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"Reflections of a Life" is an intimate portrait of a woman's life. This narrative short film chooses an experimental approach that confines the story to a single location, as well as positioning the camera in one fixed spot, all with the intent to maximize the emotion and intimacy the audience feels. How much more personal can you get than to spend time with a woman, facing herself in the bathroom mirror? For this is where she puts on her public face and confronts her private fears alone. To further amplify the drama, the film takes the heroine through a life-changing experience ... the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. In this way, as well as through the eyes of her family, lover and closest friends, we truly come to know this woman, Taylor, in a manner usually reserved for only the most special people in our lives. Thus, the filmmaker's vision is accomplished: that the audience will walk out of the screening of this movie feeling as though they have a sister, mother, wife, ...

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