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Much Better than the First....
koolnut31 January 2007
I watched the first movie,and thought it lacked a good story...though the songs seemed catchy-I got over it quickly. When I heard about the sequel though,I was abit unsure until hearing that it was way better. I had to agree,this was a lot better. The story begins when the Cheetah girls arrive in Spain to compete in a music festival where each girl gets caught up-will the girls be able to stick together? I think for them,just being somewhere different worked wonders and made a huge difference on the focus of the story. It's a very cute movie with a load of great music sort of a Hiphop/pop blend along with great dance moves that you would just love...I'd compare it to High School Musical-but *way* better. The cast worked well with their roles,though the movie had it's faults at some point(I have no idea where..)I think it did a pretty good job.

If you liked High School Musical-watch it. If you'd like to watch a fun,,then watch it!

This is a great movie for people of all ages and may satisfy the teens and kids most. My ratings:G for great.
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Very entertaining
jeanne4620525 August 2006
This was a charming film to view. In the true spirit of Disney movies. I love musicals especially when highly talented people star in them. This movie was stuffed full to over flowing with talented cast. Even the back ground musicians and dancers were great! I found the plot fun light and easy to watch. O.k. so its not Oscar worthy. Who cares? In this torn up world we live in. A feel good film is worth its weight in gold. Especially for young viewers. But this 30 something Lady had fun watching it too. The music was very high quality and the scenery gorgeous. Also a special nod to the fact that this film used classic guitar and the cultural flavor of Barcelona in it's music. Good going cast and crew,thank you for making this fun movie.
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Cheetah Girls 2
kydeja15 October 2006
i think the movie was very enjoyable to watch i happened to come across it when flipping through channels. the music is really good and the plot is alright too. it is Basically about 4 singers that want to make it big the. in hopes of stardom they enter a competition in all the way in Barcelona. they enroll in some fun activities and with a lot of singing and dancing along the one of the best songs was the on e at the end which was predictably great because it was fun and vibrant and had a Barcelona feel to it. it is a million times better than the first one because there're all a bit older. We can only hope that we are lucky enough to be able to see a Cheeatah girls 3.
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For what it was, it was OK.
BigManJon2226 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
DCOMs (Disney Channel Original Movies), tend to be...well...let's just say that the movies of yesteryear were much better. Nowadays it seems like its just about showcasing mediocre talent with a story that isn't well developed and contains inconsistencies. It's like a child wrote it.

It's hard to give it a review because there were things I liked and things I didn't. For starters I feel the girls are all good singers and performers. I like how Raven toned it down this time singing wise. Last time she was so upfront it was almost overbearing. I liked hearing Sabrina and Kiely more this time around. And Adrienne has an awesome voice. Acting wise Raven has good comedic timing and can do the serious scenes pretty well. However there wasn't much new territory. I was very interested in Chanel's storyline and seeing it develop more from the last movie. Adrienne helped me to care about what happened to her. I think she had the best subplot. Dorinda's storyline was OK. Nothing special, but nice dancing. As for Aqua, it was nice to see some character development, but I think she's getting the short end of the stick. I still don't know her yet. If there's another movie there should be some more focus on her. Also I must give props to Lynn Whitfield. I loved her scenes.

Now for the hard part. The plot was just unbelievable in some scenes. As a previous commenter said, the whole contest situation wouldn't happen, especially considering the deadline was a week before. The whole story line with Marisol and her mother wanting to break the Cheetah Girls up, I just didn't believe it. There wasn't enough time spent on it to really make me understand where she was coming from and why she was so hard on Marisol. It seemed forced and wanted to understand that more. The ending created a huge plot hole. How were the girls able to rehearse in a few days with dancers and musicians if they barley knew their song? I also didn't like how each song was filmed like a music video. Maybe more focus should of been on the actual story. Even Glitter didn't have that many music vignettes (I know the movies are on different calibers, but just an example.) It's things like this that prevented me from giving it a high score.

