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Interesting, but will it keep going?
DtTall24 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I have only seen the first 4 episodes, and I will post again after finishing season one. I have to say that the first 2 episodes were actually quite interesting, but the next two were only OK.

Spoilers Part I'm not sure about this strange guy and him killing people. The authorities don't know anything so why is he after Kyle? He now killed at least 2 people from The Company. He seems like the only worthwhile antagonist in the show and yet there has been a grand total of like 3 min total on him.

I just can't see the show lasting long. He learns really fast so that can only be played out so long. If the only problem is this guy killing people, that will have to get solved and it is going to get real lame if they only do a 30 second clip each episode to advance the plot in that area. The rest is all 'learning to grow up'. It is interesting, at first, but it almost makes me want to go and see if The Wonder Years did it a lot better. My guess is yes. And if he actually goes to school that is the stupidest thing yet because he should be in college.

In reality if a guy like this ever existed, I am all for skipping the socialization stage. In my opinion he'll get all of that when he starts solving world problems. And why force him to sleep if he doesn't need it? YOU ARE WASTING HIS LIFE! Just let him watch TV and read books all day. I know it doesn't make for much of a TV plot, but it sure makes a lot more sense than what they are doing.
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Another one bites the dust...
sarastro725 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
So, it took all of four episodes for a new show to descend from promising sci-fi show to a same-as-all-the-other shows about high school dating. The overall plot quickly starts playing second fiddle to the typical, run-of-the-mill, standard, usual, perennial high school travails that so thoroughly suffuse and so utterly destroy just about every U.S. TV-show aimed at a teen audience. Can there be no other content in these shows? Can there be no shred of originality? Must there always be insufferable, prudish morals about how horrid it is for teens to be interested in sex and how it all must necessarily end in tragedy? How monumentally annoying. How incredibly moronic.

From the beginning, Kyle XY read like a diluted relaunch of "John Doe" (2002) for a teen audience, complete with the mysterious sign (oooh!). But it was intriguing enough in the first and second episodes. The best thing about the show was Maguerite MacIntyre. I just love her. She's so open and sympathetic - definitely my main reason to watch the show.

But I'm not gonna watch it anymore, because it's descended into the usual morass of high school shenanigans, and anything else the show might contain is being relegated to near-obscurity. Sorry, I'm just not coming along on that wagon. The main plot has to develop faster than this in order to keep me hooked. Besides, I was annoyed with Lori from the beginning. I have no time for "normal". No time for cliché. Josh was more entertaining, but after the fourth episode, where it became clear that any hope of succeeding romantically and sexually had to be rigorously undermined for every single character... well, that's just misanthropic. I can't watch.

I rated the first two episodes a 7 out of 10, and the third episode a 6. With the fourth episode it's down to 4. Goodbye, Kyle XY.
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Great episode on a real human topic.
peachypeeg5 September 2006
This was a great episode. It was very daring and wonderful of ABC Family to choose to address this topic on their network - new and natural bodily response of a teenage boy to a teenage girl. I felt so bad for Kyle - not knowing what was happening to him, and his first real "exposure" of ridicule and the horrible feelings of embarrassment. The humor brought to the episode was wonderful. Great job. I do have a question, if anyone knows the answer, about music in the episode. Does anyone know the name and artist who did the opening scene where Kyle is dreaming of Amanda? It's wonderfully wistful and easy to listen. If anyone can tell me, I'd appreciate it.

I've since learned the song title and artist of this song (beginning of Diving In). Its called: "When Good Things Go Bad" by the band Vanlustbader. Finding lyrics to this elusive song is a little more difficult but the search continues!
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