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The state fish of Hawaii is truly the Humuhumunukunukuapua'a, as stated in the movie.
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Screenwriter and star Jason Segel told New York Times interviewer Dave Itzkoff that both the naked breakup and Dracula puppet musical scenes were drawn from his real life experiences. In the article, Segel admitted that he really did once have a girlfriend who broke up with him while he was completely naked (although rather than being devastated during it, he thought to himself, "This is hilarious. I cannot wait for her to leave so I can write this down.") And before he was a successful actor, Segel tried to write a musical adaptation of "Dracula" for puppets.
In the dinner scene with Peter, Rachel, Aldous and Sarah, the characters were discussing a movie that Sarah Marshall starred in about cellular phones killing people, and it being a metaphor for society's addiction to technology. This was a reference to the movie Pulse (2006) which the real life actress Kristen Bell (Sarah Marshall) also starred in.
Kristen Bell injured her knee while filming one of the horse scenes for the movie, which didn't end up making it into the final cut. However, she can still be seen walking with a light limp in scenes towards the end of the movie.
In a scene Jason Segel's character Peter Bretter plays a part of the theme of The Muppet Show (1976). In 2011 Segel and the director for this film, Nicholas Stoller, were screenwriters for The Muppets (2011).
Based upon script-writer Jason Segel's experience of dealing with his break-up from Linda Cardellini, as well as three other relationships and breakups (with unspecified women) besides Cardellini. Segel has stated that the 'naked breakup' did not involve Cardellini and that she was a great girlfriend.
An action figure of famed psychiatrist Carl Jung can be seen hanging from the side of Peter's refrigerator. The quote on the box reads, "Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves."
The role of Aldous Snow was written with Charlie Hunnam in mind.
The T-Shirt that promotes "Norman's Rare Guitars", worn by Jason Segel's songwriter character in many Hawaiian scenes, is from a real store frequented by rock stars and musicians in Tarzana, California.
Russell Brand played the same character (Aldous Snow), in the 2010 film Get Him to the Greek.
Jack McBrayer and Maria Thayer played a married couple; they also briefly were romantically involved in an episode of 30 Rock.
Russell Brand, who plays Aldous Snow, revealed in his stand-up DVD Russell Brand: Doing Life - Live (2007), while talking about making the film, that he fancied Mila Kunis, who plays Rachel Janson.
During the montage of Peter (Segel) and Sarah (Bell) on the different red carpets, one of the photographers shouts "André the Giant, out of the shot please!" In the 2009 film I Love You, Man (2009) Segel's character quotes André the Giant's line from The Princess Bride (1987) - "Anybody want a peanut?". To Paul Rudd's character. In an episode of Saturday Night Live Segel even imitates André the Giant completely in the segment 'Andre the Giant Chooses An Ice Cream Flavor.'
In this movie, Jonah Hill plays 'Matthew the Waiter' and gives Aldous Snow (played by Russell Brand) his own music demo CD. Jonah Hill goes on to meet Aldous Snow again in Get Him To The Greek, but as a completely different character (Aaron Green).
During the faux preview for "Animal Instincts", 'Kristen Bell''s partner is played by Jason Bateman. Bateman would later play Bell's husband in the movie Couples Retreat.
In at least two scenes in the film, a poster for the San Diego-based band The Rugburns can be seen hanging on the wall behind Peter when he is playing his piano. The Rugburns and their lead singer/songwriter Steve Poltz are known for their humorous and self-deprecating songs, much like the song Peter sings upon returning from Hawaii about needing to see a psychiatrist.
Aldous Snow is a member of the band Infant Sorrow. This is the title of a William Blake poem in the anthology "Songs of Innocence and Experience". It is a counterpoint to the poem "Infant Joy".
Kristen Bell and William Baldwin also star in Gossip Girl (2007-2012) however never share screen time as Bell is the infamous voice of Gossip Girl.
Mila Kunis flash picture is a body double.
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The numerous bottles of wine that Peter, Rachel, and Sarah go through at the dinner scene are all red wines from Clos du Val in Napa Valley, California.
The second time Paul Rudd and Kristen Bell are in the same project. Rudd appeared in an episode of the third season of Bell's show Veronica Mars.
At Lazy Joe's, Rachel drinks Longboard Island Lager, which is brewed by the Kona Brewing Co.
Jason Segal and Paul Rudd co-starred in "I Love You, Man". In both movies the characters eat tacos together.
Mila Kunis and Kristen Bell will co-star again in Bad Moms (2016) and A Bad Moms Christmas (2017)
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The character called "Helpful Hawaiian Waiter" was wearing a name tag, "Loa" when he gave Peter some rum.
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Sarah Marshall is the film's main title antagonist.
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The trivia item below may give away important plot points.

In a panel at San Diego Comic-Con on July 19, 2013, Kristen Bell told the audience that she learned Veronica Mars (2004) was canceled the day before she shot the scene in Forgetting Sarah Marshall where her character learns her show was canceled.

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