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The film avoids theorizing about why the bridge should exert such a hold over the imaginations of suicides all over the world, but Steel's dramatic cinematography, particularly the distorted telephoto shots that make the bridge loom even larger than it already does in life, provide one answer.
Both a beautiful film and a disturbing one, and the connection between those two characteristics makes it the most disquieting of documentaries.
The real item under consideration here is the movie itself, and the bottom line is that it lands in a humane place. True, any viewer will go in with a certain curiosity, ghoulish or otherwise, about what it's like to jump off a bridge, and yet the overall effect of the film is broadening. To see it is to dread the bridge jumps and to come away with a feeling of compassion and empathy.
New York Post
A serious, wrenching and oddly poetic documentary.
This is one movie that's guaranteed to linger in your mind after you leave the theater, whether you want it to or not.
Portland Oregonian
While these interviews are affecting, and the movie talks about suicide in a refreshingly straightforward manner, it's the images of these actual deaths that induce horrified gasps.
Entertainment Weekly
The Bridge crosses a disquieting line.
The results are striking: an emotional and aesthetic whirlpool of horror, fascination, beauty (it's hard not to feel a bit guilty - even morbid - enjoying such beauty), and resignation that would probably drown lesser movies but that gives The Bridge an eerie power.
Chicago Tribune
Despite the proficient technique, after a while you may feel you're watching a particularly scenic snuff film.
New York Daily News
Eric Steel's documentary has more than a whiff of exploitation about it.

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