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The Best Pay Per View Of The Year

Author: lansky1x from United States
12 June 2006

Man if you missed this one I feel sorry for you, this was the best pay per view of the year for me. I didn't have high hopes for this One Night Stand 2 like I did last year but this year it was better. The match of the night for me was Tommy Dreamer/Funk vs Edge/Foley, thank god for a guy like Funk to still be able to put on amazing matches. Sandman segment was really funny, RVD vs Cena was good, The crowd was the best part about that match, they were great. Sabu vs Mysterio was great too. F.B.I vs Super Crazy/Tajiri was great too, I loved this match. The show was great and I can't wait until the DVD hit stores. This show was a good way to bring ECW back to life.

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Pain. Blood. Destruction. Controversy. Welcome back ECW.

Author: Stuart Wilson from Kirkcaldy, Scotland
12 June 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Held before over 2,500 fans in New York City, One Night Stand mark the return of the most hardcore wrestling promotion in history. ECW. The event was on of the most unique events i have ever witnesses. It entertained from beginning to end, there is no question of that. The crowd was hotter than hot, as only ECW cans be. And the matches booked were heading this event in the direction of a 10 out of 10 rating. So why did I give them only 8? Simple. The endings of both Championship matches.

For the first time ever in ECW and WWE history, WWE Championships were being decided on an ECW event. Sabu challenged Rey Mysterio for the World Heavyweight Championship and RVD was going up against the most controversial WWE Champion in recent memory John Cena. History looked as though it was going to be made on June 11th 2006, instead we got two cheap ending to two two wilding, edge of your seat thrilling matches.

Sabu and Rey Mysterio held nothing back in their dream match. They pulled of some moves I had never seen before in my life. The story telling was magnificent. The end of this one came after Sabu flew over the top rope, caught Mysterio and drilled him through a table with the most devastating DDT in the history of wrestling. As the crowd went wild and I spilt beer all over myself in shear excitement, some annoying little man came out and deemed both participants unable to compete. The crowd were angry to say the least, as was I. If this had been allowed to continue, you would have had a match of the year candidate.

The crowd were on Cena's back like nothing ever seen in wrestling for his main event clash with RVD. The match was back and forth and was, once again, highly entertaining. The ending of this one came when Edge, dressed in leather coat and crash helmet, came out the crowd and speared Cena through a table. RVD hit the frog splash and Paul Heyman made the three count. Surely this will not be able to stand. Why couldn't either Cena or RVD went over without the controversy and make this event seem truly historical. Bad booking, that's why.

The rest of the card was top notch action as well. Tazz and the King had more of a segment than an actual match when Tazz choked out Lawler in less than a few minutes. Kurt Angle and Randy Orton had a physical battle. Super Crazy and Tajiri against The F.B.I was an excellent contest filled with wild manoeuvres. Ball Mahoney decked Masato Tanaka with one hell of a chair shot to pick up the win in his match. In another segment, The Sandman beat the holy hell out of Eugene with a Sigapore cane. I have to admit this made me smile.

But match of the night for me was the six person tag team match pitting Edge, Mick Foley and Lita against Terry Funk, Tommy Dreamer and Beaulah. This was as wild and bloody as we thought it would be. It was totally gripping as well. If you want hardcore then look no further than this match to satisfy your needs.

All in all ECW One Night Stand was almost the perfect Pay-Per-View. If only the promoters had the guts to get two of the four men involved in the Championship matches to lay down and take the pinfall. But this is still one event you MUST see and is hopefully a indication of what we are to expect from the new third promotion of Vince McMahons.

Long live ECW!!!!!!

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Incredible PPV

Author: filthydeeds from United Kingdom
1 June 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

ECW One Night Stand 2005 in my eyes is easily one of the greatest PPVs of all time, though One Night Stand 2006 comes very, very close to beating it. The match card was excellent, even if there was a particular match that was not needed.

1; Jerry Lawler vs Tazz - This match (if you can call it a match) was just one to start of the night and get the crowd pumped, Tazz literally wins as soon as the bell rings, enough said. 1/5.

2: Randy Orton - This match was excellent, though Kurt seemed to carry Orton the entire way through, Angle is at his utmost technical you can see him at, he uses his experience in freestyle wrestling to get the upper hand, in the end Kurt wins. Anexcellent way to start the night, I couldn't have wished for any better. 4/5.

