Talk to Me (2007) Poster


Plot Keywords

radio washington d.c.
1960s disc jockey
prison friendship
three word title title directed by female
stand up comedian comedian
federal communications commission fcc
playing pool dog
anti war demonstration demonstration
black power jail
newspaper prison riot
prison visitation prison warden
death microphone
masturbation gun
voice over narration split screen
rifle documentary footage
vietnam war kiss
nudity bare butt
tears crying
song singing
singer civil rights movement
radio program cigarette smoking
record player recording
race riot underwear
race relations punched in the face
prologue montage
surrogate brother friend
civil rights demonstration civil rights
drinking drink
protest award
prison guard locked in a room
prison visit megaphone
convict conjugal visit
broken bottle held to throat tv show
penis writing in lipstick
writing on mirror mirror
dressing room limousine
pizza fan mail
janitor watching tv
u.s. national guard boy
theft thief
looting fire
explosion molotov cocktail
firebomb vomit
fired from the job drunkenness
black american wager
u.s. capitol building sex
rooftop riot
restroom release from prison
radio disc jockey racial slur
pool hall picket line
new york city new job
male nudity live television
funeral fight
concert comedy club
cheating on girlfriend cancer
brother brother relationship radio broadcasting
breakup bra
bar anti war protest
alcoholism african american
1980s 1970s
radio station ex convict
death of friend title spoken by character

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