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12 out of 17 people found the following review useful:

Nice B-grade werewolf movie

Author: slayrrr666 ( from Los Angeles, Ca
11 July 2006

"The Feeding" isn't that bad of a werewolf movie.


A small town is being haunted by vicious animal attacks, and government agents Jack Driscoll, and Aimee Johnson, are called into investigate. Police Captain Cliver Burnell, is especially nervous to get the matter resolved, and decides to work closely with Jack and his team. Even though this interferes with the camping activities of friends Phil, Reagan, Elizabeth, Alan, Cynthia, Elle, and Ty, they decide to go camping anyway. As they continue hiking, they eventually come across a werewolf, the source of the animal attacks. As the two groups meet up together, they try to survive and figure out why the beast is attacking.

The Good News: As far as werewolf movies go, this one isn't as bad as it could've been. The creature is nice and vicious, and clearly has no problems being in that particular state, so it winds points with me for that. A feral creature is far more important in werewolf movies than anything else, and this one provides one of the most vicious. It's actually stated that it's gotten more vicious as the movie goes on, and judging by the impressive list of kills, it's true. It at first starts off with simple decapitations and broken necks, then moves on up to ripping out spinal columns and shoving it's clawed paw through a chest. That definitely opens the gore factor, and this one features enough to really call to gore-hounds. In addition, the survivors are completely drenched in blood at the end, and the wounds suffered to everyone in here is pretty graphic. Frankly, the most important aspect of this story is it's simplicity. It's not an overly complicated film and doesn't really need to be. It states what's wrong in the opening minutes, gives us the characters and goes from there. It's not overly flashy, it's not pretentious, it just gives us the goods and that's refreshing to find.

The Bad News: There's a couple things that need to be told. Firstly, the werewolf looks pretty terrible. The face looks nice and evil, but it's totally destroyed buy the total shod work done on the body and the fake-ness of the puppets used in certain scenes. The body of the creature looks exactly like extra carpeting stitched onto a costume to make it appear more wolf-y, but just makes it look like an incomplete costume. Too bad, cause at first, the face looked nice and terrifying. The fake-ness of the heard, though, is seen much later on when it gets more screen time. It just produces laughter more than anything. The one thing that I want to comment on is the scenes involving the werewolf. Whenever it's on screen, the camera shoots it in a hazy tint, making everything look unnatural and very distracting. When it's nice and crystal clear one moment, then it's hazy and incoherent the next is a big step and one that's quite noticeable. This is the sort of thing that can bother some and can call for it to be slammed unmercifully, but it was the main gripe I had against it.

The Final Verdict: So it's not the best werewolf movie ever made, it's not the worst one either. It's a no-brain-required gory ride that only has a major distracting technical decision to mare it from being a low-grade B-flick. If you can get past those kinds of issues, then it's a nice recommend for those interested or like vicious werewolves.

Rated R: Graphic Violence, Nudity, several sex scenes, Graphic Language and drug use

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8 out of 12 people found the following review useful:

Micro-Budget, Macro-Bad

Author: rstef1 from Sarasota, FL
12 July 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Where can I start on this hot mess of a film?

The plot, and there's very little of it, is that a werewolf is loose on a mountain and killing people. That's it, nothing else. Some useless rangers attempt to halt the killings, thinking it is a mountain lion. Surprise! A bunch of idiotic 20-something campers are also on the mountain providing easy prey for the lycanthrope. Snore.

The acting by everyone in the cast is completely horrible, not a decent performance in sight. I mean really, unrelentingly bad acting. I was rooting for the werewolf.

Next, the werewolf costume. The outfit is so poorly done that they have to show each scene with the werewolf in soft focus to cover up the unconvincing wolf suit. The head is an oversize papier-mache looking bit of rubbish, with great big teeth. The body and arms look mangy and in need of a haircut. You can buy a better costume at the Halloween store yourself. The soft focus is incredibly annoying and really does little to hide the tragic werewolf outfit.

****Major Spoiler Ahead****

Top this all off with a lame-ass ending where the wolfman is killed by a silver tipped arrow shot into his neck. Naturally, the girl shooting the arrow has to fire off a one-liner before she can release the arrow. The werewolf is apparently so stupefied by the idiocy of the situation that he is kind enough to stand stock still waiting for her to line up the shot, say her line and, finally, release the arrow.

Truly, this is one of the worst horror movies I have seen in a long time.