3: F.B.I vs Super Crazy and Tajiri - This was close to being my match of the night though, it was otherwise awesome, this was Tajaris first match in America for years and he was incredible, him and Super Crazy formerly had a feud for quite a while back in the old days in ECW, though they make excellent partners in this match, in the end the F.B.I win, by using a double fisherman buster. 4/5.

4. Rey Mysterio (c) vs Sabu for the World Heavyweight Championship - It may sound like I am repeating my self but again this was another consideration for match of the night and was absolutely awesome in every way apart from one major flaw, the match had to be stopped due to Sabu doing a springboard DDT to the outside to Rey through a table! Sabu jackknifed himself which seemed to hurt his neck and Rey also seemed to be seriously concussed, I am not sure if they actually seriously hurt themselves though excellent match apart from the ending. 4/5.

5:Mick Foley, Edge and Lita vs Terry Funk, Tommy Dreamer and Beulah - What can I say? Well all I can say is 'OH MY GOD!', I mean this match was match of the night I cannot describe how awesome it was, certainly the most extreme match WWE may have ever aired. The first half of the match is excellent then when Edge and Mick pull out a board of barb wire it gets serious, they use this barbwire so well, the whole board gets dropped on Tommy then Terry Funk pulls Edges and Micks legs so that it falls on them. The most important part of the match in my opinion is when Mick wraps bard wire round his forearm and rubs it against Terrys head, but a piece of bard wire sticks into Terrys eye and he is screaming in pain of medics come to help him and walk him off, for a while its then a two on one match, but about 5 minutes later the hardcore legend Terry Funk comes back out to the ring with a bandage round his head covered in blood wielding a bard wire 2x4... Incredible. The winners of the match were Edge, Mick Foley and Lita though it really doesn't matter who won it was awesome. At the end Terry and Mick the 2 legends are stuck in barbwire, as Joey Styles says in the match "A picture can say a 1000 words". 5/5 - Match of the night.

6: Balls Mahoney vs Masato Tanaka - This match was basically on the card to try and relive the incredible match at One Night Stand 2005, though it didn't really come close, not much to say really it was a great brawl in and out of the ring. 3.5/5.

7: RVD vs John Cena - This was the long awaited main event. And by hell it was an awesome one, the reaction Cena gets in this match may be, in fact I am confident in saying the worst reaction any one wrestler has ever been give, the crowd have no respect for him as he stands for everything that they don't, they throw his shirt back and chant incredibly funny (yet true) phrases. Anyway, the match itself was excellent in fact it is easy to say that Cena under all the pressure had the best match of his career here, as he used many moves we had never seen him to before and was actually a bit extreme in his own right. The match finishes with Edge spearing Cena through a table by coming from under the ring with a long black coat on and a motorbike helmet (awesome). In the end RVD finally won the belt. 4/5.

OTHER NOTABLE PARTS - At the beginning Paul Heyman the mastermind behind ECW comes out to thank the fans for their devotion, he gets an amazing amount of respect from them.

JBL after the F.B.I vs Super Crazy and Tajiri match comes out to make fun of ECW fans and basically says they are no life scum who sit in their mothers basement masturbating to old ECW clips (Lol). When this was live no one could hear JBL speak as the crowd were chanting so loud for him to go away.

This is where One Night Stand 2006 loses half a mark from me, and its the whole Eugene thing before the WWE championship match, why did they have to do this before such a match? Basically Eugene has written a poem about the ECW wrestlers saying how he wants to go on picnics with them and what not then Sanfdman arrives! The crowd burst into happiness and glee, as Sandman walks to the ring in his typical ECW fashion and stares down Eugene then repeatedly whack him with a kendo stick (thank god) some of the whacks Eugene got where incredibly fierce, especially the ones to the head. This part was to basically a bit of time to shine.

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Satisfactory Sequel to the 2005 One Night Stand

Author: jts0405 from United States
6 January 2009

One Night Stand 2006 wasn't as good as the 2005 installment, but it still was a great event in it's own right.

Match 1: Taz vs Jerry Lawler - The shortest match of the evening. Lawler portrays himself as a jack*** the entire 35 seconds of this match. He slaps Joey Styles on the way out and then Joey goes for revenge only with a bad ending. Taz then plays off of that and locks in the Tazmission for the submission win.

