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Excellent, Timely!

Author: Cordelia Carey from San Francisco, CA
2 October 2007

This show is really ahead of its time. It humanizes Muslims, exposing stereotypes of Muslims and also of racism in general. I think it's clear that the producers don't have a huge budget, but I think they have done an excellent job with what's available, and I really hope that this show survives and grows in popularity. It's interesting to watch and is very funny. All of the characters do a good job acting, and I think most people can relate to Justin, the main character, who is suffering from being teased in high school. He is very human. So when he begins to accept and befriend a Muslim, and they both grow to understand and care about one another, it gives a very powerful message.

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Quite a Surprising Show! It's good!!!!

Author: ( from United States
7 October 2007

Okay, Aliens in America is not the greatest show but it is the first show that features the average white American family who invites a foreign exchange student to come and stay with them in America. What they don't know is that he is a Pakistani Muslim. At first, there are some moments where the mother (played by the under-rated Amy Pietz from Caroline in the City) who is really good in this role blows the lid when she sees her nerdy son and the student praying to Mecca. She's terrified of him becoming Muslim so she arranges him to go back to Islamabad. When she finds out that he's an orphan, she changes her mind because instead of referring him as that boy. He became a human being to her. The boy's sister has a relationship with an African American student and football player. Despite the low key beginning, I hope people do turn in with an open mind to the show because we need to educate ourselves about others who are different.

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Author: liamkincaid25 from Puerto Rico
23 October 2007

For Gods sake enjoy the COMEDY!!! This show is hilarious.No nudism ,No gross sex, No violence and teach you something about a culture that most people know nothing about.If you want a good laugh try this show.Compare it to others.Right now is violence.Sci-fiction.Vein slashing dramas.We need something light to relax.We need to remember our high school years.We need to remember our adventures as youngsters.This shows bring those memories back. The actors play their part nicely.Where does the mother from Justin comes from? she is HOT! I hope they do not cancel this program. They are the most funny 30 min of my week which I can share with everyone at home.

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Finally something that's real in this world

Author: secret0009 from Trinidad
18 April 2008

Although I have to admit it's not the best show i've ever seen, it's quite good. It's basically about mixing cultures, Muslims from Pakistan and the 'all American family' from where else? THE USA.

I was a bit worried when i saw this show on cable, because i was sure it was provoking Muslims. Being a Muslim myself, I know about discrimination and racism, although I haven't experienced it myself. i quickly changed the station but then in my free time i began watching it online. IT doesn't make fun of the religion, but it shows you the views of the American family and his peers.

I was also intrigued by the main character. He's not A popular jock...or a high school cheerleader...but instead like many of us, an outcast. Maybe we aren't as geeky as him, but i can definitely relate to being a little weird or awkward at times. The family is pretty normal. The dad is a bit different from the mom; opposites attract! And the sister (we all know her from Ned's declassified)plays a normal teenage girl, unlike her brother fitting it.

I recommend it if you want a quick 20 minute laugh!

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Excellent Comedy sadly canceled

Author: Usman Ismail from Canada
20 September 2008

As a Pakistani Muslim I saw a lot of stereotypes and anachronisms in Raja (Most Pakistani's watch a lot of American movies and TV shows so are not as clueless as Raja) however despite this the show exactly portrays the feelings of a lot of Muslims around the world. Right now to every westerner, Muslim equals terrorist (The episode when Raja is introduced to Justin's class). For the vast majority of us the only link to terrorism is watching news reports of it on BBC and CNN. As Justin finds out Pakistani Muslims may be very different from the average American but they also have a lot in common with each other.


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Best new comedy in 2007/2008 season

Author: pinkas-2 from United Kingdom
10 October 2008

2007/2008 will be remembered for very boring new shows; "Aliens In America" was probably the only glimpse of hope in a very dry year.

Comparing this wonderful show to the ongoing "Little Mosque In The Prairie" would be a mistake. "Little.." is a rather bland, predictable comedy, very much in the 80's style.

"Aliens.." however had it all: Topical issues, sharp humour, superb writing, dream cast and high production levels. and above all it was the funniest show on television. It is a must see.

It is regrettable and sad that CW has chosen to end the one show that really brought home a devoted and cheerful audience. Shame on them!

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two thumbs up!!

Author: fariha hasan from United States
11 December 2007

well its one of the best shows i have seen so far on TV. the type of show i can see with all my family members, without being embarrassed.i particularly like the role of "Raja" from Pakistan, because he is funny, and doing his role very well. the show is beautifully portraying a typical American family with good moral values and bonds with each other as well as outsiders.comedy and acting is pretty is really good to see that people here in US are coming up with unique and more liberal ideas about things & people different from them. so people, please watch this show if you want to see television with your kids and parents without worries about sex and violence in racial games just wholesome family entertainment.its definitely one of my favorite shows on TV. and i hope it continues to be so....