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3 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Low Budget Werewolf Fun

Author: Sean Jump from United States
26 August 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Viewers accustomed to state of the art effects--or even mediocre CGI like the SyFy channel--may find The Feeding too low-tech. This is definitely a very low-budget production, and this is apparent in everything from the camera-work to the werewolf to even the acting. All the same, if you can use your imagination to compensate a little, "The Feeding" is actually a very enjoyable werewolf film. The Appalachian forest setting is pretty well utilized, and the direction does take advantage of the deep woodlands our story unfolds within to good effect. The cast doesn't feature any "name" performers or even any genre stalwarts, but for the most part everyone does a decent job and a couple of the actors acquit themselves really well even though the budget probably forced them to get by with a lot of one-take shots without the benefit of much editing. The script is admittedly uneven, with certain scenes that stand out as quite well written including some witty dialog, but others that are almost entirely nonsensical and which made this reviewer roll his eyes and groan inwardly. But the biggest obstacle for many fans may be the look of the werewolf. The director apparently realized this going in, and every time the beast appears on camera it gets the soft-focus treatment so that you never, ever get a good look at it. This didn't bother me very fact, the weird soft-focus tactic actually added to the nightmarish atmosphere of the monstrous attacks. The action is decent and has a realistic bent, and the climax is pretty suspenseful as well. Overall I enjoyed The Feeding, warts and all. The moderately clever plot, surprisingly solid performances, good atmosphere and believable action all make up for the insignificant shooting budget and some other problems that go along with a lack of funds. If The Feeding won't be remembered as a horror classic, it's certainly nowhere to be found amongst the worst werewolf films, either. Viewers who can forgive the relatively minor flaws may find The Feeding to be a surprisingly fun b-movie experience.

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2 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

Werewolf in the Woods...Oh, My...

Author: jimmygeekrock from United States
5 July 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A bunch of friends get together and decide to make a horror film. They've got a werewolf costume (not a horrible one, but inappropriate for any lingering shots). One of the friends thinks he's good at gore effects. And many of the group want to be actors, so they're willing to take their clothes off.

Now, all they need is a script. They decided to string together every werewolf cliché they can muster, which isn't many because all they can afford to do is film in the woods. They throw in some dope humor. They add a lesbian "undercurrent," because it can't hurt and that's what they think these films are supposed to do.

If you go into THE FEEDING knowing this background it's really not a terrible film. All things considered, it's better than a lot of "teenagers in the woods" films I've seen with bigger budgets. But there are problems. Like the bad focus every time the werewolf shows up. Hide the costume if you've got to, but don't make everything look like it's been shot through a shower curtain.

There are also some major plot holes. Why does the werewolf move at the speed of light most of the time, allowing him to kill off the majority of the cast, but then freeze when it's convenient for the heroes? Who in the hell is the werewolf and were did he come from in the first place? Maybe this was all explained and I just zoned out during the endless dialog sequences.

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1 out of 1 people found the following review useful:


Author: CuteFuzzyKitty from United States
16 September 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I don't really think this contains a spoiler but since it does mention one tiny part of one scene in the movie, I have said it does. IMDb managed to sufficiently intimidate me with their blacklisting warning.

Okay, maybe not hilarious but really funny. So many stereotypical things overblown… (Ex: when the blond starts to run from the werewolf and trips instantly over her boyfriend... among many other things) I think the people making this movie realized it was a "B" werewolf movie and not "The Exorcist" or "Psycho" and hammed it up a bit, making it quite an enjoyable watch. Had they taken it seriously, it would not have been good.

I have to agree though, the werewolf costume was atrocious. The head was okay, but when seeing the whole body sometimes it looked like a cross between a werewolf and a were-rat. Of course I don't think these guys were working with a million dollar budget. Still, with the werewolf costume, less would probably have been more. (As in less showing, more suggesting)

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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Pretty bad

Author: (abrahamfromann) from United States
7 December 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I love B-movies, but I have to admit, this was pretty bad and nearly unwatchable.

I work in the indie film industry, so I respect the fact that the filmmakers were able to get enough people together to make this stinker, so I give them that, but that's about all.

There is a scene towards the end, when three survivors are in the cabin, the chick ranger is explaining what the hell is going on (she all of a sudden becomes the expert) but notice her head turning as she addresses the other two survivors. But if you look at the scene, the other two survivors are standing one behind the other. Bad editing indeed. I had to rewind the DVD to see if I missed a 4th person in the room.

The werewolf, though a commendable SFX effort, looked more like a Power Ranger villain.

I guess I wouldn't be so critical if the filmmakers intended this to be fun and campy. If they did, it didn't work.

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3 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

Do you really think anyone would believe us?

Author: lastliberal from United States
25 April 2009

Now, a movie that starts with the elimination of two Bambi killers can't be all bad.

The premise is this: A know-it-all Ranger (Robert Pralgo) and his much smarter partner (Dione J. Updike) are trying to kill a predator before he gets a passel of hotties and hunks going up the mountain. At least we get a go show out of the hotties skinny dipping in the river.

The chase is on and bodies are being torn apart. One by one they fall prey to the wolf-man until there is, you didn't think I would tell you who wins, did you? Nothing original, but still worth watching. Great wolf costuming, and four great hotties in the river. Most gore was blurred, so it wasn't bad.

