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A rowdy, richly offbeat biopic.
Chicago Tribune
Talk to Me has a great subject and a great actor working in tandem, reminding audiences that once upon a time media personalities used to fight The Man, not be The Man.
The Hollywood Reporter
While Cheadle's fearlessly robust performance absolutely galvanizes Talk to Me, it's not the only thing that makes Kasi Lemmons' third feature such a pleasure to take in.
The result is a movie that offers uplift without phoniness, history without undue didacticism and a fair number of funny, dirty jokes.
Talk to Me, with two great actors, tells that story, and it makes you feel not only the joy people experienced in the wash of Greene's raucous, truth-saying humor, but also his wisdom and calm. And many mourned his death at 55 in 1984.
Los Angeles Times
With its R&B soundtrack and footage of civil unrest, Talk to Me might seem to cover familiar ground. But as an intimate portrait of the complex, fruitful and extremely volatile friendship between trailblazing African American men whose daring came to redefine an industry, it's fresh and revelatory.
Alternates too deliberately between jaunty comedy and serious message-making.
L.A. Weekly
The movie always teeters on the verge of something deeper, and Cheadle’s rendering of Greene’s stubborn refusal to be domesticated is funny, exhilarating and then quietly tragic. But Lemmons keeps pulling back into jive-talking shtick, and for much of the time -- I felt as though someone had trapped me in a time-warped episode of "The Jeffersons."
Whatever brought Greene down was far more complex than this film allows for.
Village Voice
The banality of Talk To Me is only half disappointing; at least it babbles clichés with conviction.

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