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"In your dreams, Megadump!"
Foreverisacastironmess12 January 2016
Warning: Spoilers
And so the series has its first two-parter, and it's quite the mind- bending one when it gets to the second half. It's all about Dot and how she loses faith in herself after failing to free a sector from Megabyte's control and losing all of the Binome's personal identity codes, which I think kind of work like their souls, thanks to the meddling of an evil traitorous Binome called Sirus. Things than get rather strange and confusing as she begins to experience glimpses of an alternate Mainframe which is explained much better later. It makes me laugh right at the beginning when Bob tells Enzo about the 'urban' legend of the dreaded "Funhouse" game, and as he does so glances side to side like he doesn't want to tempt fate! And the episode draws to a close as the spooky game lands on Bob and Dot. I like that the season ends on a story that focuses on Dot and develops her a little as a character. Very good episode but part two's much better. Later!
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