Match 2: Kurt Angle vs Randy Orton - This match was literally not right on this card. Kurt Angle may have been a new ECW talent at this time, but he should have waited for the new show ECW instead of holding an open challenge at the pay per view. This is a great match either way. Orton plays the invading bad guy, even though Angle was an invader last year (strange right?). They go for a good 15 minutes until Angle finally locks the ankle lock for the tap out win. The ECW crowd taunts Orton after his loss.

Match 3: The F.B.I. vs Super Crazy & Yoshihiro Tajiri - Tajiri uses his ECW name unlike last year this time around. These guys stole the show again only with Tony Mamaluke added in this time. The match was very fast paced and great for a time filler sort of match. The F.B.I. scores the win in the end. After the contest Big Show comes out and assaults all four men.

Match 4: Rey Mysterio (c) vs Sabu for the World Heavyweight Campionship - The greatest dream match to ever come to life. They did not let us down at all. Sabu looks dominate early on, but Mysterio finds his way into countering Sabu's moves. The crowd was behind Sabu the entire time, with select Mysterio chants added in at the right time. The ending was a little to predictable, because Sabu wasn't headed for the World Heavyweight Championship and Rey wasn't ready to drop it. Also the ending was predictable because they wouldn't let a WWE guy beat an ECW fan favorite like Sabu. They would have rioted if Mysterio retained. So they both go through a table and the match is called to a close.

Match 5: Mick Foley, Edge & Lita vs Tommy Dreamer, Terry Funk & Beulah McGillicutty - An awesome intergender extreme rules match. Funk and Foley can still entertain as if they were in their prime again. They all take it to the max with a ton of tables, barbed wire covered weapons, chairs, etc. The ending really sucked when Edge speared Beulah for the win. The team of Dreamer, Funk and Beulah should have taken the win in this one. But still a great match.

Match 6: Balls Mahoney vs Masato Tanaka - Just a basic simple time filler. Not Mahoney's best and not Tanaka's best either. They both plant each with a few chair shots and then the match is shortly over. So they do a decent job filling the time, but the match wasn't a grade A standard in ECW's hardcore style. Mahoney takes the win after a simple chair shot.

Match 7: John Cena (c) vs Rob Van Dam for the WWE Championship - Incredible main event. The fans were on Van Dam's side the whole time. I think it was about time for Cena to drop the belt because he was champion for a little bit close to a whole year, with only a brief stopping portion thanks to Edge. Van Dam dominates the whole time, if they would have given Cena offense it would have made the crowd go crazy. In the end Van Dam hits the five star frog splash. Paul Heyman comes out to fill in for the referee and counts to three. Rob Van Dam is the new WWE Champion.

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Sweetest WWE PPV i've ever seen

Author: The_Light_Triton ( from In a Chair in my room
12 June 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I never saw this live, but oh my kendo-sticks I wish I did. it was freaking awesome. The style of wrestling was what made Extreme Championship Wrestling what it was, and destroyed the taboo in smashing kendo sticks and barbed wire against your opponent's head.

Highlighted matches Taz VS Jerry Lawler - The first of the highlighted matches was Taz taking on Jerry lawler. Now jerry lawler hates ECW, and commonly refers to it as "Extremely Crappy Wrestling" well, he went and slapped Joey styles across the face before the match. then he went to the ring and was choked out by Taz. game over. Taz stayed around the rest of the night on commentary.

Randy Orton VS Kurt angle - Despite the incident involving "The Crucifixion" in 1996, Kurt angle laced up his boots and joined the Side of ECW. His opponent was a man who tried to take away his world heavyweight title back at wrestlemania. Kurt snapped the man's ankle 2 months before one night stand, and Randy wanted revenge. However, after 25 to 30 minutes of Kurt nearly beating Randy, and randy being Verbally abused by the audience, Kurt managed to make randy give up.

Rey Mysterio VS Sabu - Rey mysterio had won the world heavyweight title from Kurt angle back at Mania 22, and had been holding onto it for a period of time. But now it was going on the line against the 2-time ECW world champion, the suicidal, homicidal, Genocidal, Death-defying Sabu. While some might assume both wrestlers would be cheered for, Rey mysterio got a mixed reaction, because back in the day, he left ECW for WCW, which was ECW's biggest enemy at the time. Anyways, the match was high flying and hardcore, until sabu did one too many dangerous stunts, nearly breaking his own and Rey's necks, DDTing Rey through a table.

