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Petey Greene: I'll tell it to the hot, I'll tell it to the cold. I'll tell it to the young, I'll tell it to the old. I don't want no laughin', I don't want no cryin', and most of all, no signifyin'. This is Petey Greene's Washington.

Petey Greene: [introducing a guest on his talk show] This is a pimp I wouldn't trust to wash my car, but y'all done elected him city official...

Dewey Hughes: PETEY!

[first lines]

Petey Greene: Wake up, goddammit!

Dewey Hughes: I need you to say the things I can't say, and you need me to do the things you can't do.

E.G. Sonderling: What in blue blazes is going on in here?

Petey Greene: Did he just say "blue blazes?"

Dewey Hughes: The problem is we've lost touch with the real DC and our attempts to win over the beltway. This has always been a station of the people. And in case you forgot, most of the people don't live in Georgetown.

Employee radio station: Yeah, but the people who live in Georgetown do shop at Woody's. The sponsors that pay your salary...

E.G. Sonderling: No, I pay his salary. And yours. Maybe I should start paying your salary to him.

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