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Saw this at a festival...
thetal1ne30 May 2006
I saw this at a festival... I think it was called the Silverlake Festival... It was pretty good. In fact, there's more story in this short film than most feature length thrillers. It had to do with a German Intelligence Officr who went to work for the OSS (later the CIA) right at the end of WWII. The American officer who brought him in wouldn't let him bring his wife and she was killed. He then spent the next 50 years tracking the American's descendants to take revenge. It was pretty good. Even had some stuff in there about the evils of tobacco companies and Guantanamo Bay torture center. I think this film won the Silverlake Festival actually. I bet some studio makes it into a big budget movie.
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Excellent Short Film
JTLawrence7779 May 2007
I saw this at the Vail Film Festival in 2006 and then, because it was so good, I went to it again at the Denver Arts Festival.

Great story and characters with a lot more going on that most short films. My head was spinning because of all the plot conveyed in such a short amount of time. Would be a great feature-length motion picture. Has Milo Ventimiglia in an early role-- before HEROES-- and shows he can act, not just stand around and look good.

This movie made me stop and wonder how many other clandestine, morally questionable events the U.S. Government has been involved in that we don't even know about.

If you get a chance to see this short, I highly recommend it.
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Intellegently done
johno-2128 August 2006
I saw this at the 2006 Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films and it certainly has a the look of a big budget feature length film. A young brash investigative reporter working on a story about Guantanamo Bay is meeting in a café with a time conscious man in his 80's who was once an intelligence officer for the Nazi's during WWII. It turns out the interviewee has done more background research on the interviewer than the other way around. A flashback to the end of the war brings clues us in on the old man's background and mission. This is kind of like a Twilight Zone or Alfred Hitchcock Presents episode. Allen Martinez directs and edits a story by Timothy Kernc. Eric Trageser is the cinematographer. Milo Ventimiglia and Bill Bolender star. This is very well done and I would give it a 9.0 out of 10.
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If you think the war is over, think again.
gkaminer15 May 2006
When you loose the loved one, would you repel, avenge or will you forgive and forget? No matter what you are, where you are and what you do, human nature and its instincts are always ahead of us. And sometimes, time doesn't cure anything at all. Americans, Germans, Russians and other nations fought WWII with one thought: duty for their country. In other circumstances the three might have been good friends: they might have liked to fish, go to movies or be college buddies, but about sixty years ago all of them became fatal enemies of their leaders; and some of them still are and always be until they forgive themselves in this unforgettable campaign that has deeply wounded the heart of the world.
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