Mick Foley, Edge, and Lita VS Tommy Dreamer, Terry Funk and Beulah Magillicutty - This match made the night. Terry funk and Tommy Dreamer are like the Father and son that wern't related, And were heavily cheered entering the ring. Mick also got a mixed reaction, mainly for the same reason Mysterio did, but Mick left for WWE. edge got a lot of boos, and his girlfriend got a lot of nasty chants like "She's Got herpes." and "You're a Crack whore." after a bloody 20 minute battle, Edge speared Tommy Dreamer's Wife, Beulah and pinned her, humping her in sync with the 3-count.

John Cena VS Rob Van Dam - This Match Was much like the 3 on 3 hardcore match, but it was more about who won and who lost. ECW's audience wanted RVD to win, while no one in the audience wanted Cena to win. they constantly booed him, and chanted foul things at him. One fan even decided to wave a sign that said "If Cena wins, We riot." They also threw Toilet paper at him, and Threw his shirt back at him when he threw it into the audience. Joey styles even quoted "This audience is mixed. one side who flips the bird, and the other who actually uses the F-word." and also said "I don't think the ECW fans ever want a part of Cena, except Maybe his head." In the end, Edge interfered and speared Cena through a table. RVD capitalized on it and pinned Cena thanks to Paul heyman's 3 count, and Rechristened the WWE title into the ECW title...sort of.

All in all, it was a sweet PPV. the next few ONS's just got worse.

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The Rebirth of ECW

Author: CrassActionHero from United States
31 August 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

ECW One Night Stand 2 Review: This night is historic. This night is the relaunch of the ECW brand.

SPOILERS AHEAD*************

Opening: Paul Heyman delivers a great promo and gets the already rabid fans hyped up. Sign: If Cena wins, we RIOT. awesome.

Match one: Tazz b. Lawler a nothing match. Tazz proved that he has indeed retired by winning this match quick. Not one suplex. 2/10

Match two: Kurt Angle b. Orton. This was an okay match. The crowd did accept Angle. The crowd was ruthless to Orton. Very hardcore indeed. The crowd helped this match. Enjoyable. 7/10

Match three: The FBI b. Super Crazy and Tajiri. This was pure technical wrestling at it's best. The booking was excellent, the match was fast paced and the crowd loved it. This is how to book a cruiser-weight tag match. Solid stuff. All wrestlers got great reactions. All were having a great time out there. 10/10

Match four: Rey Mysterio v. Sabu. World Heavyweight title. This was another great match. Rey got some boos, but were lighthearted. Fast paced extreme action. The finish was a killer spot with Sabu hitting a awesome DDT on a table. It ended no contest. Good stuff though. 10/10

Match five: Edge and Foley b. Tommy Dreamer and Terry Funk. This was the garbage match of the night. It was fun though. The beatings that Terry funk and Mick Foley took were insane. The barbed wire and a flaming barbed wire bat! Funk was really nuts! At 61, he's crazy. Good stuff. 8/10

Match six: Balls Mahoney b. Masato Tanaka. This was a nice little match. Both guys can wrestle and proved it. The ending chair shot was sick. Tanaka can take the most furious chair shots. 5/10

The Sandman wasted Eugene briefly. Dinsmore is a good talent stuck with a lame gimmick. The crowd loved Sandman. Not bad.

Main Event: Rob Van Damn b. John Cena. WWE Title match. The story of this match was the crowd. The ECW crowd gave Cena the most negative reaction I have ever seen. Cena was public enemy #1. Good. Cena sucks as a wrestler and proved it. The crowd reacted to Cena's broken-record offense with "Same old Sh*t" chants much to my delight. As Cena dragged along slowly, the crowd gave even better chants: "You can't wrestle". I love the Hammerstein Ballroom. Other Chants to Cena were: "Overrated" and "You still suck". I love ECW. Cena got what he deserved. RVD carried the match, but Cena was slow to follow and the match itself sucked thanks to Cena. The crowd made this a watchable match. The anti-Cena chants were music to my ears. Before the match, Cena threw his shirt into the crowd two times and the crowd threw it back. The third time a fan wiped his ass and spit on the shirt and threw it back at Cena. How can you not love that? Also a fan threw toilet paper at Cena too. I love these people. 8/10

The Last Word: Welcome back ECW. A nice and fun way to revive ECW. The ECW crowd is still as rabid as ever. The PPV was great, but the exited crowd all throughout helped the event even more. ECW fans are the best breed. The can make any match watchable, even if it stinks. Good PPV overall.

