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Nichelle Nichols as Lady Magdalene, front and center. From left to right: Hope McBane (Lady Magdalene and her Susan Smythe (foreground photo right), as Nichelle Nichols (also executive producer, songwriter, and choreographer of Lady Magdalene's) starring as Lady Magdalene, singing the song Agent Jack Goldwater (Ethan Keogh) swarmed by Lady Magdalene's Ladies: from right to left: Eden (Michele Redmond), Scheherazade (Claudia Lynx), Nurse Gretchen (Mara Marini), Angel (Susan Smythe), Pixie (Keyaria Rodriguez), Sinead (Hope McBane).J. Neil Schulman (also director, screenwriter, executive producer, songwriter, and casting director of Lady Magdalene's) as Mark Gilvary (photo left) as Lady Magdalene's (2008)
8 photos


In this action comedy, Jack Goldwater, an IRS agent on loan to the Federal Air Marshal Service, is relieved of field duty after insulting a powerful U.S. Senator, and finds himself exiled to a humiliating desk job in Nevada as the federal receiver managing a legal brothel in tax default, where -- with the help of the brothel Madam, Lady Magdalene -- he uncovers an Al Qaeda plot to unload a nuclear-bomb-sized crate at Hoover Dam.

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