
husband wife relationship banishment
mother son relationship father son relationship
brother brother relationship giant creature
giant monster creature
ice blizzard
snow alternate world
kicked in the stomach punched in the face
shapeshifting teleportation
horse guard
mountain female warrior
female soldier mercenary
castle palace
alien planet outer space
axe evil sorcerer
sorcerer spear
sword helmet
armor flying
freeze to death army
soldier sword fight
head butt super strength
stabbed in the back battle
scepter warrior race
10th century norway
no title at beginning no opening credits
camcorder flashlight
trailer home babe scientist
professor hit by a truck
anti hero heavy rain
lightning desert
good versus evil fictional war
fish out of water blockbuster
goddess reference to god
forgiveness queen
sentry taser
heir to throne rivalry over throne
abyss betrayal
bridge gate keeper
rivalry stepbrother
adopted son wormhole
government agent mentor
new mexico spell
hammer exile
young version of character casket
giant monster
cameo brother against brother
brother betrays brother prince
king nurse
brother vs brother sibling rivalry
space travel arrest
handcuffs prisoner
action hero fistfight
brawl one man army
martial arts violence
cape viking
one word title based on comic
based on comic book doctor
norse god marvel comics
superhero norse
mythological title spoken by character
character name in title

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