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ECW One Night Stand once again delivers

Author: skyhighatrist550 from Netherlands
3 August 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This years ECW ONS again blows away any other PPV of recent years despite the WWE being more involved in this one. Cool matches, nice segments and the trademark rabid ECW crowd that can even make the worst matches entertaining. I honestly admire the passion of the ECW fans, they know what they want and won't except anything less and they're not afraid to show it either. Totally awesome fans. It's just a shame that the current generation WWE crowd won't learn from this (as shone by Ikepoiyen668894;who proves nothing that WWE fans of the current demographic are nothing but hopeless eletists who don't know any better) instead of just merely excepting the poor state of the current WWE. Anyway, onward with the review(spoilers ahead).

Taz vs The King This was bound to be a short match but it served its purpose for the story-line and a match opener;Tazz chokes out the boring Jerry the King with his redundant commentary skills. It was nice seeing Joey Styles get involved. 4/10

Kurt Angle vs Randy Orton This was awfully mediocre for a match featuring Kurt Angle and it had every right to be better, Orton is a terribly inconsistent in-ring performer and an even worse heel as proved by the crowd. And to respond to what another reviewer said about the ECW fans n appreciating old school wrestling;what Orton put on display in that match(and all his matches in general)was not old school wrestling, more like an incompetence to work a steady paced match with one of the finest wrestlers in the world. The fans cheer Angle because they know he's an accomplished superstar with one of the most legitimate wrestling backgrounds in history, and they dump on Orton because they know he's a lousy performer who hardly lives up to this "future superstar" moniker (much like Batista and Cena). And as such, old school wrestling is a thing of the past and too much of a cliché for todays advanced audiences, ECW or WWE. Angle wins with Ankle Lock submission. 7/10 solely on fan reaction and proof that Randy Orton is a dud when it comes to the WWE dealing out mega pushes.

Tajiri/Super Crazy vs The FBI It was great seeing these guys back in an ECW arena again and it's great to know the fans still care about these guys despite the poor careers they've had in the WWE. Didn't like the end with Big Show cleaning house, that sucked as does Big Show. 8/10

Sabuvs World Champion Rey Mysterio Match of the night, end of story. Sabu in all his suicidal, homicidal, genocidal glory and Mysterio actually kicking it up a notch and making something actually watchable for the fans, and getting appreciated for it. Of course this is no surprise since Rey had already wrestled in ECW way back when in 1995. But screw that, this match was insane. Chairs, tables and high flying. It couldn't have been any better. And for those of you dissatisfied with the no-contest ending, if you really think about it, it makes a lot of sense. Sabu winning a title along with RVD's impending title win would have been too big of a promotion for ECW making WWE seem awfully inferior and Vince Mcmahon wont have that, and well, Rey beating Sabu would have looked bad for him and ECW. So this gets a 10/10 from me.

Terry Funk/Tommy Dreamer and Beulah vs Mick Foley/Edge and Lita This match screamed "successful nostalgia" for me. It just rules to see that Foley, Funk and Dreamer can still dish out the extreme in matches they have been doing for years, and Edge to me epitomizes what a future WWE superstar is supposed to be(not Randy Orton, in this case). Great use of weapons, lots of blood and the addition of a CATFIGHT between Beulah and Lita...AWESOME, another match of the night. 10/10 Mosato Tanaka vs Balls Mahoney This match is one of the few gripes I had with the event, when considering Tanaka's match of the year with Mike Awesome at last years ONS, and the fact that Mahoney and Tanaka have had far better matches under the ECW name, this match left an awfully sour taste in my mouth. At least we get to see Mahoney swing a chair. 5/10

