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Flawless is a fictional tale, but something in director Michael Radford's conscientious, methodical presentation gives it the feeling of true history.
It's assured and neatly crafted - the time zips by while you're watching it.
As heist films go, Radford has crafted an engaging, if not especially memorable one, with Flawless.
In the diamond-heist thriller Flawless, there aren't a lot of diamonds, heists or thrills. But there is a nice sense of style, and appreciation for tense face-to-face confrontations among characters trying to ignore the temptations around them.
The filmmakers' narrative device of framing Quinn's tale as a feature-length flashback doesn't pay off - we get a goody-two-shoes moral lesson at the end, and a look at movie studio aging makeup gone wild.
Chicago Tribune
I enjoyed seeing Joss Ackland as well. The veteran character actor with the world's lowest voice plays the diamond company chairman, and when he rumbles out orders, it's like Sensurround never left us.
Miami Herald
The heist in Flawless comes at the film's midpoint, but although Radford wrings some nice suspense from the sequence, the theft isn't his primary focus here. It's what happens next.
Polished but oddly lifeless heist thriller.
The Hollywood Reporter
Not the freshest heist movie ever made, Flawless still has a few pleasures to offer, thanks to a well-studied social and political background and to Michael Caine's lovely creation.
It's left to Caine to wink and nod at his own contribution to real caper classics of the 1960s and '70s, produced with more emphasis on fun and less on instructive fact-finding.
Charlotte Observer
Flawless never begins to live up to its title.

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