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This film is about surfaces, for young men with testosterone to burn, and the racing passages snap.
L.A. Weekly
The cars and stunt work are real, and so is the rather endearing retro cheesiness. This is the movie that really belongs with Quentin Tarantino's "Death Proof."
A demolition derby starring some of the most expensive cars on Earth, Redline portrays a world so drenched in wealth it gives off a stench.
Redline is the cinematic equivalent of a sports car ad in Maxim magazine.
If there's a lesson to be found in this shameless vanity project, it's that money can buy anything. Even a movie.
The A.V. Club
A PG-13 celebration of hot chicks, fast cars, and deplorable behavior is like diet Mountain Dew, near-beer, or an expletive-free version of Straight Outta Compton--a tame, watered-down version of the real thing.
Redline isn't exactly a car wreck, mainly because it's far less exciting, and you can, in fact, look away. Perhaps at your shoes.
The lesson is that money can buy a vanity project, but it can't buy talent, imagination or an audience.
An action flick loaded with cars, chrome, and silicone, is everything you'd expect it to be, and yet so much less: less character development, less believability, and most unforgivably, less escapist entertainment.
This movie is so horrible that it actually spends some time in "so bad it's good" territory, before getting significantly worse.

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