Eugene/Sandman segment Long story short, Eugene sucks, Sandman caning the little retard rules but I pretty much share the other fans sentiments on his new entrance music. Oh well, it was cool hearing those cane shots again. 4/10 RVD vs WWE Heavyweight Champion John Cena The main event of this years ECW homage is another interesting sight to behold again due to the participation of the ECW crowd who give Cena a world of crap, and this has to be seen to be believed. The match it's self was mediocre with RVD pretty much carrying Cena who just did the 'same old *beep*' he's been doing all the time. Interestingly, it should be noted that Cena actually does have a wrestling background which means he does really have more ability and talent then what he showcases on TV which leaves one to question A)is Cena really being held back by WWE limitations or B)is Cena just to incompetent to simply walk up to Vince Mcmahon and say 'I can do better'. In any case, the ECW public just don't except Cena for who he is, a lousy WWE product. All that aside, it was damn amusing seeing the fans in this match and the random chants that were heard throughout. RVD wins after a 5*Frogslpash when Edge runs in wearing a motorcycle helmet and spears Cena through a table to which the fans applaud with a "thank you Edge" chant despite Edge being the big heel of the night, simply brilliant. Great ending to a great PPV and once again better then Wrestlemania. 8/10

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ECW One Night Stand 2006

Author: rwfmade from United States
17 June 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

ECW One Night Stand was an exciting show and once again the ECW product delivered terrific entertainment. ECW is truly the greatest wrestling brand that ever existed because not only does it have the greatest fans in the world of wrestling but it tests the will of its competitors and shows true class and respect for great wrestling, something Ikepoiyen668894 is seriously void of.

Match #1 7/10 Tazz vs. Jerry Lawler

Although we all wanted to see Tazz wrestle one more great match, it was still a good way to kick off the show and get a reaction out of the crowd with Tazz's immediate choke out.

Match #2 7/10 Randy Orton vs. Kurt Angle

This was a decent wrestling match which pitted two phenomenal competitors face to face not delivering their best. What upset me most was the slow pace that Orton seemed to dictate throughout the match. In response to what Ikepoiyen668894 said about the fans, I think it simply pisses him off knowing that ECW fans actually care about and are paying attention to what is going on in the ring while WWE-fans sound half asleep during 95% of the shows all year long! God forbid there's an interactive crowd!! Anyway, the adjustment to the 18x18 ring didn't help these two wrestlers either.

Match #3 9/10 F.B.I. vs. Super Crazy and Tajiri

No, this is not what you get on Smackdown every week because if WWE officials ever caught Super Crazy doing a Moonsault to the outside on a regular televised Smackdown program, he would probably be fired! This was a phenomenal wrestling match with all 4 competitors dishing out unique and interesting holds as well as great high-impact wrestling. Crowd, once again, made this match even better by showing tremendous respect for the in-ring skills of these men and their appreciation for great submission as we actually heard an "ECW" chant for the double Tarantula submission. Only disappointment was not seeing Super Crazy do a balcony dive.

Match #4 9/10 Rey Mysterio vs. Sabu

A dream match it was, and had everything gone through smoothly and didn't end the way it did we probably would have had a perfect 10 here. These two wrestled a great match and, no, Sabu, with his excelled amateur wrestling background and top-notch training from the legendary original Shiek, is not just a glorified stuntman but a willful warrior who makes sacrifices for the only people who count; the fans. The crowd was obviously against Mysterio but showed respect for him when he deserved it, again just more proof that these fans actually care about and respect wrestling.

Match #5 10/10 Mick Foley, Edge, and Lita vs. Terry Funk, Tommy Dreamer, and Beulah

This match is the definition of hardcore. It's probably one of the best hardcore matches we've seen this decade. Here we see 4 men who give a damn, and two gorgeous women who are there to back them! This was all-around fantastic entertainment and the ending was perfect. Edge truly is the Rated-R Superstar, and the rest of them have been there and done that in ECW wrestling and showed just why they still deserve to be there. My heart goes out to Terry Funk who has now evolved from middle-aged and crazy to quite simply old-aged and psychotic!

Match #6 5/10 Balls Mahoney vs. Masato Tanaka

It really sucks that management decided Tanaka should be punished instead of rewarded for his show-stealing performance last year against Mike Awesome. This match started off great and ended the way WWE would end it.

Eugene meets Sandman 4/10

Eugene was annoying and it was nice to see Sandman beat the crap out of him, but the fact that Sandman has new music and didn't wrestle a match on an ECW PPV is incredibly disappointing.

Match #7 3/10

This was an awful match as John Cena really limited RVD to doing what Mr. PPV does on PPV! John Cena is god-awful and might be the single worst wrestler that ever lived. It was great to see RVD win as he really deserves it, but it's a shame this match ever took place in the ECW. The ECW fans gave Cena what he deserved, hopefully more arenas will recognize this in the future.

