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  • A highly contagious, rapidly killing hemorrhagic mutation of bird flu slaughters people in Hongkong. Preventing its spread is virtually hopeless, as soon is proved in a US country village, which is strictly quarantined by the military. The White House prefers to 'prevent panic', even overrules zealous governor Mike Newsome and reneges earlier emergency plans.

  • An outbreak of avian flu mutates into a virus that becomes transmittable from human to human.


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  • As panic spreads, the governor of Virginia quarantines neighborhoods where cases have cropped up, and federal officials confess they have no vaccine and scant supplies of antiviral drugs. Major socioeconomic disruption sets in, with shortages of food and medical supplies, power outages, and riots in the streets of New York. A civil war even erupts among the US. Eventually, the pandemic begins to subside. But in the final scene, the discovery that the entire population of an Angolan village has died heralds a new mutation of the virus and a second wave of cases."

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