In all the movie was simply OK. Not horrible, not extravagant, but simply OK. The music was awesome and the four girls, Belinda, and Angel(I don't know the actor's name) definitely have talent. But I think more time should have been put into the plot to give a more realistic feel and show growth in the characters. If there was more substance I think I would have liked it better.
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Positive Shows
amryan26 September 2006
I am a parent of three young girls and we all (including myself) loved the movie. It is nice to see movies on TV that aren't full of sex, violence and profanity. Who cares if Disney movies are a little too fantasy like. Isn't that why sometimes we watch experience a little fantasy? I remember the good ol' days of watching the Sunday night Disney movie with my family and think we need more positive programming. I also like that the girls in the movie weren't all dressed scantily - they were pretty good role models by my definition. It was a fun, upbeat movie and the music and dancing were good too! I thought it was Cheetah-licious!
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The Cheetahs go international
Awsomegolfer1011 January 2007
This movie was as good or better than the first. It may have to do with Kenny Ortega as the director or it is in Spain so.... It was cool to see what they had to accomplish next and i hope they make a 3rd. This movie is about being with your friends, trusting people and "knowing that you and your friends can have the same dream but have different ways of doing it." Also "your friends are not your twin they probably will like something different but you can't or shouldn't hate them for it." The Cheetah girls made both comments. This movie has a lot of hot dances and songs along with a great plot line. I do think people should watch this and if you don't learn something your loss.!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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This movie was never meant for girls over twelve
amber-14726 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I want to start out by saying THIS MOVIE WAS NEVER MEANT FOR GIRLS OVER TWELVE. Its a tween movie just because the girls in the movie are older does not mean its meant for girls the same age. Yes this movies storyline was a lot like the first movie but consider the fact that it has been quite awhile since the first movie, not to mention the first movie was fun and straying to far from the storyline is risky. I didn't like what they did with aquas character only because they made her sound immature and even a bit stupid sometimes, the girls acting was good it was just the writing that was less than lovable. The costumes at the end of the movie were soooo ugly especially gallerias it was disgusting it made her look ten times bigger than she is. I liked that the girls were all normal in the body size area they actually looked like normal teenage girls. I know that a lot of the old cheetah fans are beyond the age range for this movie now but its a Disney movie they cater to Families and Children not teenage girls so give them a break. This will go on my list of good movies when I have children.
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One of the best
horseluver5439 November 2006
I thought the movie was great!!! I lost my passion for dancing in the past year and also have a bad back injury. After watching the movie it really made me wanna get back in to it and I would, but due to my back I can't take hip hop or anything like that. Sabrina is really talented, I really think she should come out with other movies and her own album. The songs and dancing in this film were much better then the first. The storyline was kind of like the first one, but it was a lot more interesting, especially because it was filmed in Spain. Even though it's for younger kids I still loved it and I thought the girls really matured for this one.