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John Cena's worst hour! (whether he puts on a brave face or not)

Author: Legend Killer from United Kingdom
12 June 2006

A decent night of action with arguably the most vocal crowd to ever grace a WWE sanctioned event.

1) Tazz def Jerry 'The King' Lawler - The easiest outcome to predict out of all the matches. It was never going to be about the wrestling was it? It was more of a segment than anything else. Anyway, Tazz chokes out Jerry Lawler thanks to interference from Joey Styles. 3/10

2) Kurt Angle def Randy Orton - Quite a good WWE wrestling match. The only thing that I don't like about the ECW fans is that they don't appreciate pure old school wrestling matches, e.g Bob Backlund. This was evident when they chanted "BORING" to Randy Orton. The crowd were really into Kurt Angle. Randy Orton played the heel quite well (after the match when he was being helped out by officials, the fans were calling him a pussy. He acted like they were cheering him by smiling and waving at them. Very funny). 6.5/10

3) FBI def Tajiri & Super Crazy - The crowd showed appreciation for these talented and underrated superstars. Tajiri got a great welcome back reception. A very good cruiser weight match. I'm not sure what the point of the Big Show coming out at the end was though. 7/10

4) Rey Mysterio & Sabu: No Contest - Many people were expecting a lot more but I guess the WWE has to protect it's champion and can't let him get too banged up. A few high spots leading up to the main high spot which finished the match (the finish to the match was a work by the way). The spot at the end did enough to make this match worth while. 6/10 (I would have given it a higher rating if the match was longer)

5) Mic Foley, Edge & Lita def Terry Funk, Tommy Dreamer & Beulah - Good hardcore match, Mic Foley stole the show in this one. Even though he played a heel character, the ECW fans had nothing but love for him and were reluctant to boo him. When they did boo him, it was in a pantomime kind of way. Terry Funk did a Ric Flair job (everybody was just happy that he didn't die). Tommy Dreamer did his usually job, nothing out of the ordinary. Edge showed why he's the most improved wrestler of the year as far as ring presence and main event status goes. The females weren't to be out done either. Lita showed that the WWE shouldn't forget that she can actually wrestle and it was nice to see Beulah back in the thick of things again. 7.5/10 (Match of the night)

6) Balls Mahoney def Tanaka - Judging by Tanaka's match with Mike Awesome at last years ONS, I expected a show stealer. This match was pretty much garbage. Not because of Tanaka, but because Balls Mahoney is the most out of shape wrestler in the world (apart from the Blue Meanie). 5/10

7) RVD def John Cena - Like at WM 22, John Cena's match makes headlines because of the crowd, not the wrestling. I have never seen or heard a crowd with so much genuine hatred for a wrestler in my life. It wasn't the good heel heat that a heel sets out to achieve either. It was the heat that The Rock got before he joined the Nation or X-Pac heat as it's more commonly known. Edge even received a "THANK U EDGE" chant for attacking Cena during the match. John Cena & Mr McMahon can keep acting like the boos don't bother them but even if you have no soul, a reaction like what Cena received would f**k your soul up. I felt genuinely sorry for John Cena and I am no John Cena fan. The match was a standard no DQ match never the less. The match 6.5/10. The crowd reaction 10/10.

I'll give a special mention to JBL who did a segment showing why he has the best mic work in the WWE.

I also can't believe that Vince McMahon had the guts to put Eugene on an ECW show. Even though Sandman beat Eugene up that segment was pretty pointless.

Overall a standard ECW PPV which the fans turned into a good ECW PPV. ECW should always have their events in small arenas otherwise the atmosphere will disappear.

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Blood, Sweat, and Beers! Welcome to the EXTREME!

Author: Soria653 from United States
14 June 2006

Controversy, destruction, and the complete embarrassment of one John Cena. Welcome back ECW! This was without a doubt the best pay-per-view of the year. Personally I had some problems with it, but it was worth all the money I spent to watch it.

We kick of ECW with the sold out Hammer stein Ballroom chanting ECW! The ECW music begins to play and Paul Heyman enters the ring. He then begins an emotional promo, not unlike Joey Styles did last year, and begins to thank the fans, saying that they're the reason ECW is coming back. We then go into the theme video/music.

