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MPAA Rated R for sexual content and some language

Sex & Nudity

  • Sex is discussed explicitly in the movie by various characters, including a teenage girl.
  • The F-word is used multiple times in various contexts, including sexual.
  • Rachel asks a complete stranger, a grown man, for a ride at the beginning of the movie. She rides with her legs up on the dashboard. Later, she comments on how she had her legs up and her dress hiked, and he didn't look once. She comes to the conclusion that he must be gay.
  • One of the main subplots involves incest (a parent sexually assaulting a child), although it is not actually shown. The victim just talks about how her father climbed on top of her, put his hands on her, and had sex with her.
  • Rachel mocks Harlan for being a virgin.
  • Lilly is seen in bed with her husband.
  • Rachel removes her panties from underneath her dress and encourages a male character to look at and touch her privates. She stops him after a few seconds, and then she gives him a blow job. We see it briefly.
  • Rachel is considered sexually attractive to a pre-teen boy in the movie. At one point, they end up having a fist fight outside, and Rachel's grandmother turns the hose on them to make them stop. Rachel says "Oh my God, you're hard!" obviously referencing the fact that he is sexually aroused and has had an erection. She then uses the term "boner" to describe what has happened. The boy is mortified and runs off.
  • Rachel and her mother are both portrayed as having severe emotional problems that often point to sexual issues.
  • Rachel attempts to seduce a grown man in numerous scenes. She leans up against him and tells him to relax. She even gets in bed with him at one point and asks for sex. He rejects all of her advances.
  • Lilly makes out with a man who is not her husband, despite being a married woman.
  • It is revealed that Lilly has been with several different men in her life. The first guy, Rachel's father, is said to be the kind of guy you would never want to see your daughter fall in love with.
  • Rachel wears very revealing clothing in almost every scene she is in. She wears very short dresses, midriff-baring shirts, short shorts, etc...
  • Rachel threatens a group of Christian teenagers by saying that if they don't leave her and Harlan alone, she will find all their boyfriends and "fuck them stupid".
  • A group of Christian teenagers call Rachel a slut.

Violence & Gore

  • There are some battles between couples and physical fighting.
  • A woman says that she wants to go after her husband with a knife. She asks her mother what kind of knife would be best.
  • A woman has a large bandage on her ear after reportedly being bitten by her dog. We don't actually see the attack, though.


  • There is a LOT of foul language, including the F-word several times, sometimes in a sexual context. We hear just about every swear word - hell, bitch, damn, shit, slut, whore, prick, etc... There are also sexual innuendos throughout the film.
  • A grandmother tells her teenage daughter to go f*ck herself.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Drinking, smoking, references to Rachel's past drug and alcohol use, and illegal drug use.
  • Lilly's mother is an on-again, off-again alcoholic. She is seen sitting in her childhood bedroom at one point, extremely intoxicated. She gets so drunk in one scene, she falls over, and her mother and daughter literally have to drag her upstairs.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The mothers and daughters in this movie have rocky relationships with each other, leading to many intense scenes.
  • Rachel's mother is an alcoholic, and she gets drunk on numerous occasions.
  • When Rachel finally reveals her secret to her mother, the mother is so shocked and upset, she attempts to go down the stairs, misses a step, and falls, almost fainting. She stumbles all the way outside and to her car. She almost looks really drunk, but she isn't - just very upset.
  • Lilly confronts her mother about the fact that she never said "I love you" to her while she was growing up. The mother argues that it's because her mother never said it to her, either. This can be considered disturbing to some people.
  • It is revealed that a main character is dealing with the aftermath of his wife and child being killed in a car accident. Rachel gets very offensive in one particular scene, talking about his "dead wife and dead baby".


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • Rachel dresses up in a provocative red dress and goes to her stepfather's motel room. She is making a proposition with him to get him to leave her and her mother alone for good. She messes with his head by leaning up against him and flirting with him. He is clearly uncomfortable. They don't actually have sex, though.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • It is revealed that Rachel's stepfather began molesting her when she was 12 years old. When she was 14, a friend of Rachel's threatened to kill the stepfather if he didn't stop, so he did. Later, the stepfather offered to give her a car on the condition that they started having sex again, so she crashed the car on purpose.

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