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Its not racist, but enjoyable

Author: r_sattar2003 from Canada
24 December 2007

I hear every one calling this show racist, its not. I am a Pakistani Muslim boy and know Raja is good example of one,peace loving and smart. Keep in mind Raja is Indian name. Raja describes a Pakistani boy that comes from a family that is quite poor whose dream is for Raja to go to America. The clothes he is wearing is usually worn by poor Pakistanis since it is very cheap, i wear the same clothes occasionally but Raja wears them all the time which is done by a certain amount Pakistanis. This show is good comedy, i find it even more funny since some of the things Raja says or does i can understand. I like the message this show is giving "whats so funny about peace,love and understanding". Also the real thing this show is telling us is about the ignorance of the Americans(no offense) since hardly any body knows that Pakistan exists.

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Brilliant and Overlooked

Author: lglagro from United States
8 March 2008

This show is one of the best shows that I have come across in recent years. However, I am afraid Aliens in America, much like the other great shows (Freaks and Geeks, Arrested Development, etc.) will have an early death due to low ratings (while Keeping Up with the Kardashians and The Girls Next Door continue to live). If you have any interest in checking this show out, please do, you will certainly not be disappointed with it's smart comedy and extremely original ideas. I will also add that although it may take place in high school about a nerd, it does not feel too much like a teen comedy and feels much more like a Judd Apatow film, but clean enough to be aired on television.

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The best new comedy of the fall 2007 TV season - far better than The CW is normally capable of

Author: liquidcelluloid-1 from
7 September 2008

Network: The CW; Genre: Comedy; Content Rating: TV-PG (some adult content); Perspective: Contemporary (star range: 1 - 4);

Seasons Reviewed: Complete Series (1 season)

"Aliens in America" is not what the CW might make it look like. It is so, so much better. The basic network-pitch premise finds an average Caucasian middle-American family, The Tolcheks, taking in a foreign exchange student and devout Muslm, Raja (Adhir Kalyan), for some culture clash comedy and no doubt a Hollywood education about the peace-loving religion of Islam vs. the vile, materialistic west.

While Raja does more often than not suffer from the kind of straight-man syndrome that handicaps many characters in the name of political correctness, the titular aliens of the series are actually the outsiders in high school - cast by the series as a fascist place of cliques, living clichés, ignorance of all kinds and general unfairness that sees no difference between Raja and self-proclaimed dork Justin Tolchuck (Dan Byrd, "The Hills Have Eyes"). And there in lies the genius rub of "Aliens in America", which actually turns out to be an insightful, well-acted, smartly written and refreshingly honest satire of contemporary high school and family life. Surprise!

Created by David Guarascio and Moses Port, "Aliens" is dead on in so many ways. Like a distant, more mature cousin Fox's "Malcolm in the Middle", in that it successfully manages to chronicle what it's like to grow up a young male in high school. It reminded me of how much artificiality we put up with on TV and how rare it is too see a high school show that appears to have been written by someone who actually did go to high school. Some of the topics are a bit racy without calling attention to itself, yet clever enough to pass as family entertainment. Justin's adventures are frequently tangles with social and personal humiliation. Byrd's narration is one of the best on TV in recent memory. It recalls "Dead Like Me" in that instead of simply having a character summarize the action or catch us up, Justin's is an opportunity for some of the show's best one-liners, insights and story expanding detours. It is one of the show's greatest achievements.

The Tolchecks befriend a sex offender next door, Raja tries to put together an explicit pro-abstinence float in a school parade and Mom joins a radical group of mothers to wipes the smut out of the school's reading list. Mom, by the way, is played by Amy Pierez and in the show's funniest performance she sports the world's thickest Minnesotan "don't ya know" accent and spastically throws herself around in a full-body comic frenzy. Watch her eyes almost cross in a few scenes.

The show is imaginative. Dad bough a herd of Alpacas in a get rich quick scheme. Justin gets into a popularity contest when he is voted by Raja to die in the school's drunk driving skit. This last bit is actually a runner in the show's single season run: Raja wanting the best for Justin, but not knowing the high school social structure inadvertently putting him in an awkward social situation that breaks those social barriers of what you can and can't do. The results are hilarious and heart-warming.

Every single thing about it works. From the mechanics of the cast and the writing to the warmth and personality radiating off the screen. "Aliens in America" didn't last more than one season but that doesn't make it any less than the best new comedy of the 07/08 TV season. It is so much better than it's placement on The CW would suggest. And it's quick expulsion (a year after the classic "Veronica Mars") should pretty much prove. This is a great show, people. Do not miss it.

* * * * / 4

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