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realistic representation

Author: wrlang from United States
3 November 2006

Bird flu in America was relatively accurate according to the local conference on emergency management I went to this year. The thing we need to watch for is the first human to human transmission and then all bets are off. The synthesizing of vaccines is right on. Would take months after the flu was identified. Masks are used to keep things in, not to keep things out, so they are relatively useless. Most cases will be caught by touching things infected people have touched and then spreading it to your orifices and open cuts. I never touch my eyes or anything that goes in my mouth without first washing my hands and I have avoided several common flu's out this year. Money is the absolute worst thing to handle. The movie itself, like I said, was relatively accurate. The acting was good and the special effects were good too. For a low budget movie, it was well worth the watch if you want an intro to how a bad pandemic would operate.

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Bird flu thriller fails to pack a punch

Author: Leofwine_draca from United Kingdom
28 January 2013

Once again the disaster-movie format is given the TV movie treatment, this time in the form of a thriller about a deadly virus spreading across the world. Think OUTBREAK, except done on a low budget and without much skill.

The problem with Fatal Contact: Bird Flu in America is the usual problem that television movies face: there's not one jot of originality to be found anywhere in the production. The whole look and feel of the movie is predictable, with tired actors saying their tired lines half-heartedly and with the minimum of effort. Disaster films should be all about the panic, but this one's frankly dull.

As usual, there's a certain frank appeal in seeing which actors are slumming it in which production, and this one features a couple. Stacy Keach manages to come away unscathed as he's in a relatively minor supporting role, but what happened to Joely Richardson? She must have been desperate to sign up for this.

Genre fans expecting the worst may find this mildly entertaining at times - there's a certain verve, inherited from E.R., to the medical scenes - but you'll need to be in a forgiving mood to really enjoy it.

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Don't bother!

Author: ken479 from United States
10 May 2006

I watched this movie on TV last night, hoping for a realistic account of what could happen if there were an outbreak of some highly transmittable disease. I was disappointed, and I think the movie was garbage. It did not seem real to me. Some of the acting was awful, in particular that of the doctor. She was about the worst I've seen. The whole thing played like a CNN 'worst case scenario'. Even the obligatory disaster movie human relations bits didn't seem sincere. I have seen some disaster movies, in particular those weather ones, which are actually so bad they are amusing. This one is almost as bad, but it is not even amusing, it is tedious and boring.Don't bother with this one.

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Why on DVD?

Author: Jake Strider from United States
5 May 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The C class cast and poorly transitioned scenes, complete with terrible acting have led me too believe this would make a good TV only release such as the FX presentation of a smallpox outbreak. At my local blockbuster however, about 9 copies are held on the shelves, none of which were checked out when I rented the title (I wonder why....) Anyway, this title was almost ridiculous in the "fear factor" the director was going for. The whole "death count" on the bottom of the screen completely contradicted the plot at times, such as when the chopper was going over Angola, and the toll was speeding at a breakneck pace from 23 million to 24. However, as the movie ends, (possibly several hours or even a day or so after the chopper has landed) the death toll counter is reset back too what it was at the moment the chopper was approaching the area. The movies end left a huge whole in th entire plot, and god knows nobody is waiting for the sequel. Anyway, do not rent this, I only advise watching this if you have obtained the title with no monetary loss, and you are in the mood for a cheesy suspense movie.

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a must see at least once

Author: greebelies from United States
10 May 2006

thought it was good.not too scientific,which is what i had some highly graphic scenes that i found inappropriate for regular gives some good insight into what could happen if there is a flu makes you aware of how off tilt our ecosystem is.we are definitely the prey in this world of diseases,plagues and viruses. it has some regular movie drama and romance.its generally a well rounded movie and i would recommend seeing it at least once.although i wouldn't recommend it for small children,or people with with weak stomachs.the acting involved was good,nothing spectacular.i would say some of the actors were very generic,not a good display of emotions for what i thought were some scenes that called for very high emotional all round must see at least once.

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I'm scared!

Author: britthegreat98 from United States
9 May 2006

This movie was so dramatic and I hated it. It not only scared me, it made me want to get in a fetal position and cry. Making someone that is not truly a big deal into something everyone is going to die from caused the plot to be so unrealistic. It is good if you want to scare someone perhaps, lets kill all the birds and I guess we will all be fine? I am very scared now and may simply have to start a support group for the viewers of this movie. It was so well done that it scared almost everyone in my household, sometimes you felt it was so bazaar that it could never happened; I believe that it cannot. Therefore, I think this movie was extremely ridiculous and felt totally unnecessary making America worry about a threat that has a very little chance of occurring.

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