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Thunderbirds (1965)
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Lady Penelope invites Jeff Tracy for a vacation on her Australian ranch. Jeff reluctantly agrees and leaves Scott in command of International Rescue, after getting an update from John that a World Navy exercise is taking place in the Atlantic Ocean. This exercise involves warning a nearby mid-ocean drilling rig, the Seascape, whose crew chief, Frank Hooper, isn't pleased that the exercise involves firing nuclear warheads underwater. His concern proves justified when an errant nuclear torpedo detonates on the ocean floor and the resulting wave batters the rig. The swell settles and no damage is incurred, but that night a jet of fire erupts from the sea floor, the result of detonation of a gas pocket beneath of ocean floor. John hears radio calls about the fire jet, and Scott, after considerable agonizing over what to do, sends IR to plug the fire jet. The mission succeeds, but Jeff hears about it on the news and harangues Scott for getting involved. Penelope calms them both down, but ...

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