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New York Post
It is a better option than the third "Santa Clause."
Village Voice
Though DeVito and Chenoweth bring a rough plebeian charm to the proceedings, it's nothing short of tragic to see the great Ferris Bueller relegated to grimacing straight man.
Filled with forced yuletide cheer and mixed messages about the true meaning of Christmas, this loud and obnoxious holiday comedy boasts a fine cast and little else.
Like a fatally snarled string of Christmas lights, Deck the Halls promises holiday cheer but delivers only frustration.
Chicago Tribune
Nobody expects every holiday film to ascend to classic status; in fact, we're happy to let most fade from memory as soon as the decorations are taken off the trees. We can, however, demand they live up to a certain level of fun, thereby allowing parents to watch along with their kids without plotting the most direct route to the exit.
New York Daily News
Broderick is uptight; DeVito is obnoxious; and, somewhere, Nathan Lane is thanking his lucky stars he didn't get roped into this dreck.
A lifeless, workmanlike comedy conceived to provide holiday shoppers an inoffensive respite from the mall.
The Hollywood Reporter
The sheer nastiness of the jealous one-upmanship and angry sabotage puts a damper on the yuletide comedy. You're much better off watching a DVD of "Bad Santa."
It is so contrived and utterly stupid in every way that it surely must be the nadir of the genre.
Belongs in the holiday hall of shame.

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