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During the car chase scene with the police, the inspection sticker can be seen on Reacher's car. Initially it states July 2012, but then it changes to September 2012.
When Jack saves Helen, he enters the place with wet hair, some hair on his forehead. When the scene changes (after small talk with Helen, when Jack meets The Zec), Jack's forehead is clear.
When Helen gets into her car to watch the bus leave, her headlights light up the whole side of the bus as it passes. Seconds later, when she pulls out, there is no light on Jack.
When the coin is originally placed into the parking meter, the limit on the meter is marked as 30 minutes. Later when the police find the meter it reads 10 hour time limit. When Jack then goes back to the are in the car park where Barr set up to fire the meter once again reads 30 minute time limit.
After the fight with Charlie, Jack's leather jacket is wet from the rain. When he walks out of the shack a couple of minutes later, it's dry.
When Sandy is seen at the three rivers motel talking to the bad guy she is wearing bright red lipstick when she is found dead at the dumpster she has no lipstick on.
When Jack meets Martin Cash for the first time: During the entire scene, Jack has a different hair cut compared to the rest of the movie.
During the chase the car changes from a 442 stick to a Chevelle automatic.
At the bar when Jack calls Helen and Charlie, her Blackberry call timer suddenly changes from 25 to 27 to 15 seconds.
During Reacher's phone call to Charlie, the duration of the call displayed on screen varies, going from a value in the mid 20s to the low 10s as the scene goes on.
Car chase: Jack's car lights: Rear: Left light broken/OFF. But when Jack leaves the car at the bus stop, the car keeps moving with both rear lights ON. Front: orange light on the left (driver's perspective) is broken/OFF. This changes from being off/on continuously.
When Helen Rodin comes out of her father's office after giving him evidence to look/investigate at Lebendauer Enterprises, Helen in the hallway turns around before the floor buffer actually turns off.
During the car chase a helicopter appears and shines a searchlight down the alleyway. The building behind the helicopter is clearly a different building than the one the cars are driving towards.
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During the car chase, after Jack finds Charlie in the alley, they speed away from a parking garage entrance that's lit up with blue lighting. About twelve seconds later, Jack is drives away from that building again, without moving any farther down the alley.
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Errors in geography 

The "highway bridge" the sniper should have used is the I-279 bridge. It is shown to have the sun behind it (west) in both the original shooting and the hypothetical discussions. This would mean it's evening (sun is low in the sky, during summertime) - not the morning, as indicated by the shooter's watch and the victims' stories.

Revealing mistakes 

Legal documents states parties as ONLINE ARCHER vs. the LEBENHAUER corporation instead of OLINE ARCHER in 2 separate scenes
When James Barr is being interviewed in hospital, the latex 'scab' on his lip has clearly lifted away from his skin.
Emerson's watch isn't working during his interrogation of Barr.


The goof item below may give away important plot points.

Revealing mistakes 

When Emerson is looking at Sandy's body, her pulse is clearly visible.

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