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Appaloosa is gripping entertainment that keeps springing surprises.
Goes down like a single-malt aged for 25 years.
The Hollywood Reporter
A fine dramatic comedy with fresh characters, witty dialogue and a keen interest in how relationships must have developed among frontier folks, tyrannical ranchers, no-nonsense lawmen and -- oh, yes -- the complicated women on that frontier.
Most of the time, the movie is appropriately gritty and plenty engaging.
First and last, Appaloosa is the slow-but-sure story of the friendship between Virgil and Everett, one a man of action surprised by emotion, the other a man of emotion surprised by action.
What makes the movie absorbing is the way it harmonizes all the character strands and traits and weaves them into something more engaging than a mere 1-2-3 plot. I felt like I did in "Lonesome Dove" -- that there was a chair for me on the porch.
Miami Herald
It turns out to be a satisfying, if occasionally wandering, adventure.
A throwback to the age when Westerns were quaint.
Harris is a major asset in a film that is entertaining but somewhat unfocused and occasionally badly cast.
Though the leads do fine work, their efforts often feel slightly futile. Despite a few flashes of the darker tone percolating under the surface, the movie remains too well-mannered to truly pull us in.
Mannered, episodic and slow.

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