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"Films are always small miracles"
charlytully24 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
According to ALL SOULS DAY director Jeremy Kasten, "films are always small miracles." This making-of for that zombie horror flick set in the Mexican village of "Santa Bonita" (but filmed at two movie back lots in California) provides a somewhat jumbled back-story of how this much-maligned feature came into existence. The film crew brag about creating the settings for three eras (1892, 1952, and 2006), but this is much ado about nothing, as there was little differentiation between the sets used during this low-budget 17-day shoot, and the art director was TOTALLY unconvincing in portraying the 1892 setting, in which dozens of villager extras look like they're sporting colorful pieces of clothing fresh off the rack of a 21st Century bargain basement. It's nice to know that Nichole Hiltz (who plays cheerleader "Erica" in the feature) was the cast clown during filming, and that the romantic leads Travis Wester ("Joss") and Marisa Ramirez ("Alicia") probably would NOT be a couple in real life. (Ramirez says her husband took exception to her scene in bed with Wester when he saw it.) This 37-minute featurette does have higher production values and continuity than ALL SOULS DAY itself, perhaps suggesting the producers would have been better off selecting RAISING writer\director Jay Marks to helm SOULS.
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