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  • Against his physician's advice, Frank Goode (Robert De Niro) travels to New York, Chicago, Denver, and Las Vegas to visit each of his four grown children, David (Austin Lysy), Amy (Kate Beckinsale), Robert (Sam Rockwell), and Rosie (Drew Barrymore). In each case, his visit appears to be untimely, and he is quickly shunted from one sibling to another, all of whom seem to hiding things from him.

  • Everybody's Fine is a remake of the 1990 Italian film Stanno tutti bene (1990). The screenplay for Stanno Tutti Bene (lit: "They're all fine") was co-written by the film's director, Giuseppe Tornatore and screenwriters Tonino Guerra and Massimo De Rita. The original film was adapted for Everybody's Fine by Kirk Jones, who also directed the movie.

  • Amy was hiding that her husband had an affair, that her "friend" was really her boyfriend, and that her son wasn't at the top of his class. Robert hid that he was a percussionist, not the conductor, of an orchestra. Rosie was hiding that she wasn't a dancer, her fancy apartment doesn't belong to her, and she had a child without Frank knowing. All three siblings were hiding the fact that David had gone to Mexico, gotten arrested for drugs, and subsequently died of an overdose.


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