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(I) (2007)

Plot Keywords

high school purity
temptation high school student
student promise
pledge evolution
virginity violence
date cave
nuclear power plant female protagonist
wedding fantasy tuxedo
knocked out bet
bubble bath knocking on a door
dog bone gift
pin up punk
pond toy gun
sexual fantasy guitar
rain microphone
watching a cartoon movie theatre
making out surgical operation
brother sister incest garage door
indoctrination propaganda
serpent breast massage
blood spurting neck wound
wedding dress chastity
turtle intelligent design
drawing spilling a drink
giving a toast hymn
strobe light cliff
computer scuba diver
flashlight search
police car nerd
policeman police
rattlesnake pierced penis
filling station gas station
female empowerment mutant
microscope animated opening credits
vulva jeep
guilt climbing a rope
watching tv lightning
crab rabbit toy
mother son relationship voice over reading
husband wife relationship waterfall
religion reference to the garden of evil
reference to the devil reference to god
hospital dancing
dancer looking at self in mirror
mirror female frontal nudity
fear of sex nurse
biting bite
listening to music overheard conversation
doctor flashback
fight death
murder gynecology
illness fingering
cigarette smoking classroom
love love at first sight
police investigation vibrator
horniness dead teenager
dirty old man deceit
reattached finger dog attack
sexual abstinence mythology
rebellious son dismemberment
reference to adam and eve religious teen
conservatism male sexuality
teenage boy teenage rape
date rape teenager
teenage girl teenage sex
feminism bare chested male
self defense child molestation
attempted rape surgery
shower male frontal nudity
cell phone boyfriend girlfriend relationship
bed virgin
teen fantasy swimsuit
stepmother stepson relationship stepfather stepdaughter relationship
stepbrother stepsister relationship speech
sexual intercourse sexual assault
sex education research
pills penis joke
topless female nudity nightmare
myth mutation
mother daughter relationship reference to medusa
masturbation locker room
heavy metal music gym
garage father son relationship
drowning dream
dog death by drowning
champagne candle
bicycle beer
bedroom bath
bathtub school assembly
ancient myth underwater scene
tattoo swimming
stolen car ill mother
seduction scar
revenge male rear nudity
rape punched in the face
premarital sex pot smoking
piercing orgasm
morgue hitchhiking
groping first kiss
finger cut finger bitten off
female masturbation fantasy sequence
dog bite deception
dark comedy corpse
condom coming of age
candlelight brother sister relationship
bong body bag
blood bleeding to death
black eye bitten in the neck
bb gun anal sex
chastity belt self discipline
vagina vaginal sex
vagina dentata sex
severed penis severed finger
ring gynecologist
gynecological exam castration
death of mother independent film
title spoken by character

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