The Incredible Hulk (2008) Poster

Plot Keywords

cure scientist
hero military
antidote gamma rays
on the run new york city
experiment gone wrong destruction
soldier monster
female soldier harlem
police shootout police officer crushed
police officer kicked police officer knocked unconscious
police officer killed police officer
killing an animal smoking a cigar
meditation scenic beauty
night cityscape sikorsky ch 53 sea stallion
cityscape electronic surveillance
male in a shower male star appears nude
walking out of a fire uh 60 blackhawk helicopter
walking in the rain hitchhiking
pizza delivery chiapas mexico
bare chested male crashing through a window
c 130 hercules uh 1 huey helicopter
humvee blood sample
contamination drop of blood
bottling factory 2000s
villain arrested superhero
painful transformation lens flare
opening action scene re boot
hand to hand combat combat
one against many aikido
violence showdown
action hero tragic hero
pistol what happened to epilogue
glowing eyes prologue
harlem manhattan new york city e mail
internet invulnerability
reluctant hero super strength
special forces physicist
loss of humanity drifter
anti hero bar
camera phone contaminated drink
fugitive hero looking at one's self in a mirror
science goes awry heavy rain
news report rampage
ambiguous ending mercenary
spit in the face hypodermic needle
boyfriend girlfriend relationship gatling gun
parkour heart monitor
cave motel
subtitled scene grenade
grenade launcher father daughter relationship
battle martial arts
jumping from a rooftop rio de janeiro brazil
exploding tank character turns green
reference to coca cola product placement
vomit shower
reunion love
hospital battle tank
cult film guaraná drink
green skin one man army
waterfall university
soft drink sniper
serum security guard
psychiatrist pizza
pizza parlor pizza boy
pentagon mutation
mexico martial art
internet chat guatemala
forest flashback
explosion dog
chase british
barking dog tank
restaurant helicopter crash
damsel in distress transformation
tranquilizer thrown through a window
strangulation stabbed in the chest
shot in the shoulder shot in the head
shot in the face shot in the chest
shot in the back shot in the arm
running away rpg
punched in the face murder of a police officer
overturning car nosebleed
crushed by a car knocked out with a gun butt
injection head wound
head brace gas grenade
gamma ray fire
falling from a helicopter factory
face slap exploding helicopter
exploding car experiment on oneself
destroyed wall control
chaos broken leg
broken arm blood
arm sling taxi
taxi driver super villain
super soldier rocket launcher
portugal monster versus monster
marvel entertainment machine gun
laboratory helicopter
general fugitive
falling from height cameo
biologist favela
brazil radical transformation
marvel comics based on comic book

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