Roy Mustang: I figured you would come alone.

King Bradley: Could this be the first time that you have betrayed my trust?

Roy Mustang: I'd say that's the pot calling the kettle black.

King Bradley: Are you referring to the fact that I am a Homunculus?

Roy Mustang: Whether or not you are a human is not the matter at hand.

King Bradley: Then we shouldn't have any problems.

King Bradley: In my time as Furher, I have increased this nation's territory significantly.

King Bradley: Due to the wars we've won against native tribes.

Roy Mustang: But the only reason you did that was to create the Philosopher's Stone.

Roy Mustang: As well as to make those who were ravaged by war seek the Stone in desperation.

King Bradley: Humans are foolish.

Roy Mustang: So you tried to force those "foolish humans" to create the Philosopher's Stone?

King Bradley: We're actually saving you humans by taking away the Stone; that way you won't destroy yourselves with it.

King Bradley: In other words, we are emissaries of God.

Roy Mustang: There is no God!

King Bradley: Perhaps not, but there is a devil.

King Bradley: It is you Alchemists!

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