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After seeing Everybody's Fine, Paul McCartney offered to write a song that plays over the closing credits. That may be because the whole movie is like a celluloid McCartney tune: warm and playful and sweetly earnest, but lightly funny, too, and crafted with consummate skill.
Here, the actor (Di Niro) dials it down and wins us over.
Now comes this American version, which turns out to be the exception, an American remake that's better than the European original.
De Niro's minimalist performance has maximum emotional impact and succeeds in unifying the episodic film.
"Relief" is the word for it. It's a relief to see Robert De Niro giving an honest, effective starring performance in a project that does not stink and that, in fact, rises to a respectable level of filmmaking proficiency. How long has it been?
At one point, Frank contemplates a wheeled suitcase and infuses in that one moment the sweetness and vulnerability of E.T. See Everybody's Fine, but one piece of advice: Phone home first.
The movie works because so much of what's on screen will resonate with viewers.
No trite, tear-jerking cliché goes undrooled in the script by director Kirk Jones.
It's a syrupy, downbeat film.
Calculatedly soppy, seasonally phony Americanized remake of Giuseppe Tornatore's 1990 "Stanno Tutti Bene."
The Hollywood Reporter
A cloyingly sentimental story that rings false in every moment.

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