For all the rude comments out there, all I have to say to that is, if you didn't like it then don't watch it and don't say anything, because all your doing is putting the movie down for all the younger kids who enjoyed it. Just think of how many kids really enjoyed it and wanted to get up and dance/sing along, and how happy they were. Your just wasting your time!!!!
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Totally Different , this movie is really good.
Lakee0526 August 2006
First of all this movie is really good. I'm 18 and this wow'ed me. I watched the first one and this movie shows how much they have grown and matured. The music is awesome. It doesn't even have that kiddy feel. I could play this in the car and not be ashamed. The dancing was great too let me see you(musicmunik23) do the routines. And the story is totally flipped from the first. Galleria is the only one who has the level head they didn't go over there to go on vacation. They had a competition to win. They hadn't rehearsed one time since they got there, and ain't no way they were going to win with the music from the first movie. Galleria was giving them exactly what they desired. I wouldn't have wasted my time ether trying to get them to rehearse. Ones pouting and her mom, ones caught up in fashion, and ones getting rid of a guy that she likes because she thinks he is to good for her. Also the added villain was really underhanded and dirty trying to use Chanel to win. Nonthing like Jackel, after the "mask thing" in the first movie Jackel faded out. This is a really good movie like I said. Give it another look. Watch it again and try not to think negative.
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Very, very good and entertaining.
ryu30103 September 2006
First of all, let me say that I thought the first Cheetah girls movie was so boring and bland, I didn't have very high expectations for a sequel. But this movie surprised me when the only reason I watched it was to see the incredibly talented Kenny Ortega behind the director's chair. And with him directing, it's a good bet you'll see tons of challenging choreography and a plain-and-simple incredible storytelling. Even though I love the dancing and all four of the main girls are terrific actresses, I think that Ortega's other project, High School Musical, is still a slightly better movie than this, mainly because this movie only appeals to a small audience, the pre-teen adolescent girl whereas High School Musical was a terrific movie despite the age or gender of the viewer. Overall, though, with a huge improvement over the first movie this is definitely one film to watch multiple times.
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Not for our viewing
EmeraldLover8526 August 2006
Let me hit you guys with reality. This movie is made for people with half a brain and under the age of 12. It is really annoying how you ( the comment above) say it is boring and don't watch it. Disney channel movies are made for children viewing. Basically children don't care that it is the same plot different location. They will still be in favor of it. I have heard this was the worst DCOM ever. Are you kidding me? i have a huge list of flops made by Disney Channel. This movie was a breath of fresh air that makes a lot of people want to get off their couch and dance along.So next time anybody wants to bash this movie think of how awesome it is to a child who doesn't care about the plot. Do not just say i don't recommend anybody to see it.
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Cheetah goes downhill
fireworkz26 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I actually enjoyed the first Cheetah Girls Movie. But The Cheetah Girls 2 was promoted so much, it made me sick. Then when I actually watched it, it was worse. The plot is exactly like the first movie, with Galleria becoming controlling and the others go off and do other things. Then they all make up and everything is great. They all play spolied brats who cant sing. They make decisions too fast and the movie is rushed. Its hard to follow. Now I'm not against Raven's weight or anything (not all stars should be a size 3) but she has gained a few pounds in the last 2 years. Her hair looks like a mess too. Raven is a pretty person, they could make her look better than they did. The lines in the movie are fake and too rehearsed. The morals are pretty boring and stupid too. No one actually lives their life like that.
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The Cheetah Girls are headed to Spain for a bigger adventure for kids of all ages in The Cheetah Girls 2
cjx_00926 August 2006
I cant honestly say that this movie is up to the current standard that Director Kenny Ortega has set with High School Musical. The Cheetah Girls 2 opens with a weak display of its title and Disney channel. But the music doesn't seem to click like in the original. Before the music felt like it followed the story but this time it feels they're out of place. They play in the script in a ways that confuses the viewer as to whether the film is a musical or a film with performances by the characters. But where this movie shines in terms of showcasing the music and the vibrant atmosphere of Barcelona Spain. The dance and art and cinematography works well. but unfortunately the story is where this DCOM falls short. The pacing of the screenplay is rushed by the editing of director Kenny Ortega. The original had a pace that moved slowly enough to tell a story that was well written. But the story was a carbon copy of the first with a few more complications. But it's missing some key parts. But all in all the vocals are showcased well by the vocalists and their dance partners. the film is not bad but it's not great either
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Same story, different locations
musicmunki2326 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I wasn't very excited to watch this movie when I first saw the commercials. It looked, to me, as if it would basically be the same story as the first movie with a couple changes. I was right. It started with them singing and dancing again, which is fine, it makes sense that a movie about a singing group starts with the group singing. The thing is, the opening scene was probably the best. As it went on and they called Spain at 4:00 AM their time, it proved to be annoying and unrealistic. If the auditions were already closed, then no matter how much singing you do over the phone, they won't submit you. That's just how contests like that are. The rest of the story was worse, as we watched the Cheetahs go through a lot of the first movie again, Galleria gets big headed and just wants to do Cheetah stuff all the time, and the girls have other interests to pursue, so finally Galleria gets mad and leaves, yet she comes back to them by a song. So you still have basically the same things going on with the girls (Galleria gets big headed and then humbled, Chanel struggles with parental problems, Dorinda enjoys dancing) with the addition of Aqua and her fashion thing. Aqua was definitely developed more as a character in this movie, but her lines were spoken as if she was delivering them to a six year old half the time (dancing cats and dancing counts?...) Her so-called awesome fashions for the end number were pretty ugly too. I have nothing against the actress, just the way some of the things she said were written or said. This was basically the same story as the first movie, but with a better location and a few new characters. Instead of the "evil" producer guy from the first movie trying to break them up you have the "evil" mother of the competition. Don't waste your time watching yet another Disney failure unless you have only half a brain and are under the age of 12.
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Will I think that it is better than Cheeta Grils 1 ?
ayesha_almas3 January 2007
I have seen the movie last week, and I enjoyed watching it more than the first movie, this one had more depth, more challenges, I believe at some point it reflected the life of fame for kids and teens who are seeking fame, that its not easy and that its takes hard work and dedication.

