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Great movie, inspirational
Macys27 August 2008
This is wonderful movie on many levels. It really is great piece of film making. It tells a great story, has drama and wonderful visuals. This is what good movie making should be. It the specific story of people overcoming great obstacles, a universal story which is as inspirational as when various versions were told in ancient Greece, and as relevant to our lives today as today's headline. It tells the real story of people who overcome great obstacles and some who just cope. You actually watch people grow, mature and develop wisdom as you watch this film, a very rare experience. This is a great story. I saw in London with an audience of young British students and they loved it. I It is an American story with a universal message. If you haven't seen it, make sure you do.
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Wow .... Anti-Black Vote Stacking ???
cerealpirate26 January 2010
I have not seen this movie nor will I. I have given this rating due to the fact that Rap and Hip Hop has destroyed this country. To sit back and listen to all of the mindless lyrics and watch what the consumer turns into is more interesting than National Geographic.

I have reason to believe that Queen Latifa is trying to shine some good on this type of music but I hate to say it but Rap died with Will Smith and Queen Latifa. To stand up for this type of music means standing up for the drug dealers, rapist, murders, child molesters, and wife beaters! There is nothing good coming from that brain washing junk but the millions of mindless followers that go out and help pay for Master P's new yacht. I am done with music in general and until I move to the UK will have to settle with silence.

Bruce Willis lost a lot of my respect from this piece of crap called a movie!
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