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MPAA Rated R for some violence and language

Sex & Nudity

  • Ally and Ring go skinny dipping. They are shown fully nude from behind. (brief)
  • Katie's breasts are evident through her night shirt in one scene.

Violence & Gore

  • Most of the violence in this film is mildly graphic (bloody gun shot wounds, blood stains on floor, etc.)
  • Bragg murders Marshall Bell and two deputies - who were at his ranch to arrest two men for rape and murder. When they are hit blood sprays out, quite tense.
  • Cole & Hitch kill three of Bragg's men in self defense. (mildly graphic) Blood sprays all over and stains walls and the floor ect.
  • Cole smacks a man in the face.
  • Cole roughs up a bar patron. (mildly graphic)
  • Two men shoot the some horses.
  • A shootout between Cole & Hitch and The Shelton Boys. (mildly graphic)
  • Cole and Hitch are both wounded, the sheltons are killed with blood spraying all over the walls and bloody mist is seen in the air as well as bloody wounds on their clothing. When Cole and Hitch are shot there is a spray of blood and a bloody wound.
  • Hitch hits a man and then slaps him.
  • A duel between two men. A man is shot a bloody bullet wound is seen in his shirt and it is getting bigger as he collapses.


  • 9 instances of "hell"
  • 4 instances of "whore(s)"
  • 4 instances of "fuck"
  • 2 instances of "shit" " "son of a bitch/sons of bitches" "squaw(s)"
  • 1 instance each of "bastard" "bullshit" "god" "god damned liar" "god's sake" "Jesus god" "lying back shooting cowardly son of a bitch" "scoundrel" "snotty little bastard" "sweet Jesus"

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • At least 7 instances of tobacco smoking (mostly cigars).
  • Some social drinking (mostly wine and whisky) with 3 instances of drunkenness.

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