The music was inspiring and makes you want to jump up and down, sing along although you don't know the lyrics. Great footage of the beautiful country Spain was included.

I loved the sense of fashion in the film; girls dancing routines were great, some girls gained weight and it's OK, which I liked the most because it sends out a message to kids-teens who are pressured by the Media to loose weight and to be skinny.

Finally to people who did not like the movie so much, this is a Disney Movie directed to kids and teens so please don't expect Fire Works.

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As of 2009, it's still the best Disney Channel Original Movie to watch.
departed0723 September 2009
After High School Musical 2, Wizards of Waverly Place the Movie, Camp Rock and Princess Protection Program found ways to attract their audience from real life relationships, stereotypical razas, and marketing to rank the ratings, none of these films aren't memorable for me to watch overs again unlike The Cheetah Girls 2 which balances drama, comedy and a musical all in one while in Spain.

Directed by Kenny Ortega (High School Musical), The Cheetah Girls 2 takes place after Galleria (Raven Symone), Chanel (Adrienne Bailon), Dorinda (Sabrina Bryan) and Aqua (Keily Williams) graduate from high school and separation anxiety takes place after Chanel's mother says she wants to take Chanel to Spain to meet with the new fiancé; however fate comes in where the girls look at an ad in a magazine for musical auditions in Spain and that's where the fun begins. Other than the audition itself, the girls are put to the test of friendship, romance and acceptance.

Okay, normally original flicks from Disney aren't supposed to draw everybody's attention since their target audiences are normally tweens and teens; but as an adult, it was interesting to watch a Disney Original movie that is not as dumb like High School Musical 2 or a stereotypical movie for people to be proud of their race like Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie, but a bit of everything where people who are and who are not fans of Disney can watch this film with their family without feeling a bit relish or dumb down. The acting of the four leads show more maturity than those of the High School Musical sequels and the music is dynamic with a blend of Latin and pop where mixing two sets has never been so better.

Overall, this is still the best Disney Channel Original Movie to watch.
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Hey Belinda Is Mexican Not Spanish..
NiCoLaS ..24 January 2007
i loved this movie normally when i watch a movie i don't say anything until it ends, but in this movie i was speechless, i loved the first part (normally the first part is the best) but when i watched this one i loved it even more, it's difficult for this movies (so as high school musical) make a good second part, especially cause the music you have to create cooler beats than the original hits and thats kinda difficult.

it was a good thing putting BELINDA in this movie, she is one of the big singers here in Mexico but she doesn't act a lot, it was a good idea to do this cause she is amazing.

on the first part raven and Adrienne are like the main characters but what the did here was put Sabrina and kiely to be the mains to, witch is really cool.

the music is better better acting better cheetahs!

i give this movie a 10 because its a family movie (HSM) that no matter ur age u'll love it, besides BELINDA, ADRIENNE, SABRINA, KIELY are so hot!!
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They Return
Princess Taylor22 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Oh my God talk about fantastic. O.k it was not Oscar time but better then the last one. This time they take it to Spain. The Originals Cheetah Girls Return. New songs new dance moves and rocking location. This movie is all about never giving up in my point of view. It's about four girls who want to fulfill there dreams. And will do anything to reach the top. So if you are looking for a feel good movie then watch this one. This movie will make you want to dance along.Anyway the girls did a great job with the movie so fantastic the emotions and the acting great job girls.Keep it up. So enjoy the movie if you watch it keep an open mind always.
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loved it
friendsforever24295 August 2007
Cheetah girls is shot in Barcelona and that's one of the reasons why i loved it. Secondly i think Adrienne bilson , raven , Sabrina and the fourth girl ( don't know her name ) have done a great job. I somehow don't like Sabrina's voice and way of talking , she looks pretty of course but somehow her voice is really shrilly.

I loved the plot line of the story. The costumes for raven and Adrienne and aqua ( Don't know her real name ) were fabulous.

