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Season 1

30 May 2007
Johnny Miller was a happy, well-adjusted high school student with good grades and a room full of sports trophies until the terrible night a year ago that his father committed suicide. Unable to cope, he tried to drown his pain in alcohol and drugs. Now, fresh out of rehab, Johnny is struggling to deal with an uncertain future in the surreal glare of Palm Springs, where his mother, Karen, and her new husband, Bob, have decided to make a new start. The lush oasis of Palm Springs, with its golf courses, country clubs and beautiful people, is an unsettling new environment...
6 Jun. 2007
While Johnny is trying hard to win the heart of Greta, Nikki, a beautiful girl Johnny dated when they were in rehab together, comes to Palm Springs. At a country club fund raiser, Nikki gets drunk and causes a scene, ruining Johnny's first date with Greta but catching Cliff's eye. Cliff dislikes Tess's latest boyfriend and schemes to get rid of him. Johnny learns Eddie's death was a suicide and receives a mysterious email of a video of Eddie.
13 Jun. 2007
Party Hardy
Cliff hates his ma's lover Travis Dean staying 'for a week' with them and exposes Trav's lie to be an NFL veteran. Johnny makes Cliff promise to stay away from Nikki, who waits for her parents in his guest room. In stead her friends arrive an build an orgy. Johnny blames Cliff, who just joined in, and picks a fight. Ma and Bob scold 'untrustworthy' Johnny. Greta tells Johnny the e-stalker just a Cliff prank, but tries to make Cliff stop, in vain. Johnny can't get her to tell the truth about past of Cliff. Country club waitress Lisa takes a special interest in Johnny.
20 Jun. 2007
What Liza Beneath
Greta finally tells Johnny the truth about what happened to Eddie on the night he died.
20 Jun. 2007
Johnny learns the hard lesson that no-one can be trusted in Palm Springs and Liza makes a discovery.
27 Jun. 2007
Dangerous Liaisons
Nikki discovers a surprising secret about Cliff and Bob gets jealous when Skip flirts with Karen.
27 Jun. 2007
Stand by Your Woman
After Nikki refuses Cliff's apologies, he still dumps Maria, while Jo-Jo turns very protective of her. Johnny believes in Greta's innocence again. They and Lisa ponder adulterous Maria has more to hide then Cliff. Karen makes Bob doubt if their marriage stands a chance. Lisa overhears Maria blackmail Skip with a video he didn't know about. Johnny receives another surprising one.
4 Jul. 2007
Second Chances
Cliff convinces ma her best friend Maria seduced him. Now she doubted her marriage with deeply insulted Bob, Johhny assures his ma they're right together. For Johhny's friendship, Cliff goes snoop at Maria's, and to his surprises discovers she has Eddie's PV and hides a terrible secret on it. Nikki proves herself the worst waitress at Jesse's and plays hard to get back, but not too hard for Cliff. Skip makes clear to Maria he won't tolerate her flippant flirting attracting more attention. Skip assures Johhny he's welcome to date Greta, but must cease frightening her ...

 Season 1 

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