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The final confrontation is a slow-motion, De Palma-esque massacre in a hotel lobby that begins and ends in the amount of time it takes for a high-flying can of Red Bull to hit the floor. Breathtaking.
Exiled brings To back to lighter ground, and it's one of his most assured, enjoyable pictures, refreshing fun that's sure to satisfy anyone's action jones.
The Hollywood Reporter
This is an accomplished suspense-action piece that touches on universal themes of brotherhood, exile, love and honor.
This intriguing story, like many tales of mid-20th-century American art, is fueled by testosterone.
Creative and bizarre, maybe too bizarre, but since most action films adhere to a cookie-cutter formula, its quirkiness is most welcome.
Chicago Tribune
The more you like Leone's work the more you'll likely respond to To's latest. Which is odd, considering Exiled is a gangster picture by strict definition.
A grabber from start to finish that should win new fans for cult-favorite To.
Johnnie To, the director, is highly respected in this genre, and I suppose he does it about as well as you'd want it to be done, unless you wanted acting and more coherence.
The Macao settings are beautifully rendered, and the dark humor is often very funny. But it is noisy.
One of those wearisome Hong Kong action movies where characters engage in Mexican standoffs not so much to ratchet up excitement or generate tension but rather to look cool for as long as possible.
With not enough balls to be fun, and not enough brain to be cerebral, there's not much going on behind those pained Western expressions to entertain.

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