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I liked the movie a lot.

Author: netx-2
8 April 2007

I liked this movie sort of reminded me of my marriage. It is very clean you can see it with family. Very nicely done. Songs are OK too. I think the writer director is great. The movie shows how marriages progress thru time. They have couples at different stages of life and relationships in their life the film beautifully depicts quite a few stages in parallel in the same story. Some of the dialogs are quite good. The movie depicts complex human emotion very nicely not with over dramatization. Also shows perfect is after all not so perfect. Shows very nicely the dynamics of arranged marriage when it is new. The movie is very well written and directed.

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The better half of the Indian cinema

Author: smilingsatan from valdosta, GA
9 May 2007

The movie is simple and thus different. No singing or dancing around the trees, no clichés, no hero saving the heroine. This is a mature look at life after marriage. At the beginning, the commentary is a little boring, but once the honeymoon starts, the movie becomes indulging and interesting. Fardeen Khan does a great job, and Isha Deol simply shines in this down to earth portrait of a middle class Indian girl. Her being gorgeous doesn't exactly hurt the movie either. Satish Shah and Kiran Kher play the grumpy, tired yet in love couple with perfection. The movie is funny and provides some food for thought. I would recommend this to someone with patience and not looking for an item number.

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Jhat Maangni + Pat byaah = Honeymoon Travels revisited

Author: Avinash Patalay from Middle Earth
9 October 2007

A common man would just write off Just Married as another Honeymoon Travels Ltd. While the latter got attention owing to the tag "makers of Don", the former largely went unnoticed. Similarities are many and no two ways to that. Both have a single elderly couple in the group and both have surprises hidden under the Pandora's box. However believe me - this movie is a realistic take on subject and, the emotions, predicaments and frustrations are handled deftly.

Fardeen – Esha track:: One word "excellent" and you can almost identify with both immediately. Hog the limelight big time owing to which the other couples go out of focus.

Bikram Saluja - Perizaad:: Track is good and spills beans at the beginning.

Mukul Dev - Sadiya Siddiquie track:: Needed more screen time. Plus there was no addition to the main track.

Raj Zutshi - ????:: Hardly remember anything about it. Should have just edited out.

Satish Shah - Kiron Kher:: Very much believable – provide screen relief. Folks get ready, we are all going to look like them in a few years.

The songs are good carrying the usual Gulzar touch but strangely not popular as they ought to be.

And the climax.... was it warranted? Does it have to be OTT - Bollywoodish every time? Can't it just be a silent realisation?

Finally about the director Bosky Gulzar – just like others I have seen her work with microscopic eye. Being Gulzar's daughter is a daunting task indeed. I was expecting her to go one-notch up post-Filhaal, but now I am confused. Regardless, she handled the delicate subject very sensitively and should be applauded for that. Lets see what Dus Kahaniyaan has in store.

Bottomline:: She sure has talent.

PS: Both Meghana and Vishal Bharadwaj draw creative input from Gulzar – strange!

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A Story Begins

Author: wordsmith_57 from United States
6 September 2009

As a Westerner watching another culture's view and tradition of marriag, I found Just Married mesmerizing and delightful. The idea of marrying a stranger through the mutual arrangement of parents is difficult, especially in this modern age. Yet this is the case in this Hindi film. Told with humor, and fresh perspective, we learn of Abhay and Ritika who have only met once and are now on their traditional five day honeymoon. As said, it is difficult to believe in this cell phone affluent age that such an archaic custom as an arranged marriage still take place. We see the awkwardness that this young couple feels as they come together on their first night, and how they try to forge a bond, even though they do not know one another. We see different views of marriage and commitment as presented by the other couples also on holiday, from a couple of forty years married to others still unsure of making marital commitment. There's song, witty dialog, poignant moments, blending and comparison of new ways and tradition. Watching the movie with subtitles definitely loses some of the trueness of the story, yet it is still a delight to watch. Granted some of the plot is a little trite and the bus incident a bit drawn out and contrived; however the overall movie was worth watching.

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Lovely Little Love Story (or 2 or 3 or 4...)

Author: thevalleyrose from United States
29 April 2013

This was a sweet, quiet little love story about a couple that are perfectly suited for each other but don't realize it because they've been married before they could truly meet each other. The movie chronicles their love story that begins with their marriage.

There are small details throughout the film that are exciting to discover & show just how much attention the writer & director put into this film.

The music is lovely, there are no random dance scenes in Switzerland, the rain, etc. It's just a simple love story that has the protagonists find the solution to their problem by themselves.

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Honeymoon PVT LTD Part 2

Author: Sherazade from United States
13 April 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It's a rehash of many recent films only this one has fewer stars, lesser complications and a more fuzzy feel to it. Abhay and Ritika (played by Fardeen Khan & Esha Deol respectively) meet at a friend's wedding where their own marriage (unbeknowst to them) begins its process of being arranged. Within no time the two strangers are married and sent of to a honeymoon camp where they meet other couples going through the motions similar to theirs. As they spend time together, secrets are revealed, hearts broken and/or mended and love blossoms.

If you've seen Honeymoon Private Limited and/or Salaam-e-Ishq, then you've seen this film. The plot twists are the same, there is not a single element of surprise in the entire two and a half hours of the film. Everything is predictable. I only enjoyed it because I had seen 'Darling' (also starring the leads Deol & Khan) earlier in the day and enjoyed their chemistry in that so I said "why not" when my sister suggested we rent 'Just married' as well.

See it: Because Kirron Kher co-stars and is her usual darling self in it.

Skip it: Because you've had enough of all this couple-fest nonsense!


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