Daytime Emmy Awards 2012

Daytime Emmy
Outstanding Special Class Series
Roni Selig (executive producer)
Miriam Falco (supervising producer)
Danielle Dell'Olio (senior producer)
David Steen Martin (senior producer)
Aaron Cooper (producer)
Ann Curley (producer)
Caitlin Hagan (producer)
Nadia Kounang (producer)
Stephanie Smith (producer)
LeslieAnne Wade (producer)
Bill Hudson (segment producer)
Sanjay Gupta (host)
Elizabeth Cohen (correspondent)
Georgiann Caruso (segment producer)
Val Willingham (producer)
Trish Henry (producer)
John Bonifield (producer)
Saundra Young (senior producer)
Caleb Hellerman (supervising producer)
Jennifer Bixler (supervising producer)
Tim Langmaid (supervising producer)
Matt Sloane (coordinating producer)
Ben Tinker (senior producer)

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