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Vlad Plasmius is up to another plot- this one being by far his creepiest yet. What is this plot? A clone of Danny Phantom. Danny, meanwhile, is having trouble with Sam and Tucker: as they say, "he's got to start being more considerate." However, this is interrupted by the mysterious appearance of twelve-year-old Danielle, who claims to be Danny's third cousin once removed. However, while Danny is fighting a ghost, he learns a most shocking secret: Danielle is also a half-a! But is this all too good to be true? Unfortunately, yes. Danny learns that Danielle is actually his clone... created by Vlad! she, like many of Vlad's other experiments, has a very unstable form, and will devolve into a puddle of ectoplasm if she uses too much energy. After Danielle assists Vlad in Danny's capture, Danny is taken to Vlad's house in Colorado, where Vlad makes it clear that he needs a DNA sample of Danny mid-morph. And he's about to do anything to get it. Can Danny convince his 'cousin' to turn on ...

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