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This is one of the few adaptations that gives a splendid novel the film it deserves.
This is one of the year's best films, a certain best picture nominee.
Nothing in Joe Wright's screen version of Ian McEwan's dense, internalized 2001 novel of secrets and lies should really work, but damn near everything does. It's some kind of miracle. Written, directed and acted to perfection, Atonement sweeps you up on waves of humor, heartbreak and ravishing romance.
An unforgettable examination of a host of dark impulses.
A singular achievement -- romantic, sensuous, intelligent and finally shattering in its sweep and thematic complexity.
Miami Herald
The interpretation is so painstaking and moving that almost every moment delivers a shuddering jolt to the head and the heart.
What might seem like showing off in another movie is dazzling storytelling here, packing in an hour's worth of human misery.
The Hollywood Reporter
With compelling and charismatic performances by Keira Knightley and James McAvoy as the lovers, and a stunning contribution from Romola Garai as their remorseful nemesis, the film goes directly to "The English Patient" territory and might also expect rapturous audiences and major awards.
In the end, Atonement sorts truth from fiction as it delivers a shattering kick to the solar plexus.
In the end -- an ending of such power and narrative originality (in both book and movie) that those who know it ought never breathe a word to those who don't.
It is an amazing story, filled with quiet moments of profundity and more surprises than you could imagine.
The movie version feels like a stately, but watered down, episode of "Masterpiece Theatre" fused with "The English Patient."

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