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A raucous ride through one man's pain.
Chicago Tribune
It's worth seeing just for the banter between Segel and Hader, which recalls the peak conversational riffs from "Knocked Up."
There's a wit in Segel's writing that marks him as every bit Apatow's equal in this arena.
Nakedness has rarely looked so...naked. And innately, universally comic.
Deserves to ride the wave of the latest, hottest micro-trend in pictures: the romantic comedy for guys.
The cringingly wacky scenarios, offbeat characters and comic dialogue serve up a crowd-pleasing, laugh-filled experience.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Like "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" and "Knocked Up," Sarah Marshall has all the ingredients of the Apatow brand. Alas, it's beginning to feel generic.
Miami Herald
It's terrifically funny and, for a few brief moments, poignant.
The movie's big revelation, though, is Brand's Aldous, whose idiot-Lothario exterior masks a frank, accidentally wise and Yoda-like interior, and whom we grow to like more and more despite getting to better know him and his faults. The same can be said about the movie.
Ms. Kunis, a petite brunette, plays Rachel, a hotel receptionist by day and a party girl by night (and day), with a sparkling smile, a seductive voice that can sharpen to a rasp and a quick wit that suggests withheld knowledge. Good for her in a sex farce that lets so much hang out.
The Hollywood Reporter
Solid rom com finds another Judd Apatow acolyte moving into the spotlight.
As fans of "Freaks and Geeks" know, Segel is a master in the art of humiliation, and it's been a long time since we've seen anyone debase himself so thoroughly for our amusement.

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