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Very Lame Movie

Author: Rainey Dawn from United States
16 April 2016

I was hoping and even expecting the film to be a little bit better than it is - just a little bit better. Sadly the film is worse than I hoped - far worse. The ONLY good and funny part of the film was the opening with the two dorky hunters - that is it! The rest of the film was so lame I could not even get a good laugh out of it.

Most of the film is boring dialogue! We spend over 30 minutes listening to boring dialogue between the two rangers falling for each other and 7 20-somethings that act like teenagers smoking pot, having sex for the first time in their lives and lame conversation between them - wow how exciting! *Rolls-eyes*. Then we have a stupid looking werewolf costume where the head looks 3 times too big for the body - no wonder they made sure to blur the camera lens when showing the "werewolf". At least the werewolf bumped off almost all of the annoying characters when it finally got to him.

Someone will survive in the end of the film - usually one or two do. Too bad they did keep the two hunters in the beginning of the film all the way through the movie - they were interesting and funny. They should have been the survivors of the movie. I'm giving the film a 2 for the 2 funny hunters in the beginning - the rest of the film stinks.


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1 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

Everything for the B-crowd

Author: vinylsoul31 from United States
10 November 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'd like to start out by saying I really liked this movie. It has all the good B-movie stuff. For instance, hunters in a werewolf movie. You know they're not gonna fare well. Low budget effects, low budget costume, and four female hikers skinny dipping, c'mon. The werewolf get-up is all fine and dandy in my book. A bit over the top, but definitely in good fun. The acting is certainly good enough for a B-movie. I would also like to point out that horror cliché's are like gold for a low budget movie. How much fun would it be if it were excellently acted and had a complex story. Not so much for a B-movie. This is exactly what Independent/B-movie's are supposed to be like. Good campy fun. I would certainly rather watch this little gem than most of what is being shown in theaters these days. Watered down Horror/Drama for the masses. Yes, I believe I'll stick to seeking out B-movie horror such as this, and watch in great delight.

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1 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

Makes you want to laugh and cry at the same time

Author: Keegan Covey
1 November 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I had never heard of this movie when I first saw it. My friends had rented it among some other (and better) movies for Halloween. It turned out we were lucky we had each other, because this would not have been near as fun to watch if I had been alone.

"The Feeding" is possibly the worst horror movie I've ever seen. Everything about it...okay, I'll go through this systematically.

THE CHARACTERS--These are some of the flattest, most one-dimensional, most overused characters I've ever seen. We have the typical "young campers lost in the woods" thing going, so they're all out there making love, getting naked, smoking pot, and saying things that would make them sound stupid enough if it weren't for the fact that the acting is ATROCIOUS. There's the black guy, who talks and acts like black guys always do in these movies (he gets shot with an arrow right near the heart and just says, "DAMN!" I kid you not.) The cops are also really got the overly headstrong male cop who realizes only too late that he can't take on the werewolf with his gun, and the female cop who's supposedly smarter than anybody else but isn't always listened to until towards the end. They are all so boring, so stupid, and so poorly acted that you really don't miss any of them when they die. In fact, you're wishing the wolf would get every last one of them. Except...

THE WEREWOLF--My God, the Werewolf was so hilariously bad. All the scenes with the wolf use some kind of ugly disorienting camera effect to try and hide how cheap the wolf was, but it didn't do anything. It's head is some sort of cheap, papier-mache wolf-meets-alligator monstrosity that never changes expressions or anything, but drools incessantly. The rest of the wolf looks like a mangy, moth-eaten Muppet. The wolf gets way too much exposure from the very beginning, so even if it had been scary there's no tension at all. You always see it well before anybody dies, and the only horror is based off of cheesy and overblown gore which is more disgusting than scary.

THE PLOT--You basically know it already. It's absolutely predictable and lacking in any interest, from start to finish. Some sort of predator is moving across the country, killing all the wildlife and then framing some local predator somehow. (I've never heard of a cougar ripping somebody's spinal column out, but...never mind.) A couple of cops in the Appalachians have heard about some deaths, which they figure out is caused by some unnatural force. And of course, there are the campers, who are unaware of what's going on and too stupid to really do much when it does come. They more or less get picked off one by one, but we really can't care who is dying because the characters are all so damn similar. Of course, there is one girl who survives to the end and finishes off the wolf, but unlike in most horror movies she's just as thick as everybody who dies. They manage to make some silver arrows in a cheesy forge montage, and the hero says some one-liner before shooting the wolf. When it dies, it becomes some ugly guy we've never seen before, except when they show it from the side. Then it's still all hairy and stuff.

OVERALL--If you really like making fun of bad movies with friends, you might rent this. Movies don't get much worse. If you want to be scared, or you're expecting any sort of quality or redeeming factor, then I tell you you will not like this. I have not even begun to lay out how awful The Feeding is.

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