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The film's budget was so low that the makeup budget was $250. The film's artists were able to work with that, and the film's Makeup and Hairstyling won an Oscar.
Jared Leto stayed in character throughout filming. At one point, he went grocery shopping in character at a local Whole Foods, where he received numerous stares.
Matthew McConaughey lost 47 pounds for his role as an AIDS patient. Newspapers said he was "terribly gaunt" and "wasting away to skin and bones."
Jared Leto lost 30 pounds for his role.
The film marked Jared Leto's return to acting after 5 years.
Such were the budgetary constraints on this 25-day shoot, no customary lighting setups were used for the only camera that was hand-held for takes lasting up to 15 minutes. Rehearsals were excluded and, to the relief of the actors, no post-production looping requested.
During the mid-1990s, Dennis Hopper was attached as director with Woody Harrelson as Woodroof, but financial backing was impossible to secure.
The movie went through various stages before finally being financed with the help of Matthew McConaughey. The first director/actor duo who tried to get the movie made were Brad Pitt and Marc Forster and also Ryan Gosling and Craig Gillespie. Woody Harrelson was also involved with the project at one point.
The "Rayon" and "Eve" characters didn't exist in real life.
Dallas Buyers Club took only 25 days to shoot.
This is the fifth movie to win Best Actor in a Leading Role & Best Actor in a Supporting Role Oscars (for Matthew McConaughey & Jared Leto), Going My Way (1944), The Best Years of Our Lives (1946), Ben-Hur (1959) & Mystic River (2003) being the others.
Over the course of its twenty years in circulation, the script was turned down over 100 times.
Jared Leto waxed his whole body for the film.
James DuMont plays Jared Leto's father yet in real life they are only 7 years apart.
Despite the name, Dallas Buyers Club was not filmed in Dallas.
Jared went on an all liquid diet to drop the weight fast he stated he lost 10 pounds in 5 days and began to feel like a different person in the way he talked and walked as he told many interviewers.
Hilary Swank was cast but she dropped out due to scheduling conflicts.
This movie marks the second collaboration between Matthew McConaughey and Steve Zahn, eight years after their first collaboration, in Sahara (2005).
This is the second time Jared has lost weight for a role the first being Requiem for a Dream (2000). There was only one film where he actually gained weight which was in _'Chapter 27 (2007)' when he played Mark David Chapman the killer of John Lennon.
Rayon calls Woodroof "Lone Star" at one point in the movie. Matthew McConaughey in fact starred in Lone Star (1996).
After playing an LGBT character in this film, Jared Leto then went on to play the Joker in Suicide Squad (2016). The same thing happened to Heath Ledger, who played an LGBT character in Brokeback Mountain (2005) then later played the Joker in The Dark Knight (2008).
At one point, Gael García Bernal circled a role but never reached the deal-making stage.
First time since 2009 (Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (2009)) that Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Garner reunite on film.
Matthew McCounaughey and Jared Leto both received academy awards for leading actor and supporting role respectively.
Feature film acting debut of Bradford Cox. He had previously credits for soundtrack and composer.
Matthew McConaughey's character calls Jennifer Garner's character Nurse Ratchet as he's leaving her office. Obviously this is not her name but it is the name of the nurse from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975) starring Jack Nicholson.
During the scene with the hookers in the beginning, Matthew McConaughey calls the girls "Miss Alaska and Miss Louisiana". McConaughey starred in the series "True Detective", that was set in Louisiana and his character spent many years living in Alaska.
Actor J.D. Evermore tells the group of guys playing cards that Rock Hudson played in "North by Northwest." It starred Cary Grant.
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There is a poster of a red Lamborghini Aventador in the office that Matthew McConaughey opens up.


Adam Dunn: Neddie Jay, the bartender.

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