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When Emily locks her self in the bedroom at night, Lilith tries to break down the door. When she stops, Emily is on the ground next to the closet. When Emily opens the closet, it is daylight outside. As Emily runs out of the house, it is night again.
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Renée Zellweger's eye color changes during close-ups during the diner scene. It is clear that Zellweger is wearing blue contacts and the one in her left eye had fallen out.
When social worker is driving home (at beginning of the movie) already in her subdivision, the car windows are all up then when she is parking the car in front of her house her window is down and in another angle of her getting out (continuous motion) it is up again.
During the rainstorm scene where Emily flees her home to escape Lilith, she runs toward a bus. Emily, who is supposed to be wearing shorts is clearly in a pair of long legged pants in one shot.
When Emily is parking her car in front of Lilith's house she manages to breathe out three times without apparently breathing in.
As the sleeping Lilith is being carried downstairs towards the kitchen by her father, her head and arms are hanging down as he has his left arm under her back. In the next shot as his wife opens the kitchen door, his left arm is now around Lilith, holding her by the arm and her head is up on his chest. Then in the final shot as they move across the kitchen, her head and arms are hanging down again as in the first shot.


The goof items below may give away important plot points.


When Emily surfaces after driving her car into the water, her hair is suddenly almost dry. It then goes from soaking wet to almost dry & back again as the scene progresses.

Crew or equipment visible 

When Emily is tying Lilith's door closed before starting the fire, the shot closes in moving towards her in the hallway. As it does, you can see the camera crew's shadow moving along the right wall.

Factual errors 

In the institutional dining room scene, you see an inmate eating peas one at a time using a metal knife and fork set. Shortly thereafter, Ed Sullivan stabs the man with a plastic fork. High risk facilities do not allow metal utensils, nor even regular plastic knives and forks, they use sporks (spoon - fork combination utensils with short tines). Otherwise, the result is they can be used as weapons, just as depicted here.

Revealing mistakes 

When Detective Barron is shot in the car, the blood running down the window is not at all bloodlike. It is thin and runs rapidly, looking more like strawberry soda than blood.

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