Sabrina Bryan rule's at dancing. I loved the lyrics . I'd like to give Kenny Ortega's a 10/10 for bringing amazing movies with amazing choreography like cheetah girls and high school musical. Overall i give this film a 9/10 . Hope you'll agree with me
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i feel cheetah-ed
toilet_poodle7 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
okay, no i don't really feel feel cheetah-ed, because i knew this was going to be really dumb and bad just from watching the commercials thay were running all the time.

this a movie about some annoying talentless girls and they're stupid band. they are all really shallow and spoiled and whiny; kind of like those rich Disney girls must be in real life, so that is why i don't understand how the acting sucks so bad because probably they are just playing themselves anyways. the music is nothing good or special but its so much easier to just cut into some dance video than have a script that is worth my time, so that's what happens in this movie. it is lucky for them that you can do a lot of things with sound equipment to make it seem like someone has an okay singing voice and mostly its little kids watching this, who don't care if someone is fat or can't act or the other girl with the butterface. there is nothing special about any one of them except they're mommy hired an agent or something and must of pid them really a lot.
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Great Movie!!
cloandprincess041926 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Let's keep in mind people that this is the Disney Channel. I watched the first movie and I enjoyed it, so there was no way I was going to miss this one. This movie was about the girls growing up, learning how to have outside interests while sticking together at the same time. The songs were great and the dancing was great. I think that in this movie all the girls have come into their own, including Galleria who surprised me by being a lot more grown up as the "head cheetah". There are some similarities between the first movie and this one but for the age group it's geared toward I don't think that kind of thing matters. What matters most is the song and the dance routines that they can practice and learn to sing. The movie did a good job of bringing that. I would recommend this movie to people under the age of 18 who aren't so critical of movies. It's great enjoyment and I didn't find it boring at all.
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Mel C1 June 2009
I loved this movie! Best Cheetah Girls movie! The first one was horrible and the third one was much as I dislike Raven in these movies they needed her stronger vocals..the vocals in the third one were to soft and needed to be more....driven? Anyway this movie has a great plot, scenery, characters, sexy guys, dancing, and sexy/ fun songs. Love the Spanglish to all those haters. Seriously, I am obsessed with the music. Kenny Ortega really knows how to make movies. Some of the best songs: Strut, Step Up, Dance With Me, Do Your Own Thing. Unlike the first movie, Raven doesn't take this one over, each girl's unique personality is shown..and the chemistry between Joaquin & Do is hot!!!! Belinda is also great! If you love musicals and fun music....this is a msut see, seriously, do not underestimate it!!!
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Songs were okay but the plot? Don't even go there.
levityak9 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
To be honest: this movie was in my opinion teetering on the points of an okay movie with somewhat decent songs and a movie that's so cheesy and that wants people believe that if you follow your dream on matter what you will always get what you want and will overcome every single thing life throws at you in the end.

*microscopic spoiler*

Okay what? That's stupid. The plot was fairly OK in the beginning. But at the end everything just magically 'falls' into place with everyone happy. Which doesn't happen in real life, or if it has, I don't know anyone who that has happened to.

A Pro though: the songs were not bad. They were actually catchy in a way. Like the song 'strut' and 'Amigas Cheetahs' were pretty good. There are more like 'Why Wait' and 'The Party's Just Begun' that were also good.

So my conclusion here is: the plot was a major downer but the songs were good enough to boost up my rating by four stars.
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like a lot
hilatta26 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Hey peeps! I liked this movie a lot! the songs are really really good, and Barcelona is sooooo pretty. I have a question though, what happened to ravens boyfriend in the first movie? I think she should stick with him, he's really cute, and nice to. My favorite character is channel. A lot of my friends at my old school said i sing like her, but i don't think so. Also she is really pretty, really talented, can dance, sing, act, and everything else. My second favorite is dorinda, she can like really dance, and i should know because im a dancer, her dancing might be fake, but she's really good at it. My third favorite is galoria, some of the songs she wrote or pretended to write, are really good.
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Cheetah Girls 2
roseamy605919 January 2007
I think that this film is suitable for girls of all ages. The music is a mixture of hip hop pop and R&B and the lyrics are really catchy The film is CHEETAHLICIOUS. Cheetahlicious is used a lot throughout the film. The way the film attracts the audience is really amazing as the acting is superb and the costumes are really good. I think that it is a perfect film to watch on a sleepover or even a girly night in. Raven is superb and so are the other Cheetah Girls. the film is very down to earth and also very similar to what girls like to do today. i love the cheetah girls and i think you girls out there will like it as well. the film is CHEETAHLICIOUS.
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