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Season 1

12 Oct. 2007
The Crazy 10 Minute Sale
Alex Russo is a wizard in training along with her older brother Justin, and younger brother Max. Today, she is determined to take a break from her lessons and go shopping with her best friend Harper.
19 Oct. 2007
First Kiss
Alex uses a spell to reverse time so Justin's first kiss is not a disaster. The voice of the NY Mets wants to use Max's sandwich for the official Met sandwich, unfortunately he cannot remember how he made it.
26 Oct. 2007
I Almost Drowned in a Chocolate Fountain
Alex uses a pocket elf to pass Spanish. Justin and Max play a trick on Alex.
2 Nov. 2007
New Employee
To spend more time with Harper, Alex coerces her parents to hire her as an extra waitress at the Waverly Sub-Station. But when she finds out how poorly her best friend does on the job, she puts an ancient spell on her that transforms her into a superior serving wench, and ends up making her too good. Meanwhile Justin's tutoring is interrupted by a young extortionist.
9 Nov. 2007
Disenchanted Evening
Alex is mad she cannot use magic anytime. She finds out one of her classmates is a wizard and has no restrictions on his use of magic. She invites him and his parents over to convince hers, but learns he has a secret.
10 Nov. 2007
You Can't Always Get What You Carpet
Alex goes to Justin for help when her flying carpet lesson with her father go badly.
16 Nov. 2007
Alex's Choice
Alex is suspicious when Gigi invites Harper to a Tea party. When she learns it is a trick she must use magic to save her. Justin and Alex play a prank with wizard mail that is taken seriously.
30 Nov. 2007
Curb Your Dragon
Alex buys Justin a dragon-dog, but when it is stolen Justin, Alex, and Max must crash dog show to get it back.
14 Dec. 2007
When Alex learns Justin's new friends are cool she wants to hang out with them, must to Justin's dismay. Alex's attempt at getting into an R rated move puts her into the horror flick with only Justin to rescue her
6 Jan. 2008
Pop Me and We Both Go Down
Justin's date with the hot new older girl is threatened by a zit that Alex compounds by making it come to life.
10 Feb. 2008
Potion Commotion
Alex uses a love potion to get a date. Justin competes for a spot at the world school summit.
9 Mar. 2008
Little Sister
Tired of being compared with Justin, Alex makes a wish on a genie to end the comparisons. Her wish is granted, but not in a way she expected.
6 Apr. 2008
Wizard School: Part 1
When Alex is caught using magic to clean her room she is forced to go to wizard school with Justin. Max and Jerry camp out on the terrace to prove their manhood.
6 Apr. 2008
Wizard School: Part 2
When Alex uncovers an evil plot she must use that knowledge to save Justin.
18 May 2008
The Supernatural
Justin uses magic on himself to impress a girl, which lands him a spot on his school's baseball team. Alex tries to use the situation to her advantage.
15 Jun. 2008
Alex in the Middle
Alex convinces her parents to let her Uncle teach her magic, since he was the one who won the wizard's contest in the family. But things do not go as well as she hoped. A family secret is revealed.
29 Jun. 2008
Report Card
It's wizard report card time, and Alex isn't doing at all well and needs to have her card signed by her parents. She tries to hide it from them, but when she can no longer hide it, she panics and transforms her parents into guinea pigs and loses them. Worst of all, the Russo siblings' Wizarding Professor is on his way to talk to her parents.
6 Jul. 2008
Credit Check
Alex takes on an internship with a top Fashion Magazine.
20 Jul. 2008
Alex's Spring Fling
In an attempt to make Riley jealous, Alex brings a mannequin to life.
10 Aug. 2008
The young wizards learn a body switching spell. Alex turns 15, time for a big celebration, her non-magical maternal grandmother comes for the party. Alex does not understand why the party is such a big deal and uses the body switch on her mother.
31 Aug. 2008
Art Museum Piece
Alex wants to do well in art history without any work, so on a school trip to the art museum she brings historical paintings to life to help her. Meanwhile Jerry and Max find a way to play football in the house which doesn't turn out well.

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