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Season 1

29 Sep. 2000
Great White Sharks: The Ultimate Predator
Meet Ian Gordon, one of the world's leading shark specialists. Dive in and meet these majestic creatures face-to-face. First up is the most notorious shark in nature; the ultimate predator: the Great White.
2 Oct. 2000
A Whale of a Shark
Shark Gordon is called upon to do something that has never been accomplished successfully: tag a fully-grown whale shark. Will he be able to pull off attaching a tag to the fin of one of these massive animals?
Oct. 2000
Makos: Friend or Foe?
Around the world, more and more people are jumping into cages and getting up close to big, hungry sharks. But what happens when you attract these animals to places already enjoyed by SCUBA divers?
16 Oct. 2000
Galapagos Shark
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Nov. 2000
Hawaiian Tigers
Tiger sharks are responsible for more attacks on humans than any other shark aside from the great white. But do they actively prey on humans at beaches, or are these just chance encounters?
Dec. 2000
Oceanic Whitetips: The Sailor's Nightmare
The Oceanic White Tip is one of the only sharks that makes Ian Gordon nervous. Fast, aggressive pack-hunters, these sharks wander the open ocean preying on whatever they can find, including shipwrecked humans.
19 Feb. 2001
Port Jackson Sharks: The Gathering
At about three feet long, the Port Jackson Shark is not one of the most dangerous fish in the ocean. Ian Gordon is embarking on a mission to observe these animals during breeding season, and explore the myth of their famous parenting methods.
26 Feb. 2001
A Visit to the Nurse
Ian Gordon has been called upon to handle the delicate matter of moving an adult ragged tooth shark from one aquarium to another. But even though he's dealing with a captive animal, this task won't be a walk in the park.
Mar. 2001
Whitetips of Osprey
Ian Gordon has been recruited to help with a research project off the southern coast of Australia tagging white tipped reef sharks. And, as usual, he has the hard part of the project: lassoing the sharks by the tail.
Mar. 2001
Shark Gordon's off to the Sea of Cortez to after his next quarry: hammerhead sharks. Dive in and see the wonder of an underwater mountain as Gordon and his crew scour it for the elusive schools of hammerheads that are said to frequent the area.
2 Apr. 2001
Prickly Sharks: Demons of the Deep
Until remote cameras were invented, no one had ever seen the prickly shark in its natural environment. But recently scientists have discovered them in shallower water. And of course, Shark Gordon is hot on the scene to check out these mysterious sharks.
Apr. 2001
Patterns of Attack
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16 Apr. 2001
Thresher Sharks
Off the coast of a small Indonesian island, Ian finds a population of Palagic Threshers performing strange behaviors. He's determined to get to the bottom of it, diving with one of the world's rarest sharks.
14 Jun. 2001
Shark Attack
It has long been believed that shark attacks are a result of mistaken identity; sharks mistake humans for other fish. But can sharks really not tell the difference? Shark Gordon intends to find out by spending time with one of the deadliest sharks.

 Season 1 

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