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Character error 

The stationery of the hotel where Ken and Ray are staying has the hotel name as "De Rozenkransje - Brugge". Brugge being the Flemish name for the town of Bruges. Even a fictitious Belgian hotel would never be named like that, because the article is incorrect. 'Rozenkrans', meaning Rosary, would indeed have the article 'de'. However, 'Rozenkransje' is the diminutive and as such would always have 'Het' as the article. Even for proficient but non-native Flemish/Dutch speakers, this is a commonly made mistake.
When Ray tells Ken that they are in the Basilica of the Holy Blood, named after a phial of Christ's blood brought back from the Crusades, they are not. They are in the Jeruzalemkerk, a private church built in the 15th century as a mausoleum for a wealthy merchant's family. The Basilica is the most visited church in Bruges.
(at around 8 minutes) When the fat tourists are making their way up the tower one of the main characters refers to the tourists as "Americans". However, when the "Americans" yell at him telling him he is mean saying "screw you"; they have an Irish accent.


When Ken is drinking alone in the bar, the bartender serves him a glass of beer that is well below full. The camera angle changes and then changes back again to show Ken is about to drink from a full glass.
Ray was clean-shaved when he was about to go on a date with Chloe. On the date at the restaurant he has some bristle, unlike the scene mentioned before.
When Ray is preparing for his date with Chloe and is checking himself in the mirror, he is trying to decide whether to leave his top button open or button it. He decides to button it, then turns to Ken for approval and the camera cuts to a different angle. You can see in his reflection in the mirror that his top button is open. When he faces the mirror again and the screen cuts back, it is buttoned again.
When Harry and Ken meet in the outdoor restaurant, the type of glass Harry drinks from changes from a large glass to a small glass.
The length of the Chloe's cigarette when she and Ray are at dinner changes between cuts.

Factual errors 

That Ken was able to jump off the bell tower and land where he did would have required ample leg strength. However since he had been shot in the leg, this would not have been possible.
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Plot holes 

The Canadian somehow winds up on the same train, on the same car, as Ray. This chance is totally improbable.
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Revealing mistakes 

In the park, Ken's silencer is for a .22 pistol (as evidenced by the small exit hole at the end), but the pistol itself is a larger caliber, 9mm or similar. The silencer would be destroyed by the first shot.
When ray shoots accidentally shoots the little boy, the bullet is shown to have entered the child's head from the front of the forehead. In actuality, it should have entered from the side.
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The goof items below may give away important plot points.


When Ray accidentally shoots the child while shooting the priest, in the first shot of the dead boy the child's eyes are open. In the next overhead shot they are closed.

Factual errors 

Ken warns Ray by jumping off the Belfry. However, the Belfry's windows have fencing in front of them to prevent people from doing that.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

When Ken stops Ray from shooting himself in the head while sitting on the park bench, it is evident that the gun Ray is using was the one taken from Eirik the previous night. However, while this gun was originally loaded with blanks, Ray found some live bullets in Eirik's apartment (and even if he had shot himself with the blanks, it would have still been fatal.)

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