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Season 1

9 Sep. 2006
Flight Night
A routine flight on the airship "Tristian," turns into a nightmare when hi-jacked by a vampire, Aflred, who belongs to a radical vampire group known as Fleurs du Mal. After making a threat to the Vatican (by dropping the Tristian if his comrades were not released from Vatican custody), Alfred believes that things are going according to plan...until he meets Abel Nightroad, a traveling priest from the Vatican. Little does Alfred know that Abel is not like any ordinary priest.
13 Jul. 2006
Witch Hunt
A meeting turns deadly for the terrorist group Fleurs du Mal. Abel accompanied by an android, Tres Iqus, are sent to investigate, but end up discovering a young girl who possesses a great power. Now it's up to Abel and Tres to determine what she is and why was she in the custody of Fleurs du Mal.
20 Jul. 2006
The Star of Sorrow I. City of Blood
Abel Nightroad journeys to Ishtvan, a city where the tenuous balance of power between the Human and Vampire worlds is threatened.
19 May 2005
The Star of Sorrow II. Hunter's Banquet
With Esther and Abel his prisoners, Count Jula reveals his plan: to use the Star of Sorrow to rain destruction down on the human race in revenge for his wife's murder.
26 May 2005
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Father Abel Nightroad escorts Sister Esther to Rome, where she meets Lady Caterina Sforza.
9 Jun. 2005
Sword Dancer
A murder on holy ground has taken place in Amsterdam, and Lady Caterina sends in the mysterious Father Hugue, also known as "Sword Dancer", to investigate.
16 Jun. 2005
Never Land
When ships off the coast of Albion are attacked by what appear to be vampire fairies, Abel seeks out an old comrade, Leon, a former A.X.
23 Jun. 2005
Silent Noise
Once more Abel(accompanied by Noelle Bor)is sent to Barcelona to investigate the collapse of a building known as the National Palace. Inspired by the sights and sounds of Barcelona, Noelle attempts to express her feelings for Abel. In spite of her feelings, Noelle and Abel continue their investigation, only uncover some strange findings. But little do they know that destruction begins at the tone of the bell.
30 Jun. 2005
Overcount I. The Belfry of Downfall
Though grief stricken by the events in Barcelona, the agents of A.X. scramble to prevent Rosen Kreuz from carrying out their plan to destroy Rome with the Silent Noise device.
7 Jul. 2005
Overcount II. Lucifer's Choice
Archbishop D'Este plans to use The Silent Noise, a destructive sound-wave device, to destroy Rome.
14 Jul. 2005
From the Empire
In Venice, Abel teams with an agent of the Empire, the vampiress Astaroche Asran, to hunt down a vampire mass murderer of humans, Enderle Kudza.
25 Nov. 2006
The Ibelis I. Evening Visitors
Whispers of an assassination attempt on Lady Caterina are validated when a vampire, Ion, attempts to contact her unannounced.
28 Jul. 2005
The Ibelis II. Betrayal Blaze
The race is on! Imperial Messenger, Ion Fortuna, flees the clutches of Brother Petro in an attempt to meet with Lady Caterina, who has also attracted the ire of the Inquisitorial Department.
4 Aug. 2005
The Ibelis III. A Mark of Sinner
Dietrich, the Puppet Master, seizes control of the Inquisition air ships and turns them against the city, while at the same time sending a monstrous new type of undead assassin against Caterina.
11 Aug. 2005
The Night Lords I. Return of the Envoy
Esther and Abel accompany Ion back to Byzantium, capital of the Empire, to meet with the Empress.
18 Aug. 2005
The Night Lords II. Twilight of the Capital
After escaping to the refuge of Asta's mansion, Asta and Abel devise a plan to clear the name of Ion Fortuna, who is now suspected of the murders of his own family.
25 Aug. 2005
The Night Lords III. The Island of Her Darling Children
While Esther recovers from her injuries with the help of the mysterious child Seth, Ion is stunned to find himself face to face with the supposedly dead Radu, who challenges him to stop him from killing the Empress.
15 Sep. 2005
The Night Lords IV. The Palace of Jade
Ion Fortuna and Sister Esther find themselves unwitting pawns in an elaborate plot to murder the Empress- One which reveals a more sinister treachery emerging from the shadows.
22 Sep. 2005
The Night Lords V. A Start of Pilgrimage
Esther and Ion must fight to survive in prison, while Asta and Abel rush to save them.
29 Sep. 2005
The Throne of Roses I. Kingdom of the North
While in Londinium for the Queen of Albion's funeral, Esther and Pope Alessandro are taken hostage by vampires. The AX must rescue them before Cardinal Medici makes a martyr of the Pope.
6 Oct. 2005
The Throne of Roses II. The Refuge
Pope Alessandro finds temporary refuge among the workers of the Underground Ghetto, as the members of A.X., the Inquisition, and the rebel terrorists all race to find him.
23 Oct. 2005
The Throne of Roses III. Lord of the Abyss
Rosen Kreuz soldiers slaughter the underground populace, while Petro battles to guide the Pope to safety. Abel's confrontation with Dietrich leads to a foe of even greater power.
20 Oct. 2005
The Crown of Thorns I. City in the Mist
Cain, having killed his brother, Abel, plots with Kampher to destroy the people of Rome and, soon after, the world.
3 Mar. 2007
The Crown of Thorns II. The Road of Oath
Members of A.X., the Inqusitorial Department, and the crew of The Ghetto join forces to stop Kampher and the Order of Rosen Kreuz from destroying Albion and, soon after, the world.

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