The first match was Taz vs. Jerry Lawler. Taz's old school music hits and he comes in with an explosion of cheers. The exact opposite happens when Lawler enters. As soon as Lawler enters the ring, he is attacked from behind by Joey. Lawler shakes him off and is about to give Styles a pile-driver when Taz comes up behind him and puts Lawler in the tazmission and chokes him out. The end. Not bad, but it's exactly what everyone expected. After the match Taz joined Joey on commentary, saying that he might as well stick around since he had had such a short night. Match Rating 7:10

Next came Randy Orton vs. Kurt Angle. Randy came into a semi-dead heat from the crowd. Kurt Angle managed to get a good reception and the match began. Kurt went for the ankle lock early in the match, but it was reversed. Randy Orton bailed out of the ring and was struck with a "Pussy" chant from the fans. He then went back 9in and after going back and forth, Randy was slapped a few times by Angle. This caused the fans to chant "You got b**** slapped!". It seems to me that the crowd made this match. The wrestling was good but Orton was hit with chants like "Go blow Cena" or " Angle's gonna kill you". Great match. Angle wins with the Ankle lock. Match Rating 10:10

Next was the F.B.I. vs. Super Crazy and Tajiri. I love cruiser weight matches. Super Crazy did not disappoint. Although he may not have leaped of the balcony, he did get in some spectacular moonsaults. I will not give Way all the spots in the match so as to not ruin it. In the end the F.B.I. managed to get Tajiri alone and pinned him with a double brain buster. After the match the Big Show came in and cleared house. Excellent match. Match Rating 12:10

Next came the World Heavyweight championship match Rey Mysterio vs. Sabu. Spectacular match. I have always been a great fan of the Suicidal, Homicidal, Genocidal, Death-defying maniac, Sabu. And who can forget the high-flying tendencies of Rey Mysterio? Both showed and gave it their all. Sabu showed how innovative he can be, and Mysterio reverted to his ECW hardcore style. The match ending wasn't much to my liking. Sabu hit a triple-jump DDT on Mysterio through a table on the outside. They didn't land on non-awkward angles and both had to be helped outside. Still a classic Match Rating 20:10

Next match Tommy Dreamer, Terry Funk vs. Cactus Jack, Edge. Tommy and Terry came in with Beulah at their side, while Cactus and Edge came in with Lita. This match went Hardcore to the EXTREME! Both Terry And Mick Foley showed that they can still take suicidal bumps and come back fighting. The match included fire, wood and barbed wire. Not necessarily in that order. The highly anticipated cat fight between Lita and Beulah was nice. Edge won when he speared Beulah. Match Rating 15:10

Next match Balls Mahoney vs. Masato Tanaka. Not a bad match, could've been longer. Masato Tanaka showed how tough he was by taking the hardest chair-shot I have ever seen. Balls wins with a chair-shot. Match Rating 8:10

What happened next was disgusting. Eugene came out to some boos, which I half expected, but I did not like what happened next. After Eugene read a poem The Sandman came out. He pulled out his Singapore cane and started caning Eugene. And after forcing Eugene to beg for mercy, he started caning him again. Eugene had to retreat in to the locker room, with the Sandman giving chase. Promo Rating -20:10

Now for the main event, John Cena vs. Rob Van Dam. This was the emotional slaughter of John Cena's soul. He came into explosive boo's, and "F*** you Cena" chants. Someone even went as far as to make a sign that said "If Cena wins we riot". I was cracking up the whole time. These boos were only topped when Cena threw his shirt into the ring, and the fan threw it back. He tried this several times, but kept getting his shirt returned, one time a fan actually spit on It., "Throw it back chants" began rising and Cena was forced to leave the shirt lying. I can't believe how hard I laughed. For Cena's entire entrance the fans threw toilet paper at Cena, even some during the match. You suck Dick chants ran through the match. And every time Cena did a move, "Same old s***" chants would rise. When Cena did a flying move, the fans chanted "You still suck". Rvd put a nice beating on Cena, as did the fans. The match ended when edge came out and speared Cena through a table. Although Edge had been booed earlier in the evening, "thank you, Edge" chants rang after he speared Cena. Rvd hit his patented five-star-frog- splash and pinned Cena. Match Rating 10:10 Fan Rating 100:10

This was great pay-per-view. I only have one question. Whatever happened to the Benoit vs. Dean Malenko match that was supposed to happen?PPV Rating 1000:10

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