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Great show worth watching!

Author: luna_lupin7 from United States
1 April 2007

Whether you just listen or watch, this show is incredible. Mike Golic and Mike Greenburg play off of each other so well. Their arguments are interesting yet honest, and they have a good understanding of everything they talk about. Each day, they have several guests on the show, all big names with lots to stay. They're funny without being desperate and all laughs come naturally. The interaction through emails is refreshing, and it is not difficult to sit for hours to listen to these two men talk. Whether it's Greenburg making fun of Golic for his weight or Greenburg cracking on himself for being feminine, everything they do is done in positive ways. There is a certain familiarity to the show once you watch it enough, and you feel like you know them. They make you feel comfortable, and by bringing up the same jokes again and again, you feel almost included in the show.

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A show in decline.

Author: joel-martinu from Rad ford, VA
18 December 2014

Mike and Mike has been a long-running daily sports-talk show hosted by Mike "Greeny" Greenburg and Mike Golic. Unfortunately the show is declining due to a marked increase in banality. Greeny suffers from a form of narcissistic personality disorder and spends an estimated 26% of the show's NFL talk time discussing the NY Jets--a topic consistently lower in public interest ratings than many of the league's other 31 teams. Production values are good. Content pattern is repetitive and frequent self-promotion and product promotion by the hosts diminishes credibility. Shows decline reflects the general trend of the sports entertainment giant ESPN.

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Good sports conversation show

Author: Maniac-9 from St. Louis, MO
9 February 2012

You'll like this show if you're one of those guys who enjoy to listen to sports talk shows on the radio while driving or just simply watching in the morning at home.

Shows like SportsCenter are good for highlights and breaking news but Mike and Mike is better to discuss upcoming games where you have 2 guys discussing what is going to happen in the game and why they will.

It doesn't hurt that Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic have great chemistry and play off each very well. Most normal radio sports show at least in my market are good but if they mostly concentrate on the local teams. If you more of a national show about the sports overall then you have to go with Mike and Mike.

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4 hours and it never gets tiring.

Author: fullenw from United States
16 June 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I love this show! I never watched it until 2007 because I never thought much of it seeing as how ESPN & ESPN 2 was getting stale. I started watching ESPN News more.

This show is on par with Around the Horn and PTI. It airs from 6AM to 10AM and its the perfect show if you bored in the morning. Its a radio show so you can lay in bed and listen to it if you're having a bad morning.

Its a radio show so they don't sugarcoat everything like most ESPN guys. I'd watch 4 hours of this over those Sportscenter reruns any day of the week.

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Author: akash_shetye from United States
23 October 2007

This is quiet enjoyable it is the best thing ESPN has and it is a quiet good tandem, for anyone that does not like it your opinion but I strongly disagree their opinions are honest and the show has grown very popular as is seen after Mike and Mike got to cover the Monday Night Doubleheader if you saw their Sports Center special that was awesome and the great part is you always agree with one of them and always disagree with one of them, sometimes they may agree but the way one says makes sense the way the other one says it makes more sense, although I like Golic more. This is a great show and every sports fan that needs their daily cup of sports should watch.

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Enjoyable but has many fixable problems.

Author: stuman-2 from United States
16 October 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Mike and Mike is generally quite enjoyable, yet it has several serious problems that can eventually turn off the viewer/listener. First there is Mike Greenberg. MG's talent is obvious from the jump. He will eventually be a top personality for whichever network(s) he settles with. His star is clearly on the rise. Yet, he comes with all kinds of negatives. The bad parts drip off the guy. For instance he appears to always be looking in the mirror to see how is hair looks. He is constantly brushing his fingers through his hair in an effeminate way and he is absolutely horrible at having anything to do with inventing or ad libbing new ideas when needed. When a man looks in the mirror too much it's obvious and generally annoying. MG is annoying. Little Mike, the play by play guy on the show is supposed to be the pansy with Big Mike Golic, playing the part of the big former dumber jock. Big MG is far from dumb, in fact part of the show's appeal is that he does quite well for himself academically, thank you very much. Big MG is a graduate of Notre Dame and a former good NFL Defensive Lineman. Big Mike Golic does not have an ounce of vain in him. He is the guy most will like a lot. Still, Little MG carries the ball, and is really very good at it despite his neurotic effeminate and rather snooty way. He thinks he is so much smarter than Big MG but that doesn't work. What does work is that he is the one we love to hate. That is what makes the show as far as the personalities are concerned. Big MG is the big lovable teddy bear like, yet knowledgeable and well spoken ex jock. Little MG is the vain, effeminate, very smart leader or play by play guy who is also very smart and very talented. We love to hate little MG. Little MG comes off as the neurotic Jewish washer woman while Big MG is just the opposite. Big MG is the prototypical mid western ex jock who came up the harder way. He comes from a Cathoic home and is a Notre Damer all the way, while little MG is a graduate from Northwestern's school of Journalism. Not bad either way. They both play off each other well but much of the time little MG shows very little inventive ability or imagination. As the show needs a lot of filler little MG is always trying to come up with shtick. One example of how bad little MG is at this is when he decided to bring up a contest of how to rename a very good or what is commonly known in Baseball parlance as a "Nasty" pitch. He wanted to find another word for Nasty to describe a great Baseball pitch. He has such a disgustingly hard time doing this that it got to be embarrassing. For example one description that he brought up was the word "fecalicious." He brought up other ridiculous and embarrassing words like that which were so totally absurd and nauseating that no doubt even his younger viewers and any parents that watched the show were forced to turn it off or at least stop watching during the time that this asinine contest lasted. Little mG is absolutely awful at most things that take imagination. He needs to stop it. In fact Big MG is always telling little MG to "stop it!" and while this does not come off as the most genuine words that big MG could or would use, he must do it. Instead of telling little MG to stop it, he really needs to use words that would fit his personality. Saying "stop it" is not exactly the verbiage that would normally fit big MG. Hey, but they are on live TV and radio. The show has many good points and is generally enjoyable. No show is perfect especially when a show is done live every weekday morning. Let me sum up by saying: I think most avid sports fans will enjoy the show a lot. The show has the potential to get top ratings. The repetition of the latest most popular sports events are done over and over with intermission given usually to a lady named Sage Steele who comes off totally like a fish out of water. We have seen Ms.Steele in other spots in other places for other networks etc. She doesn't seem to be a good fit as a reporter of last night's sports scores. Little Mike Greenberg will be good at reading the scores or doing play by play while Big MG will continue to be good at the amiable color man.

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Maybe the Attempt is "Sports Comedy"

Author: michel_capitaine from United States
17 April 2006

"Mike & Mike in the Morning" is Painfully Unfunny, Indeed too much Lame Humour. Maybe they have Decent Insight in the "Sporting World" But the Constant Attempts at Comedy Spoils whatever Sports Information/Insight they may have, And also "Mike & Mike in the Morning" is a "Radio Show" Yet it runs on ESPN2 As well,and they play for the TV Viewers with their "Sight Gags" and they basically ignore their radio listeners (If they have any radio listeners) The Show is nothing special, However I'm not a "Sports Radio" Fan..Maybe what they do is common in the Sports Show Format, Well, if it is the norm I can't understand why sports radio is popular. The show is a bore mainly,The guests are interesting sometimes, that is if the guests have anything interesting to say(which is rare) ..

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